The 3 Professional Ways to Make Carpet Dents Disappear

Did you recently move furniture around your living room? The new setting must be pretty epic, but what about the dents on the carpet? Those probably don’t look so good. You don’t have to make peace with them. Instead, gear up and get rid of the dents, so your carpet looks fresh.

There are a few tried and proven methods that remove dents from carpets for good. Steam iron can be used for natural fibers while using ice cubes for synthetic carpets is pretty effective.

Make Carpet Dents Disappear

How to get rid of carpet dents?

I understand that carpet dents aren’t a pleasant occurrence on your carpet. However, you can take the following measures to get rid of these ugly dints.

get rid of carpet dents

Remove carpet dents from synthetic carpets

You should check the label of the carpet before making progress with any method to remove carpet dents.

1. Move all the furniture:

Firstly, clear the room by moving all the furniture away from the carpet.

2. Protect the floor:

If your carpet can be picked up, then put a towel or piece of cloth under the dented areas. Those will absorb the moisture.

3. Put ice cubes in the indentations:

Fill the dents with ice cubes. Those will melt and be absorbed by the carpet. The dents will be swollen by the water and hence, will gradually disappear.


Remember to carry out a spot-test before you trust this method on your carpet. Notice how the fibers’ colors will react to water.

4. Leave the ice for some hours or overnight:

Give sufficient time to carpet fibers so they can absorb the moisture and swell up.

5. Blot the affected areas:

Use a clean piece of cloth to dab the treated areas to remove the leftover moisture. This doesn’t mean you will be able to get 100% water out of the carpet, but at least it won’t be soaking wet anymore.

Blot the affected areas

6. Fluff the carpet fibers:

Use your fingers or a small brush to fluff the carpet fibers to restore their look.

After you are done with these steps, you won’t be able to see the dents any more.

Remove carpet dents from natural fiber carpets

The treatment for natural fibers is a bit different than what it is for synthetic carpets. Again, before commencing the dent removing procedure, take a look at the carpet’s label to see manufacturer’s recommendations and any limitations.

Remove carpet dents from natural fiber carpets

1. Move all the furniture:

You should clear the space and move all the furniture out of the room.

2. Fill your steam iron with water:

Pour water in the steam iron’s tank and set the heat. Now, give the appliance some time to reach its maximum temperature.

Fill your steam iron with water

3. Apply steam to the indented area:

Hold your steam iron at a reasonable distance of approximately 10 to 15 cm from the area under treatment. Continue to apply steam until the fibers get wet and hot.


Don’t stick the steam iron directly to the carpet. It will burn the fibers, and you will be left with irreparable damage that will be far more significant than carpet dents.

4. Let it dry:

Leave the treated areas to dry for a few hours or even overnight if required.

5. Fluff the carpet fibers:

After the area is dry, ruffle the fibers in the morning to restore their look.

Fluff the carpet fibers

Don’t have a steam iron at home? No problem. I have an effective alternative for you.

1. Spray the indentations:

Put water in a spray bottle and use it to spray on the dents.

2. Use a hair dryer:

Get that hair dryer from your dressing table and set it at full heat. Then, blast the affected area while holding it at a distance of about 10 to 15 cm from the dent. Continue until the surface starts to get warm.

3. Cover the dent with a wet towel:

Take a small towel and soak it in warm water. Squeeze the excess water and then place the towel on the dent.

Cover the dent with a wet towel

4. Apply some heat:

Set your clothing iron to medium heat. After it’s warmed up, put it over the towel and apply slight pressure.

5. Let it dry:

Leave the treated area to dry for a few hours or overnight.

6. Fluff the carpet fibers:

As in other processes, the last step is to use a brush or your fingers to fluff the carpets.

That’s it. You have a dent free carpet now!

Bonus method: Remove carpet dents from silk rugs

Yup, you read that right. I thought of telling you about the method to remove carpet dents from silk rugs as well just in case that you possess one.

1. Move the furniture:

The first step is always moving the furniture away from the indentations.

2. Use the rug normally:

Continue using the rug as you usually do. The fibers will decompress slowly as time passes.

Use the rug normally

3. Steam clean the carpet:

If the dents remain, steam cleaning will be your savior. However, don’t resort to it if you believe you are inexperienced in steam cleaning. Improper steam cleaning can cause damage to the carpet.

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If you aren’t a DIY kind of person or if you fear that you won’t be able to carry out the process yourself, take professional help.


That’s about it. No need to put up with the dents on your carpet that have been itching in your sight for long. Just follow the above methods according to your carpet material.

If you have any other problems with your carpet that you want to fix, use a carpet repair kit to take care of them.

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