High Traffic Carpet (Do you really need it?)


You want to buy a new carpet. And that’s a great thing because not many people change their carpets as often as they should.

And a brand new carpet looks sooooo good!

Although… I do get it. Carpets can be very very expensive!

That’s why when you’re about to buy a carpet you need to do your research and learn about all the different types of carpets, paddings, materials, etc. There’s a lot to be learned!

But this post isn’t about that. We already wrote an amazing guide that explains all those things. You can check it out here: Best Carpet Buying Guide.

This post is about explaining something that can’t be explained with just words… What does “high traffic”, “moderate traffic”, “medium traffic”, or “low traffic” even mean?

Because when you’re on the market for a new carpet a lot of sellers will tell you that you “absolutely need” a high traffic carpet. But how do you know this is true? How do you know that they aren’t just trying to sell you the most expensive carpet just to make more money?

This is an extremely important question to answer because a high traffic carpet might cost twice what a low traffic carpet costs. That’s why we decided to create a tool that will help you know exactly what carpet you need!

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Don’t ask your carpet seller (or installer) to install whatever carpet they think it’s best for you. They’re always going to be biased towards the most expensive option. That’s how they make money!

How much will it cost?

Ok. You now know what type of traffic your carpet gets. But you might be asking yourself:

– Why is that useful?

– How is this information going to help me?

This is useful because depending on the traffic and the quality of your rug, that’s how durable it will be. A cheap carpet on a low traffic house can last as much as an expensive carpet on a high traffic home.

You can think of it this way… if you know how much traffic your carpet has, and you know how expensive it is, you can basically know how many years until your carpet wears out.

Obviously, the more expensive the carpet is, the better the quality and the longer it will last.

But how much exactly?

We put together a table with an estimate. The prices are Cost per Square Foot of Carpet. And this is for materials only! Padding and installation are extra.

Low TrafficMedium TrafficModerate TrafficHigh Traffic
Carpet lifespan: 5 years$1.66$2.22$2.78$3.33
Carpet lifespan: 10 years$2.22$2.78$3.33$3.88
Carpet lifespan: 15 years$2.78$3.33$3.88$4.44
Carpet lifespan: 20 years$3.33$3.88$4.44$5.00

You now know how much you should pay for your carpet materials -depending on your carpet’s traffic and desired lifespan-.


This post is just a simple (but extremely accurate) way of knowing how much you should be paying for your carpet. Obviously, the more expensive the carpet is, the more it will last.

Please remember that those prices include materials only!

Nancy Adams

I am a fan of home decor, I devote all my free time to this activity. One of the most important components of home comfort is carpets & rugs and at the same time, it is one of the poorly covered topics on the Internet. Therefore, I decided to share my experience and knowledge in this niche.

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