9 Vacuum Hacks: You’ll Be Amazed!

Are you in quest of the most amazing vacuum hacks? This post is just for you. We all know how tiring vacuuming can get even though a vacuum cleaner is such a handy machine. It is not carrying it around that frustrates us the most, but the fact that dirt and pieces remain even after we vacuum.

That is why you should follow some useful tips that will make your vacuuming sessions easy, hassle-free, non-tiring, and efficient. This post includes pre-vacuuming do’s and hacks for your vacuuming time.

9 Vacuum Hacks
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9 vacuum hacks that will amaze you

It’s time to talk about 9 of the most efficient vacuuming hacks, in detail.

1. Tidy up

You can’t vacuum a room that already has mess all around. If you even try, you will spend most of your time picking up stuff, toys, socks, etc, and less time on actually vacuuming the area.

It is wise to tidy up first. Pick up the stray objects that are laying around. You don’t want tiny objects getting sucked up in your vacuum and creating a problem. Such an unfortunate intervention will just hinder your process.

Mess in the nursery

If you don’t prepare for the vacuuming beforehand, a simple task will be escalated to nothing less than a nightmare. So, work smart.

2. Clean heighted surfaces

Basic laws of gravity: dust falls downwards. This means you should clean the surfaces that are at a height before you start with the floor. Dust any bookshelves, windowsills, picture frames, and ornaments..

The duster will pick up most of the dirt. However, the remaining will fall to the floor that you will hoover afterward.

3. Use a stretchy fabric to cover the vacuum hose

This isn’t going to become an obstacle in the function of the vacuum cleaner. Putting a stretchy fabric like a pantyhose on the head of the vacuum hose will do the machine a favor.

It will suck small objects like a piece of lego, but it won’t allow it to enter the hose and disrupt the mechanism of the vacuum. It will stop it at the fabric’s surface.

Use a stretchy fabric to cover the vacuum hose

The fabric must be airy, so dust and dirt can still travel through the vacuum hose and enter the bag.

4. Use a squeeze bottle’s nozzle

Do you get frustrated when your vacuum’s nozzle isn’t fit to reach crevices and corners? I have just the solution for you. Take a squeeze bottle’s nozzle and attach it in front of the hose.

It will help you clean the hard-to-reach spots.

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5. Use a toilet paper roll

Don’t have a spare squeeze bottle at home? You don’t need to buy one. There’s an alternative. Just use a toilet paper roll. Attach it in front of the hose. It will help you vacuum the small hidden spots.

It’s not made of very hard material. Hence, it will bend whenever it is bigger for the to-be cleaned small spot.

Use a toilet paper roll

6. Place magents near the vacuum hose

Do you recall a time when a tiny screw got sucked into your vacuum, and the machine started making weird and funny noises? Well, you shouldn’t let that happen again.

Just put magnets near the vacuum hose, almost around it. It will attract all these small metallic objects that can damage your vacuum cleaner.

7. Clean upstairs first

It’s almost a rule of thumb. Clean the upstairs rooms first. You should start there and hoover your way down. So, upstairs, stairs, and then downstairs.

Clean upstairs first

This will help you with two things. First, the dust will be knocked down, and you can clean that afterward. Second, it is much easier to bring a vacuum cleaner down rather than carrying it up while you clean the stairs.

8. Follow an efficient cleaning pattern

Do not make much short back and forth movements while vacuuming. This is inefficient. The top suggested way to vacuum is in long lines, down the room. This is an easy, quick, and efficient way to hoover a room.

Follow an efficient cleaning pattern

9. Pay attention to the corners

Little corners often get neglected when the entire house is being cleaned. Those can be housing a ridiculous amount of dirt and dust.

If you have a crevice tool for your vacuum, perfect. If not, make a DIY-one as mentioned in hack 4 and 5. The edges should be carefully cleaned as they are what make a wall and a carpet stand out from each other. They provide a contrast factor.

Pay attention to the corners

Be careful not to miss any tiny spots.

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Yay! You are aware of the most useful vacuuming hacks. Are you wishing that you should’ve known these before? Aw, it’s okay. Better late than never. I am sure it’s not too late as vacuuming is almost an everyday activity in most houses and not a one-time thing.

If you are contemplating the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, this post will help you pick the best one.

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