What is a Hepa Vacuum and Why Should You Care?

HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA Vacuum is a vacuum that has a super-powerful filter. Having a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner isn’t strictly necessary but it’s highly recommended if you (or someone living with you) has allergies to pets, pollen, dust mites, mold, etc.. as it will remove these type of particles more efficiently than regular vacuum cleaners. It simply cleans better overall.

HEPA Vacuum

In this post, we’ll be covering what a HEPA Vacuum is, what benefits it has and how to choose one. If you’ve already decided that you want to buy one, check our Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide & Review (2022)


You may agree with me on this one… cleaning and keeping a clean home can be so exhausting!

It feels like you’re cleaning all day to find out they’ve already messed it up. Dirt and dust keep coming back. And you feel like you’ll never have a clean house.

And you may have read that not all vacuum cleaners do the job… in fact, there are some vacuum cleaners which are more effective than others! So, choosing wisely the right model is a must.

Wh, you ask? Because of the money (I mean, real vacuum cleaners cost quite an amount of money) and time! You can’t imagen how much time you’ll save with a really efficient vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Vacuum

Now, you’ve been doing some research, and there’s lots of information out there which will take about HEPA vacuum cleaners and how you really need one. But is it totally true?

Keep reading to find out!

What is a HEPA Vacuum?

HEPA means: high efficiency particulate air

A HEPA vacuum cleaner it’s just a normal vacuum cleaner with a normal filter bag. But here’s the thing… this bag acts only as a pre-filter. The real filter is a HEPA filter which is installed to help absorb and retain all those particles that a regular filter won’t absorb.

However, due to poor design and inadequate sealing of some HEPA filters, you can be throwing into the air some of these particles, even if your using a HEPA vacuum. That’s why, only a True Sealed HEPA Vacuum Cleaner will do the job correctly.

But then again, only if you think you’ll profit from its benefits (i.e. you or someone who lives at your house has allergy problems), only then, is when you really need to have a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

If not, regular vacuum cleaners will remove all the dirt, dust and dander needed to have a pretty clean house, with clean rugs and carpets. Although the air quality may not be the best, as finer particles aren’t trapped in the filter and go right through it and into the air again. And these finer particles tend to be mostly allergens.

HEPA vacuum cleaner


A long exposure to these allergens can produce allergic reactions to people who weren’t allergic before.

Two things to have in mind about HEPA vacuum cleaners:

1. They tend to become more efficient when used a few times.

2. After some time and use, the HEPA filter needs to be replaced for it to perform its job correctly.


When using a HEPA filter at a regular house, at a rate of 3 hours a week, it should last a year or so.

HEPA Filters

Now that you know what a HEPA vacuum is, let’s see some interesting data about HEPA filters.

– They can remove particles as small as 0.3 micrometers to 99.97% of precision. And therefore, it can also remove bigger particles with a higher percentage of precision.

– It is the only type of filter that will trap mold spores and won’t let them pass through and back into the air. Regular filters (i.e. non-HEPA filters) don’t have that capacity.

Here’s how they look like:

If you want to learn about the different types of hepa filters, you can read about it here.

HEPA Filters

HEPA Vacuum Benefits

As I said earlier, you don’t really need a HEPA vacuum cleaner if what you want is to clean your carpets and rugs but nothing else… but having one will definitely help and clean your house better than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Here you have some of the great benefits that you’ll profit from if you use a HEPA vacuum cleaner:

Mold Removal and Prevention

HEPA vacuums, and therefore, HEPA filters are capable of trapping all types of tiny particles such as mold spores (which regular vacuum cleaners can’t)!

So it is vital to have one or rent one if you find a mold infestation in any of your carpets and rugs. And it will help you not only remove mold but prevent it too!

Mold Removal

Mold spores are always floating in the air outside, and even if we’re careful to not open the doors and windows too much, there will always be a way for them to enter into our homes.

Once they get in, if they have the perfect conditions (see here what causes mold) they’ll stay there and start growing. And you don’t want that, trust me!

Well, vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum on a regular basis will take away those mold spores that came in and so they won’t be able to settle down.


And with mold and other dust particles, you know what comes… allergies!

Your HEPA vacuum will remove almost all allergen particles, reducing the probabilities of having allergic reactions inside your house.


Vacuum once a week and your good to go!

Plus! They say HEPA vacuums are great to remove pet hair, so if you’re a pet owner this might come in handy!

Air Quality

This is just another plus side from having your house vacuumed with a HEPA filter.

Not only your carpets will be nice, clean and rid off particles that could be dangerous for you and your family, but it also improves the air quality indoors.

You’ll breathe clean air once and for all!

Air Quality

What if you don’t have a HEPA Vacuum?

Don’t panic. As I said earlier, having a HEPA vacuum isn’t strictly necessary.

A regular vacuum cleaner probably won’t remove as many particles as a HEPA vacuum but it can do the job just right if you have a very clean house and keep a regular cleaning schedule.

Experts say that when cleaning not only matter the products you use.

In vacuuming, how you vacuum is just as important as the vacuum you use.

And any high-quality vacuum cleaner should be able to trap almost all dirt and dust.

HEPA Vacuum cat

In the end, if you keep your house all cleaned and organized, it shouldn’t make a difference whether you use a HEPA vacuum or a regular vacuum.

Now, if you have a mold-infested area, do not use a regular vacuum cleaner. Remove it applying any of the methods I show you in this Ultimate Guide: 8 Methods to Get Mold Out of Carpet.

Which HEPA Vacuum cleaner should you buy in 2022

We have our own Buying Guide with The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners of 2022.

Check it out if you’re in the market for a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner!

You may have decided that you need a HEPA vacuum in your life. And that’s great! But you have to be careful when buying it…

There are lots of True HEPA types and models available on the market and there is a great variety in prices. The quality and filtration of HEPA Vacuums van differ a lot from brand to brand, so do some research before making any decision.

What you first need to do is make sure it is really certified as a True HEPA vacuum. This is what will mainly make the vacuum cheaper or more expensive. Avoid buying anything that says “HEPA-like” or “HEPE-style”. You’ll probably be paying a lot of money for something that isn’t worth it.

To make sure it’s high-quality look for the approval of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). They test every product to see if they really perform as they should and if they reduce the exposure to allergens.


If you’ve decided to buy a HEPA vacuum even though it’s not a cheap thing to buy, make sure you vacuum correctly, methodically and slowly. If not, you’ll have wasted your money.

Once you have that checked there are other factors you should take into account. Let’s take a look at them:

1. What type of floors or furniture you plan to clean with it.

2. HEPA vacuum with more than one pre-filter stage will work best preventing dust from clogging the HEPA filter.

3. Choose a totally sealed vacuum cleaner. This will ensure there are no air leaks.

4. Avoid any “bagless” HEPA vacuums as they don’t seal as good as the ones with bags and will be very difficult to clean without releasing dust all over the place.

5. Check for convenient features you may prefer that will make the cleaning process much easier. Brushes, portable canisters, different suction options…

6. Versatility! If you’re going to spend that amount of money, make sure it can clean all types of floorings, such as carpets, hardwood, rugs, etc…

many vacuum

7. Brand reputation is very important here.

8. HEPA vacuums can’t be used to absorb water or wet debris, so avoid anything that says it can.

9. Don’t forget your budget! HEPA vacuums can be a bit pricey and not that necessary… don’t spend the money you don’t have on something you don’t need that much. Buy a cheaper option or save and wait until you have enough money to buy the one you want!

Our recommendations are the following:

– If you have pets at home, one of the best options is the [amazon link=”B00081NG0W” title=”Sebo Pet Edition Vacuums.”/]
[amazon box=”B00081NG0W”]

– If you have wall-to-wall carpet, then Upright Vacuums will work best for you. If you’d like, check our guide: Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2022

– If you have hard surface floors primarily, go for Canister vacuums. If you’d like, check our guide: Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners 2022

HEPA Vacuum Cost

One thing’s for sure… they will always be more expensive than regular vacuum cleaners.

Certified high-quality residential HEPA vacuums cost between $200 and $1200. But it will depend on its specific requirements and filter rating. The higher the number, the higher the price.

A higher number in the filter rating means it’s capable of removing more and smaller particles from your floors.

The price also depends on the type of vacuum you choose. These are the different models that exist on the market:

– Canister HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

– Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

– Cordless HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

– BackPack HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

– Ride-On HEPA Vacuum Cleaners.

Now you know everything you need to make the best decision.


HEPA vacuum cleaners won’t do magic. Even when using them, some particles will still hold onto your carpets and there’s nothing you can do about it. But having one will definitely help you have a cleaner home, that’s for sure.

HEPA vacuum filter

I would really recommend you to buy it if you fall into any of the following situations:

– if you or anyone who lives at your house suffers from allergic reactions

– if you’re trying to remove a mold infestation or prevent one

– if you want to improve the air quality of your home

That’s was all for this post.

I hope I solved all your questions about HEPA vacuums and helped you decide whether you need one or not!

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