Homemade Carpet Disinfectant: 4 Recipies You Should Try!

Are you fond of doing things yourself? Well, you should be proud of yourself. We are living in an era of advancements. DIY is trendy. All you need to do something at home is a blog explaining to you how to do it. That’s exactly why I am writing this post.

You can make your own homemade carpet disinfectant using vinegar, few powders, dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Keep reading to find out how to make homemade disinfectant and what benefits this might have for you.

Homemade Carpet Disinfectant

Can you make a homemade carpet disinfectant?

“YES”, you can. Making a carpet disinfectant at home is one of the easiest things to do. All you need is a few items like common powders or vinegar, and you are ready to disinfect.

Antibacterial and natural homemade deodorant

Some people who rely on chemically formulated products might say that DIY carpet disinfectants aren’t of any use. Well, they are wrong. Natural products work in amazing ways. We shouldn’t underestimate their power.

4 Types of homemade carpet disinfectant

The most important feature of any cleaner, deodorizer, or disinfectant is its effectiveness. Keeping this in my mind, I have made a list of 4 of the most known, tried, and proven recipes of homemade carpet disinfectant.

You may find some other ideas online too, but I would sincerely suggest that you try any of the following methods first. Then you can be the judge of its effectiveness. Clean carpets will be loved by your pets too

Types of homemade carpet disinfectant

Type 1: Using vinegar

Take 3 parts water and one part vinegar. This homemade solution coupled with a good quality steam cleaner will disinfect your carpet thoroughly.

Acetic acid a.k.a white vinegar can kill germs. It has been proven in some studies that vinegar can prevent the growth of, and even kill pathogenic bacteria. Hence, it can be used to get rid of bacteria in your carpet.

Using vinegar

Type 2: Using a few powders

You might be looking for a stronger disinfectant than just vinegar and water. Well, let me introduce you to another homemade carpet disinfectant.

All you need to make this is 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of cornmeal and 1 cup of borax powder. Mix them up properly, and your carpet disinfectant is ready.

Using a few powders

Baking soda is a mild alkali. It causes dirt to break and grease to dissolve. Cornmeal is pretty good at drawing oil from your carpet. It will also absorb odors and leave your carpet fresh. Borax powder cleans by turning some molecules of water into hydrogen peroxide. This quality allows it to kill germs and pests.

Later, you can pour the mixture of vinegar and water on the area of the carpet that you apply this homemade disinfectant powder on. It will guarantee even more effective disinfection.

Type 3: Using dishwashing liquid

This is a very simple recipe for a carpet disinfectant. You just need to mix vinegar with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. The enzymes in dishwashing detergent effectively get rid of germs. This is why it is known to kill any pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. These are what you want to get your carpet free from, right?

Using dishwashing liquid

Pour this solution after you have sprinkled baking soda all over the carpet. This will help in removing the stains as well as eliminating odors. That’s along with getting rid of bacteria in your carpet.

Type 4: Using baking soda only

Yup. Baking soda can act as a carpet disinfectant on its own as well. Brushing baking soda after spreading it generously throughout the carpet is very important. The deeper the powder particles go, the more your carpet will be disinfected.

Baking Soda Disinfect Carpet

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Baking soda is an all-purpose powder for a reason. Not only can it disinfect a carpet but also deodorize it. It’s used to clean drains, bathtubs, and kitchen counters as well.

The chemical and physical properties of this sodium bicarbonate enable it to kill bacteria and germs.

Benefits of making carpet disinfectant at home

I thought why not share a few pros of making your carpet disinfectant at home. Well, first and foremost, it’s safe. The ingredients we just saw above are all safe for children and pets. It doesn’t mean that you let them taste a homemade carpet disinfectant. Obviously, not. However, if someone accidentally comes in contact with it or inhales it, it won’t be risky.

Benefits of making carpet disinfectant at home

Secondly, you save money by making a disinfectant at home. Many products in the market are advertised as miracle carpet disinfectants. Unfortunately, quite a few of them don’t work as well as they claim. You get amazing results by using a homemade carpet disinfectant without spending a penny.

Another advantage worth noticing is that you can disinfect your carpet whenever you want. You aren’t dependent on a third party disinfectant if you make your own. You can make your own disinfection schedule without having to worry about the availability of an industrial cleaner

We have a post that elaborates on the process of disinfecting the carpet. I am positive you will find it a very helpful step-by-step guide. Take a look at the following post.

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Well, that was it. Enjoy trying these recipes out for making homemade carpet disinfectant. I hope you find the one that works best for your carpet.

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