How to Clean a Vacuum Brush? (The 1 Tool You Need!)

Imagine all the dirt, dust, hair, and debris your vacuum brush picks up every time you use it… Better not to think about it, right?

As a general rule, you have to clean your vacuum brush deep every 6-12 months. There are several steps you should make to clean the vacuum brush properly. Start by taking it out of the vacuum cleaner. Then get all the dirt and hair from its bristles. After that you should wash the entire brush, starting from its bristles and ending with the plastic handle. Finally, dry the vacuum brush carefully. Read on to know, how often you have to clean your vacuum brush.

What is a Vacuum Brush?

Clean a Vacuum Brush

Well, it’s no secret that brushes need to be cleaned regularly. Especially if you want your vacuum to work correctly and not spread all over your house again all the germs you’ve picked up before.

Now, while cleaning the canister or replacing a vacuum bag is widely known, many of us struggle with the vacuum brush. How do you do it? Can you remove it? Can you wash it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading to learn how to clean a vacuum brush in no time. And if you’re interested, here are a couple of posts that could be helpful to you too.

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You probably already know this, but just to clear things out… when I talk about the vacuum brush a mean the attachment that goes on the end of the hose and has stiff and long bristles. Its main purpose is to scrub and loosen all the dirt and grime that’s stuck in your carpets and rugs, making it easier for the vacuum to suck it all up.

But I also refer to the other attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner that have bristles but have their specific function for removing pet hair or cleaning your upholstery.

You need to keep them all clean and in good condition. So all the tips you have hear apply to all of them.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Vacuum Brush?

dirty vacuum brush

Now, some people may think their homes are pretty clean but even if their brushes don’t have hair tangled all around, they need to be regularly cleaned.

Brushes don’t only pick up hair. As I’ve said before, they also pick up dirt and germs you can’t see when scrubbing the floors.

That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your vacuum brush clean. Even if it doesn’t seem like it might need some cleaning.

The one tool you need!

You might think you’ve got it all covered with some scissors but the truth is, sometimes the hair gets too tangled, and getting those scissors into some places might be a bit tricky…

So, here’s the one tool that will definitely make your life easier when cleaning your vacuum brush.

Wait, what?

You’ve heard it! And it only cost like 5 bucks on Amazon. See it for yourself:

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And how does it work? Well, you just have to introduce it slowly in the tangled hair and debris and pull it out.

But don’t start yet! Follow the steps described below to leave your vacuum brush looking brand new and clean.

How to Clean a Vacuum Brush: Step by Step Guide

Cleaning your vacuum brush regularly will keep your house all clean and hygienic.

See how easy it is to get it done with these steps!

Step 1. Unplug your vacuum cleaner

Safety always comes first.

Unplug your vacuum cleaner

Step 2. Take the vacuum brush out of the vacuum cleaner

Now, this may be easy or difficult depending on the model of vacuum you have. Here are some options (remember how you pulled it off to place it back again correctly!):

– You can simply take it out by twisting and pulling it off the hose extension.

– You have to press a button that will leave the brush free to be pulled out.

– You’ll need a screwdriver to remove all the screws. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to remove a plate, and then you’ll be able to take the brush out.

vacuum brush out


Keep all the screws together. You don’t want to lose them!

Step 3. Pull all the tangled hair and debris out

Hold the brush firmly with one hand and with the other use the seam ripper to pull the hair away section by section. Be sure to make the movements away from your body.

Make your way through all the layers until you get to the end and touch the roller.

Pull all the tangled hair

You’ll need to grasp and pull from the cut end of the hair to untangle it from the brush. Try to remove as much dirt as possible all along the process.

For extra cleaning, pop the ends of the roller brush (if your vacuum model allows it) and remove the extra hair that might have gotten stuck there.

Step 4. Wash the brush bristles and plastic

Once you’ve removed all the dirt and debris you could, it’s time to wash it.

Use a bucket and fill it with warm water and mild soap. Take another hard bristle brush and sink it in the water and use it to scrub the vacuum brush you’re holding on the other hand. Make sure you get deep down into the vacuum brush.

Wash the brush

Once you feel like all the dirt and grime are gone, take the vacuum brush to the sink and rinse off the excess soap under cold water.


If you want to extra sanitize it use diluted vinegar (to avoid damaging the bristles and plastic) to clean it.

Step 5. Let it dry and comb it

Tap the brush bristles on a hard surface remove the excess water and use a cloth to absorb the remaining moisture. Paper towels will only get your vacuum brush dirty again.

Let it rest on a surface for at least 4 to 5 hours to make sure it dries completely.

Now, this is optional but combing the bristles once they dry helps to remove any dirt and debris that might have made it through the whole process.

Step 6. Put the vacuum brush back in its place

Put the vacuum brush

You’ve made it!

You just need to place the vacuum brush back where it belongs!

Before doing so, take a damp paper towel and clean the surface where the brush goes.

Now take the brush and orient it the same way it was before when pulling it out (that’s why I told you to remember how you did it!). And repeat the process you followed but this time, the other way around.

And you’re done!

How Often Should You Clean Your Vacuum Brush?

I am a neat person, and I am sure, I clean my house, my carpets, and my tools as often as possible. But I was impressed to know, that I clean my carpet brush too rarely. Nevertheless, cleaning the carpet brush is necessary, as it won’t fulfill its functions great. So, care about your vacuum brush!

1. Clean your vacuum brush after each usage

I don’t mean, that you have to clean the vacuum brush carefully, using chemicals and warm water. But it is necessary to get the dirt, dust, and hair from its bristles. Put the gloves on your hands and examine the brush bristles properly. No dry debris should stay on the brush after that. 

2. Every 6-12 months arrange the deep cleaning of your vacuum brush

Above I’ve provided the detailed 6-step guide on how to clean the vacuum brush. Use it to clean the brush every 6 months, if you use it twice a week. You may clean the vacuum brush more thoroughly if you use it rarely – once a week or less. 

3. Replace the vacuum brush after 5 years of regular usage

Probably, you’ll be surprised by the fact that you can’t use your vacuum brush forever. Even if you maintained it carefully and arranged deep cleaning regularly, after 5 years of usage you have to throw the vacuum brush away and get another one. I know that it may look and work great, but get rid of it.

Replace the vacuum brush

In fact, the more you clean your carpets with a vacuum brush, the more pollutants remain on their bristles and handle. Thus, by cleaning your rugs and carpets, you make them even dirtier, although visually they can look great. 

If you don’t clean the vacuum brush carefully every 6-12 months, you have to replace it even faster – in 3 years. But if you use my recommendations and clean it deep regularly, it can serve you 5 years. And then you should say “Goodbye”. 


We sometimes forget how important it is to keep our vacuum brush all clean. We roll it all over our carpets, and upholstery… and maybe we don’t realize we haven’t cleaned it in a long time. So make all the dirt and germs that you might be spreading all over your house again!

Besides, we’ve discussed how often you should clean the vacuum brush and when it is necessary to replace it. 

Regular cleaning of your vacuum brush will prevent this from happening. And will most certainly keep your vacuum cleaner safe from other types of problems too.

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