How to Disinfect Carpet? 4 Methods & Step-By-Step Guide

by Jeremy Hayes

Did you or your family member fall ill recently? Covid-19 maybe? It's time to disinfect your carpet! Let me tell you that germs love to reside in your carpet. And it's a great place for them to hide. That's why it's so important to disinfect your carpet. It's most important whenever someone in your house falls ill.

There are multiple ways to disinfect your carpet. You can use a professionally formulated disinfectant, vinegar, or a solution made of borax and baking soda. All of these methods have been proven to work and we're going to see them one by one on this post.

How to disinfect carpet?

Before we proceed, I would like to mention a few steps that should be taken before any disinfectant method is carried out on your carpet. Take a look at those.

-Clear the room:

This is a preparatory step before you can deep clean your carpet. Try to move as much furniture as you can to clear the space for the cleaning session.

-Vacuum the carpet:

You should always vacuum the carpet thoroughly before cleaning. It helps in removing loose dirt and dust. This will make your disinfecting process easy.

Vacuuming Carpet

The following step is always helpful post-disinfection.

-Vacuum again:

Vacuum the carpet to give the carpet a fresh look after the disinfectant process is completed.

The following are four of the most commonly used methods to disinfect your carpet. These are not only easy-to-conduct but also very effective. Let's take a look at each one of them in detail.

Method 1: Disinfect with an industrial strength disinfectant

This is one of the most guaranteed methods of disinfection. All you need for this is a disinfectant and a steam cleaner. Yup, just two things. You are probably happy right now that disinfection doesn't require a list of things.

Thank God

-1: Select a cleaning solution:

This is the key ingredient in disinfecting a carpet. You should choose a product that has all the important elements. It should be tested and proven.

I did some research and found the top carpet disinfectant solution. It is an OdoBan disinfectant. It kills 99.99% of germs. It also has an original Eucalyptus scent. It also eliminates odor. It has a stellar 4.7-star rating out of around 2000 reviews. People who have used this amazing product say they can't imagine their lives without it. That's how much of a savior from germs it is.

You can buy this pleasant smelling disinfectant from Amazon. Just click here to check it out.

-2: Use a Steam Cleaner:

All you got to do now is pour the cleaning solution in the steam cleaner's detergent vessel. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the cleaner.

-3: Let the carpet dry:

Give it time to dry. If you can use a drying machine or fan, well and good. Otherwise, you will have to wait for some time, preferably overnight. Ta-da!! Your disinfected carpet will be ready.

Fans drying carpet

Method 2: Disinfect with vinegar

You might not want to use a chemically formulated disinfectant in your house. Don't worry. You can still disinfect your carpet with the resources available in your house. Yup! That's right. You need a spray bottle, vinegar, and a vacuum.

-1: Prepare a cleaning spray:

This is the first yet most easy step. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray on carpet

-2: Spray the home-made cleaning solution:

Spray the mixture of vinegar and water on your carpet. The important thing to remember here is, do not go overboard with the spray. Just lightly mist the carpet with the mixture.

-3: Let it dry:

Now just let it dry. Have a coffee or a snack while you wait. You have some deep cleaning coming ahead. LOL.

-4: Prepare a cleaning solution:

Take three parts water and one part vinegar. Mix it up well. Pour this solution in the steam cleaner's detergent vessel.

Steam cleaning carpet

-5: Steam clean the carpet:

Run the steam cleaner over your carpet as per the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that you steam clean thoroughly.

-6: Let the carpet dry:

All you got to do now is let the carpet dry. Using a fan can speed up the drying process. However, otherwise, you have to wait at least for the night to pass.

Method 3: Disinfect with a home-made solution

Many people like to make a cleaning powder using household resources. You can do so too. All you need is baking soda, borax powder, cornmeal and vinegar.

-1: Prepare a cleaning powder:

Take 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of cornmeal and 1 cup of borax powder. Mix them up well. It is recommended to have a finely ground cleaning powder.

Carpet powder

-2: Spread the powder:

This step is easy. Spread the powder over the carpet. Make sure to take care of the edges as well. You should sprinkle it all over the carpet thoroughly.

-3: Rub the powder:

Take a brush and rub the powder on the carpet. Make sure it goes deep, and the particles cling on to the fibers.

-4: Let the powder sit:

Waiting time! Just let the powder sit in the carpet and do its job.

-5: Prepare a cleaning solution:

Mix three-part water to one part vinegar. Pour it into the steam cleaner's detergent vessel.

Mixing vinegar and water

-6: Steam clean the carpet:

You are almost there! Now just follow the machine instructions to steam clean your carpet thoroughly.

-7: Let the carpet dry:

Last but not the least, let the carpet dry. You can shorten the drying time by using a fan or any other drying source.

Method 4: Disinfect without steam

If you don't own a steam cleaner, no problem at all. We don't want you to spend a penny on renting one. The following method doesn't require a steam cleaner. You just need white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and a brush. It's simple!

It's simple

-1: Spread baking soda:

Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet. Be generous in doing so. Don't hold back.

-2: Let it sit:

Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes after applying baking soda. You can use this time in preparing the cleaning mixture you will be using next.

-3: Create a cleaning solution:

Pour equal parts water and white vinegar in a bucket. Also, add a little dishwashing soap.

Srubing carpet

-4: Scrub:

Dip a good quality brush in the cleaning solution. Scrub the carpet with this brush. Keep in mind that you do not want the carpet to be soaking wet. It should be just damp.

-5: Wait:

You can grab a packet of Doritos and watch some TV. Let the solution do its job for 10 to 15 minutes.

Waiting image

-6: Rinse the carpet:

It's time to rinse the carpet. Use a clean cloth and freshwater. Rub it all over your carpet to remove the cleaning solution used earlier.

-7: Let the carpet dry:

You are almost done! The carpet just needs to be dried now. You can use a fan for this purpose or just wait. Overnight drying times do the job.

Precautions for disinfecting carpet

Disinfecting carpet has its precautions, just like any other cleaning activity.


1: Wear mask and gloves

Use a mask and gloves while applying any powders and cleaning solutions. You don't want to inhale any particles or fumes from synthetic vinegar etc. Avoid contact with these at all.

2: Test the cleaning solution

ALWAYS try the cleaning solution on a hidden spot on the carpet or any spare piece of carpet that might be just laying around in the store. Once you see that the ingredients of the solution don't have any bad effects on the carpet, only then you should proceed with the entire carpet.

3: Take care while using steam cleaner

Be very careful whenever you have to use a steam cleaner. Those machines are hot and can cause burns. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to set the optimum temperature.

Caution Hot

4: Keep children and pets away

Keep pets and children away while you are carrying out the disinfection process. We all know how curious children and pets are. They would not miss a chance to touch something or even drink any solution. So, keep an eye.

5: Avoid using wet carpet

Don't let anyone on the carpet until it is dry. If it is inevitable, then place thick towels on the carpet. Remove those at night when everyone is in bed. You will have a clean fresh carpet the next morning.

Clean carpet

Why should you disinfect your carpet?

Before we end this post, I want to tell you how significant it is to disinfect your carpet.

Did you know that an average square inch of your carpet has over 200,000 bacteria? That's shocking, right? You don't want your child or pet to be crawling or laying on a carpet that is invaded with germs.

Germs on carpet

Researchers from the University of Arizona found out that most of the shoes have high percentages of extremely harmful bacteria, including diarrhoea. Whenever someone brings shoes over your carpets, these parasites will transfer to your carpet.

Other resources of germs can be diaper leakages, flu infections of any family member who might have sneezed on the carpet, your pet accidently peeing on the carpet, etc.

Pet urine on carpet

All of these health hazards can be avoided by carpet disinfection. Hence, it is VERY essential.

I would suggest that you should get your carpets professionally cleaned once in a while. May be twice in a year or however suits. Take a look at the professionally compiled directory of the best carpet cleaner in hundreds of cities. Find the pro in your area.

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That was all about how you can disinfect your carpet. I hope the methods described in the post prove to be helpful for you. They are easy and effective, so you should trust them. Free your carpets of all germs.

Germs free

You don't depend on any particular cleaning product or a steam cleaner. Disinfection of carpet is possible with just the everyday materials we have in our houses.

We have a list of the best carpet powders. Take a look to find the most effective powder you can use on your carpet.

Get ready to disinfect!

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Hello, I'm Jeremy. I used to own a blog about pest control until Jimena found me and asked me to join the Carpet and Rug World team. I'm passionate about carpet beetles, bed bugs, moths, etc. A lot of people don't understand how that's possible. I always say that the smile on a person's face when they get rid of the problem is worth it!

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Jeremy Hayes

Hello, I'm Jeremy. I used to own a blog about pest control until Jimena found me and asked me to join the Carpet and Rug World team. I'm passionate about carpet beetles, bed bugs, moths, etc. A lot of people don't understand how that's possible. I always say that the smile on a person's face when they get rid of the problem is worth it!

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