What Causes Ants in Carpet? (3 Most Common Reasons)

Do you remember the unpleasant day when you found out an ant infestation in your carpet? Did you scream or did your heart leap in your throat? After digesting this upsetting fact, you probably found yourself confused as to WHY did the ants infest your carpets? This blog is to help you identify the key causes of an ant infestation.

Carpet Ants are caused because they feed over the food they find on the ground. Although sometimes moisture and wood can also attract these little critters. They usually come to your house through plants that are brought in. Let’s take a look with more detail at what causes these ants to infest your carpets.

Carpet Ants
What Are Carpet Ants

What Are Carpet Ants? Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever encountered an ant infestation in your carpets? Frustrating, right? This post will talk about house ants in detail, their feed and lifestyle.

What causes ants in carpets?

Ants are one of the tiniest insects on this planet. They can sting. They also contaminate food. Some types of ants develop their populated colonies under your carpets without you having a clue.

Ants are usually looking for food and water. They will settle wherever these two essentials are found. Along with that, they will also eat bread and pet food. All of these are present in your house.

ants on bread

These crawlers do not eat your carpets. They find a comfortable habitat in them coupled with lots of feed.

The following are some of the most common causes of ants in your carpets.

1. Lack of cleanliness

Cleanliness is the key to a pest-free house. The most common reason for pests coming to your house is uncleanliness.

The same is the case for ants. If you put off regular cleaning, ants will love to share your house with you.

They will take advantage of all the crumbs fallen on carpets along with any drinks spilled. Sweet bits are ants’ favorite. They love fruits, candies, sugar – in general.

An ant pulls a piece of ice

Vacuuming every day can suck all these pieces of food and disturb ants as well. They will consider saying goodbye to your carpets if they sense the danger.

Do you know when ants enjoy a grand party? After you had a party at your home. I understand that doing the dishes is the last thing you want to do after a good event. However, it is of utmost importance.

Ants feast on the leftovers if the dishes are left dirty. Just imagine. EWW. Ants on the bowls and plates we eat? YUCK.

ants on a plate

2. House plants

When you bring a plant indoors, you are bringing ants in as well. This is not a commonly known fact. However, it is true.

Outdoors, ants can easily be found in soil. They love the moisture found in it along with leaves. Since ants are omnivores, they eat pretty much everything.

Hence, when a flowerpot or a plant is brought in, ants are the uninvited guests. Once they are in, they will crawl out of the pot. Explore food options in your house and start living in your carpets.

an ant climbs a seed

So, thousands of them can gain entry in your home sweet home while you have just innocently brought a beautiful plant in.

3. Moisture and wood

Many ants fancy decaying wood and moisture. This is another reason why you can find ants under your carpet.

Along with cockroaches and fungus, an ant infestation will also be likely if a water pipe is leaking in your house. Get it fixed ASAP.

old faucet that leaks

Take care of wood flooring under your carpets. The decaying floor can be the biggest reason for an infestation.

How to prevent ants in carpets?

Prevention can help keep ants away from your house. Make a habit of cleaning regularly. Vacuuming can clean your carpets thoroughly. It sucks the crumbs stuck to the carpets.

Store food in sealed containers. Never leave a packet of chips unsealed. Either clip it properly or put it in a sealed container. Otherwise, ants will be enjoying your favorite cereals and other snacks.

ants on a pretzel

Use appropriate products to seal any cracks or voids in walls or windowsills. Those are an easy way in for ants. You won’t even notice them crawling in and starting a colony in your house.

If want to learn more about carpet ants, their prevention and elimination, I am positivethis post will help you.

How to get rid of ants in carpets?

When the reality dawns on you that your expensive carpets are infested by ants, you brainstorm on what to do.

Borax acid is always a helpful agent in killing ants. Ant baits are also used to deceive these little creatures and eliminate them.

We have found Three Natural Ant Repellants you can use to get rid of these invaders.

Method 1. Use powders

Powders help repel ants. They hate the smells most powders have. You can use cinnamon, pepper, or even baby powder.

A benefit of sprinkling any kind of powder on your carpets is that it will go unnoticed. Especially if the carpet is of a dark color. However, you can let the powder settle in overnight.

vacuuming in soda

Vacuum next morning and ants will probably have been gone.


It is important to sprinkle these powders around your pantries as well. This will keep ants away from your sweet jars and other food supplies.

Method 2. Use a vinegar solution

Mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on your carpets but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to end up with soaking wet carpets

Don’t worry about the acidic smell. It will go away. However, the solution will remain effective in killing ants for a while.

Use a vinegar solution

Method 3. Use a soap solution

Another effective spray is a soap solution. Mix water with dish soap. You can pour it down any visible ant nests. Spraying it on a potentially infested carpet is always essential.

The soap and water combination is a tried and tested method to kill ants.

Professional pest control is always recommended when the infestation is severe. If you delay it, the ants could come back and annoy you.


Ants can be a nuisance when they decide to invade your house. This can be even worse when they infest your carpets.

An ant infestation can be caused by uncleanliness. Dirty dishes also attract ants. They love to devour your leftovers. Plants brought indoors can bring ants in with them. Moisture and wood are also a cause of ants infesting your flooring.

Just take appropriate measures to keep these insects out of your house. The vacuum will always be your best friend against every pest.

We have a detailed post about carpet beetles. Take a look. You will learn a lot about those invaders.

Vinegar and soap solutions are helpful agents in repelling ants. Ants hate borax, pepper, and cinnamon powder.

I am confident your ant knowledge has increased by this post. I sincerely hope you never have to encounter an ant infestation though.

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