Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas? (Here is What You Need To Know)

Do you have fleas in your carpets? You must be sick of them. A flea infestation can be one of the most challenging and upsetting realities to face. The thought of your carpets not being clean from the inside is terrible. It’s also psychological stress. Don’t worry. There is a solution to even the worst of infestations.

Carpet cleaning can kill fleas. And the most effective cleaning method to kill fleas is steam cleaning. If you’re cleaning your carpet yourself, there are steps you should follow to kill the fleas, once and for all. This post will explain everything you need to know regarding this.

Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas

Will carpet cleaning kill fleas?

Let’s start by giving you the answer to this question. Yes! Carpet cleaning can kill fleas.

It is important to know that normal or dry vacuuming will kill these annoying pests. However, the eggs might survive it. That’s how the process will start all over again.

Breeding, hatching of larva, fleas dwelling in your carpets. In short, an infestation again.

The key to cleaning your carpets COMPLETELY from a flea invasion is Steam Cleaning.

Steam cleaning not only removes fleas but also gets rid of mildew, dust mites, and other allergens.

Essential steps to eliminate a flea infestation

The high temperatures and pressure from the steam cleaning are likely to kill fleas for good. I am positive you want to eliminate an infestation and never want fleas back again.

steam carpet cleaning

You should consider the following guidelines to achieve this purpose.

Step 1. Treat your pets for fleas

The easiest and most common way for fleas to gain entry in your house is through your pet. When your pet comes in after playing in the garden for some time, you pet them and love them as usual.

What you might not pay attention to is that their skin might be providing residence to fleas. They lay eggs there as well.

fleas on wool

I have seen how closely fleas are attached to an animal’s skin. Fleas will stay no matter how much your cat or dog grooms itself.

The most important thing is to get your pet treated for fleas. The vet can provide the appropriate medication.

It’s not a one-time thing. Your pets aren’t going to stop spending time outdoors so, get them checked for fleas regularly.

Step 2. Steam clean your carpet

Gear up and declare ‘Cleaning Time’. It can be a tiring process but worth it.

Steam cleaning is better at removing all kinds of pests and dirt. The high temperatures of the state-of-the-art machine are enough to kill the pests and their eggs. It will also destroy pests at any stage development.

Steam cleaning has its benefits. It is non-toxic and doesn’t use any chemicals. That means no pollutants will be left in your house.

steam cleaning sofa

The high-temperature steam sprayed on the carpets is an antimicrobial heat agent. The heated water that penetrates through the carpets reaches the base of the fibers. It ruthlessly destroys everything found deep under.


It is recommended to first steam clean your carpets and then employ the insecticide treatment.
If you do it vice versa, the effect of the insecticide can be significantly reduced.

Thoroughly clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and pet beddings. Don’t rush through the process. Take your time while cleaning.

Step 3. Repeat the cleaning process

This step is vital. Some flea eggs can survive no matter how deeply you cleaned the first time. This calls for the repetition of the steam cleaning process.

Are you thinking, “OMG, Again? Do we have to do everything again?” I am sorry but the not very comforting answer is ‘Yes’. However, this will provide you with peace of mind once you completely abolish the flea infestation.

Formulate a cleaning schedule to ensure the best results. Steam clean at least 2 to 3 days a week. Any new larvae or eggs will be eliminated every time you clean.

Daily cleaning

Having a routine is crucial in abolishing flea families.

Step 4. Professional pest treatment

I know you are capable of cleaning pretty well, but when an infestation is severe, let the pros handle it.

Consult a carpet cleaning company that specializes in pest control as well. They will brief you on what kind of treatment your carpet needs. Their top-of-the-line equipment coupled with professional training will entirely free your carpet from fleas.


Let’s get back to the original question. Yes, carpet cleaning will kill fleas. Steam cleaning is the most helpful for this purpose.

Remember to treat your pets for fleas now and then. Clean carpets, rugs, furniture, and any throws used in your house.

Flea problem can get on your nerves but it is solvable. Persistence is a necessity in the tiring process of eliminating a pest infestation.

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