How to Fluff Berber Carpet? (Step-By-Step Guide)

I like to have Berber carpets at home. They are inexpensive, durable, and look very cozy on the floor of any room. Berber carpets are steady enough, so you can easily put them in high-traffic areas, like living rooms, entry rooms, and mudrooms. Berber carpets never go out of fashion. They are easy to maintain. Sometimes some dents left by heavy furniture appear on the Berber carpet surface. To refresh its look, just fluff it again. 

To fluff a Berber carpet you have to take a couple of simple steps. First, you have to wet a towel and place it on the carpet. Then use hair drying to maintain the heat. Remove the towel and fluff the carpet like you would any other carpet. This process will help you remove the dents and restore your carpet’s look.

How to Fluff Berber Carpet?

Fluff Berber Carpet

You don’t need to visit even your nearest market to get supplies for the fluffing procedure. All the items needed are the ones that are used in every household for one purpose or the other.

You just need water, a towel, a hairdryer, and a brush.

Step 1. Wet a towel

Soak a towel in very hot water.


The hotter the water, the better.

Twist the towel as much as you can to squeeze out most of the water. You want a very hot and damp towel but not soaking wet as it can damage the subfloor and cause the formation of mold and mildew.

Step 2. Place the towel down

Lay down the towel on the furniture’s dent. You should pat it gently, but make sure you don’t press it too hard. The affected area doesn’t need to absorb a lot of water. It just has to get some moisture.

Step 3. Use a hair dryer

Take your hair dryer and set it to maximum heat. Wait till it heats up fully. Now, apply heat to the area being treated, but make sure you keep the appliance about 5 inches away from the surface.

hair dryer

However, fluff it up gently yet properly.

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The other way to get the Berber pile fluffier is to beat it with a beater in the open air. Just take the Berber rug away and hang it on the rope. Beat the carpet properly from both sides. If the dents remain visible, you may splash some water mixed with several teaspoons of vinegar from the Berber pile and then beat it again. Finally, let the carpet dry away properly. 

Why Does Your Berber Carpet Needs Fluffing?

After you fluffed your carpet, it’s time to think, about where the root of your problem was. Why does the pile of your Berber carpet need to be fluffed? If you define the reason, you can find how to determine it faster.

Fluff the carpet

Usually, Berber carpets pile is not fluffy for such reasons:

The Berber pile got sticky 

I always remind my readers that after wet cleaning the carpet they should rinse all the soap or shampoo from the pile. Otherwise, the soap remnants make the carpet pile sticky. They attract dirt and glue carpet fibers. As a result, the carpet pile is not fluffy.

After you used the guide I’ve provided above and made the carpet pile fluffy again, keep it in this state. If you do the wet cleaning of your Berber, use the special carpet soap or powder, which doesn’t create too much foam. Otherwise, it would be hard to rinse.

After washing the Berber rug, cleaning it, and rinsing carefully, dry it down and then brush the pile with a carpet rake. Make sure, that the pile is not sticky.

Too hard furniture made dents of Berber carpet

I know that you rarely move the furniture from the carpet pile. That’s why armchairs, the sofa, wardrobe, and other furniture items stand on the carpet pile for months. No wonder their legs cause dents on the carpet pile. It’s quite hard to get rid of them and make the carpet pile fluffy again. 

The advice I gave you above can help you to remove all the dents, caused by furniture, on the Berber carpet. To prevent their appearance use the circles, which you can cut from the old carpet fabric.

Furniture Caster Cups

I know that this process isn’t hard or too time-consuming, but you don’t want to do it again and again. Hence, take appropriate measures and adopt certain habits that will prevent carpet dents.

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As you’ve guessed, the main thing you can do to prevent the Berber carpet pile from gluing, soiling, and becoming not fluffy is to maintain it right.

How to Maintain Berber Carpet to Prevent Pile Gluing

You don’t have to solve the problems if you have prevented their appearance. The right maintenance of Berber carpets is the string of measures you can have to make carpet pile not gluing. Here’s the list of things you should do to keep the Berber carpet pile fluffy: 

1. Vacuum the Berber carpet regularly

Vacuum the Berber carpet

Talking about habits, add regular vacuuming to your routine. Not only does it help to keep your carpet clean but also to keep the fibers fresh. Every time you vacuum, the fibers get a refreshed alive look. The feeling of walking on such a carpet is unrivaled.

To vacuum your Berber carpet carefully, you should:

Choose the nozzle with the mild bristles

Berber carpets usually have weaved loops, which can be damaged by too aggressive vacuuming. The loops gain snags easily. If there are a lot of snags on the Berber carpet surface, it looks not neat. Besides, snags easily turn into tears, which are hard to fix.

Vacuum Berber carpets from both sides

The pile will be fluffier if you vacuum the carpet from both sides. Thus, you’ll take all debris and dirt from the facial part of the Berber carpet and the padding. If the carpet dents are too deep and don’t disappear after proper vacuuming, you may hang the carpet on the rope and beat it with a beater from the reverse side.

Do dry cleaning of the Berber carpet regularly

steam cleaning the carpet

Keep in mind that wet cleaning is always risky for a carpet. Of course, it is necessary to clean the Berber rug with water and chemicals once a year. It’s not recommended to do wet cleaning more often, only in case of emergency. That’s why it is very important to do dry cleaning of Berber carpet thoroughly and regularly. Vacuum the carpet at least once a week. Instead of a vacuum cleaner, you may use a broom or a carpet brush. You may sweep the debris from the Berber carpet pile more often in case of necessity. For example, if some of your home inhabitants or guests stepped onto the Berber surface in street shoes and left some dirt or sand. 

Get the Berber carpet repair kit

As I’ve mentioned above, Berber carpets are prone to snags appearance. The small snag should be repaired immediately not to cause a big tear. The carpet repair kit costs not much. And if you use it in time, it’ll prevent you from bigger expenses.

2. Move the furniture on the Berber carpet surface 

Also, make a monthly routine of moving your furniture even if by just an inch. You don’t want your sofa’s leg to keep putting a strain on the same spot for months. That’s just unfair to your carpet.

3. Never drag heavy things on the Berber carpet surface

The Berber carpet pile may become shrunken if you drag heavy furniture or other things on the Berber rug surface. The Berber loops are fragile and they can be damaged and ruined, if heavy items are dragged on them. 

If you need some help in cleaning Berber carpets, just watch the video:


A Berber carpet is an option, which many people choose for their living rooms, bedrooms, and other premises. These carpets have lots of advantages: they are cheap and good-looking at the same time, and they are easy to maintain and serve for decades.

Nevertheless, the Berber pile is prone to gaining snags and dents. 

If your Berber carpet has dents, hurry up and fluff your carpet before the divots are deeper. I’ve provided you with many necessary tips to make the Berber carpet fluffy again.

Once you are done with the process, pat yourself on the back. I am already sure you will do great getting those stubborn dents out of your carpet. If you see, that you do everything you can to get rid of dents, but still they stay in their places, I recommend you to take the Berber carpet to a cleaning expert.

A carpet repair kit always comes in handy if you have any problems with your carpet. Make sure you have all the information about it.

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