The Best Carpet for Teenage Bedroom

Today I’ll be talking about the teens’ bedroom carpets. Your kids are gradually turning into teenagers and their tastes are changing. Their bedrooms as well as their carpets make the transition from childhood cartoon patterns to teen bright colors and whimsical shapes. So, what carpet should cover the floor in your teen girl’s or boy’s room?

Usually, teenagers may have some input and help you to choose the color or pattern of the carpet for their bedroom. Nevertheless, you as a parent have to put the bulk of work on your shoulders. You have to choose the carpet, which will work right for a teenager. It should not be expensive. This carpet should consist of easy-to-clean material, like nylon or olefin. Read further to know how to choose the size of the carpet for a teenage bedroom.

Should Teenage Rooms Be Carpeted?

Modern teen room design

I think that the carpet in a teenager’s bedroom is a very desirable thing. Yes, I know carpets are hard to keep clean. Therefore, many parents prefer a hardwood floor in a teenager’s room. However, carpeting has several advantages. Study them carefully before you make the final decision!

Advantages of the Carpeting for a Teenage Room

Keep in mind that the teenage room is the space for fun, relaxation, and play. Besides, many teenagers study in their rooms too. Your kid as usual spends a lot of time in his room. Besides, his friends attend it frequently, too. The carpet, which I advise you to layer on the floor of the teenage room, will help create the right atmosphere there. There are other advantages of a teenage room carpet.

The carpet helps to create key-zones of the room space

Cozy room for a teenage girl

Carpets can create designation of zones in the room. I am sure, your teenager is sleeping in his bedroom, so he needs the sleep zone. Then, he studies in the room, so it is necessary to separate the zone for the cool desk and sturdy chair. Finally, the teen boy or girl invites friends into the room and arranges pajama parties, games, or rapturous friendly meetings. So, the relaxing zone is necessary, too.  The room looks chaotic without carpets, which help divide the teenage room into these sections. 

It dampens noises

The carpets are extremely good at damping noises. The reason is it absorbs the vibration of air molecules, which transmit the sound. Surely, your teen girl or boy likes listening to loud music, playing computer games with the sound on late at night, and doing other noisy things. If you put the carpet on the floor of a teenage room, it will work as a great sound absorber. Thus, both your child and you will get what they want.

The carpet keeps warmth

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The carpet can make the teenager’s room warmer. Of course, no carpet produces heat. But it keeps the warmth in the room as the carpet is a great heat insulator. Even if you don’t like carpets, I advise you to put a small rug by the side of your kid’s bed. Thus, the child can put his bare feet on the soft warm surface of the carpet, not on the hard cold floor, after getting up in the morning.

The carpet creates extra safety in the room

Teenagers are quite active. They move very fast early in the morning when they are getting ready for school. They may arrange a short workout in the room. To avoid slips and accidents, it is better to cover the hard floor with a carpet.

It creates a cozy look

cocoa with a coffee pot on a tray lie on a gray carpet

As a parent, you should develop your child’s aesthetic taste. Creating a cozy elegant look in the teenager’s room is one of the ways to teach your child to appreciate finer things. There are various kinds of rugs and carpets, but all of them have something in common – they add charm and beauty to any teenage room. The carpets make the room more comfortable and beautiful.

So, if you have looked through the list of advantages and decided to purchase a carpet for the teenage room, here are the tips to help you.

Tips to Choose the Best Carpet for a Teenage Room

I know that you buy the items for your teen’s room with consciousness. The children’s rooms are constantly evolving. Sometimes the parents have to change pieces in their kid’s room every two years. 


To save some cash on carpeting, I recommend you to get a traditional monochromic rug, which will go with any age. Thus, you’ll be able to keep this rug in your child’s room till he becomes a young adult. Otherwise, you can get it to any other premise in your house after 2-3 years of usage and get a new one for your teenager.

If your budget allows you to get a specific carpet for the room of your daughter and son, go to the nearest store and get it. I ask you to think over the following 4 points before making a purchase.

The Carpet Size for a Teenage Bedroom

Parents usually get confused about what size of the carpet will go well with the teenage bedroom. Let’s consider several situations and the rug sizes, which suit those most of all. 

The wall-to-wall carpet

The wall-to-wall carpet

I know that some parents get the wall-to-wall carpets in their teenagers’ rooms. This kind of flooring has several advantages, which are hard to ignore. The wall-to-wall carpet looks great. It’s pleasant to walk barefoot in a room with such flooring. It keeps warmth well and serves as a great noise buffer. But as for me, I avoid such kind of carpeting in the teenage room. The reason is it’s hard to maintain. Teenagers make a mess in their rooms quite often. They spill drinks, leave ink stains, etc. The big carpet is hard to take out of the room and clean with water and laundry powder. If you are a fan of big carpets, get a powerful vacuum cleaner to maintain them fresh.

An area rug

Stylish bedroom interior with plants

I consider a big area rug as the best option for the teenage room. Get as a big rug as your budget allows. The too small rug makes the room visually smaller. It also cheapens the general look of the space. So, if the size of a teenager’s bedroom is big enough, get the rug at least 8 by 10 sq. ft. 

Two rugs

Monochromatic kids room with carpet

If the size of a teenager’s room is 11 by 12 sq. ft. and more, consider the idea to get two area rugs. You can compartmentalize the room better with them. Put one of the rugs under the bed, thus creating a sleeping zone. The other one can define the study zone – put a desk and a chair on it.

The Carpet Material for a Teenage Bedroom

Even if you are not short of money, you shouldn’t get wool or silk carpets for the teenage room. Be sure that the teenage room is going to be beaten up. Teens have lots of hobbies – music-making, dancing, crafts, etc. Each of these hobbies is potentially dangerous for a carpet. Active movements compress the pile of the carpet.  Do-it-yourself crafts, which include using glue and paints, leave stains. That’s why I recommend using durable synthetic materials for carpets in teenage rooms. One of the best materials for teenage rugs is nylon. It looks beautiful and is easy to maintain. The cheaper variant is olefin. It is antimicrobial and easy to clean.

To do wet cleaning in the teenager’s room, get a carpet cleaner and high-quality powder

The Carpet Color for a Teenage Bedroom

choice of carpet color

I advise you to let your teen son or daughter choose the right rug color for the room. Coloration is a very personal thing, so nobody except your child can choose better. Teach your kid how to select the color, which goes well with other decorative elements in the room. Thus, you can develop your teenager’s aesthetic taste and have a lot of fun together, choosing the right color of the rug.

The Carpet Pattern for a Teenage Bedroom

As usual, I recommend patterned carpets for the teenage bedroom. The patterned surface hides small rips and stains better. Be sure that there will be many such “drawbacks” on the carpet in the teenage bedroom. Try to avoid trendy kinds of patterns, which will go out of fashion in a year or two. Choose carpets with nice geometric figures, stripes, or tone-to-tone patterns. They will refresh the general look of the teenage room without making it too pretentious.


As you’ve seen, choosing the best carpet for the teenage bedroom is an interesting and exciting thing. I’ve told you what to pay attention to while choosing the rug for your teen son or daughter. The main thing you should keep in mind is the rug must be not expensive, easy to clean and suitable-sized. Have fun and allow your imagination to flourish, while looking for the ideal carpet in the teenage room. Let your teenager make his input and choose the rug color or pattern for his room.

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