Behind the Scenes of Hot Water Extraction. (It has 3 Big Benefits!)

How often have you heard cleaners talking about the hot water extraction (HWE) method? Very often, right? Do you want to know what this way of cleaning is and how it works? Let’s take a look at all of the details about HWE.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water extraction (a.k.a. steam cleaning) is a professional cleaning method that uses hot water and cleaning solution to force the debry out of your carpet. It’s the most popular and effective method for residential carpets.

Hot Water Extraction
Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning: A Detailed Comparison

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What is hot water extraction?

Hot water extraction is an easy method, nothing too complex. The cleaning technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to heat water, mix it with a cleaning agent, release it onto the carpet.

The heated water coupled with the pressure breaks the stains, lifts the dirt, and restores your carpet.

hot water extraction carpet

The latest powerful equipment also draws the used water back. This dries your carpet quicker.

How does the HWE method work?

It’s a multi-step yet simple process. Let’s take a look at how hot water extraction works.

Step 1:

The water is mixed with a cleaning agent. It is mostly an off-the-shelf product. Sometimes professional cleaners have created their cleaning agents as well.

Step 2:

The mixture of water and cleaning solution is poured into the machine’s water tank. It is then heated.

 machine's water tank

Step 3:

The liquid is then released on to the surface under pressure. It penetrates the fibers, breaks down stains, and dislodges the dirt.

Step 4:

Once the area is treated, the machine will be used to extract up to 95% of moisture. Oh, and all the dirt and grime will be sucked too.

This is pretty much how hot water extraction works.

What are the benefits of HWE?

There are quite a few reasons why hot water extraction is one of the top cleaning methods. Want to know what those are? Keep reading.

1. Effective

The cleaning is not only effective but also pretty quick. The stain removal is speedy. 99% of the time, all kinds of stains are removed.

benefits of HWE


If any stains remain, you can use a specific cleaner to work on those separately.

2. Eco-friendly

I know what you are thinking, “How is a process eco-friendly when a cleaning product is used?” Well, the world is advancing. Many companies are introducing green and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

If you are sure that the cleaning agent used is chemical-free and 100% biodegradable, then go for it. It is our responsibility to save our environment.


3. Quick drying

The equipment used is top-notch and hence, very powerful. After effectively cleaning the area, the machine will extract maximum moisture. So, your carpets will be fully dry in 2 to 4 hours.

If the water isn’t drawn out, it can result in mold and mildew formation. That could get messy, so it should be avoided. As it’s said, prevention is the best cure.

prevention is the best cure

Why you should avoid opting for DIY HEW?

Renting a hot water extraction machine is pretty trendy these days. Are you thinking about it too? I would suggest you don’t go for the DIY option. Let me put forward some valid reasons for my suggestion.

It is quite common that the rented models have weaker suction. This results in an ineffective cleaning as maximum dirt isn’t drawn out. This will leave you with an unclean carpet, even after you spend so much on renting a machine and put the effort into getting the job done yourself. That’s disappointing, right?

Some rented models even have weak drying powers that fail to extract most of the moisture out of your carpet after cleaning. This will give rise to mold and mildew formation. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

Certified carpet cleaning professionals have access to top of the line machinery. Most use truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment that is efficient, reliable, and provides a thorough cleaning and drying.

This is why it is always a better option to let the pros handle the dirty mess.

How often should you book a HWE service??

It is widely believed that one should get their carpets professionally cleaned after a few years. However, this is not right.

Experts suggest that carpets should be properly deep cleaned at least once a year. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If your house is the party place, always crowded, then the carpet must endure high-traffic. That means it will require thorough cleaning more than once a year.

HWE service

It is advised to let a pro cleaner take a look at your carpet and give you a breakdown of what kind of cleaning your carpet needs and how often.


That’s pretty much it. Now you are fully aware of hot water extraction, its method, its benefits, and much more.

Humans need spa days. Carpets need cleaning days. Make sure you treat your carpet well with appropriate cleaning whenever required.

If you are more inclined towards steam cleaning, this post about some of the best carpet steam cleaners will help you pick the best steam cleaner.

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