How to Know if Steam Cleaning is The Right Choice for You

Did you recently decide to steam clean your carpet, upholstery, etc but are skeptical about it? Don’t you worry. All we are going to talk about in this post is pros and cons of steam cleaning. You can then, weigh both aspects and see for yourself how good of a choice steam cleaning is.

There are various benefits of steam cleaning. One of the top ones is that it is chemical-free. All you need is water, and in return, surfaces in your house will shine. Other benefits include the reliability of a steam cleaner, its versatility, easy management, etc.

How to Know if Steam Cleaning is The Right Choice for You
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What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Your home sweet home probably houses a lot of germs. Don’t take this personally because every house has unwanted bacteria, germs, and annoying pests. However, steam cleaning can get rid of them for you.

There are a lot of benefits attached to steam cleaning. Let’s talk about 8 of the most important ones.

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1. Chemical free

This is easily one of the most wanted features of any cleaning method. You probably don’t want your kids and pets to be exposed to chemicals. So, why not go for something that involves tap water only? Believe me, in steam cleaning the tap water goes a long way.

Chemical free

The American Lung Association declared that many chemical cleaners have compounds that cause health issues like skin or eye irritation, allergic reaction, asthma, or headache. None of these sound pleasant.

Chemical cleaners are not only a hazard for you, your family, and your pets but also can leave behind streaks and smudges. Your effort to make your place spotless might not just bear the results you want. Hence, it is better to go with a safer and chemical-free option that just requires water.

Steam Cleaning

Another aspect that we may not often think about is that chemical-free and effective cleaning means a reduction in harmful bacteria and allergens. That will directly decrease the allergic reactions and other health issues that you or your family might face because of unhealthy indoor air quality.

2. Eco-friendly

The ozone layer is burning, and global warming is increasing. This is taking a toll on our beloved planet. Do you want to play your part to save the earth? You can start by opting for steam cleaning rather than chemical cleaning.

When you are using just water, no harsh chemicals are going down the drain. So, none will get recycled back into our water supply. That will be healthy for us and healthy for our environment.


3. Effective

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found out that there are 100 times more allergens and pollutants indoors than outdoors. You probably will agree that majority of the people spend approximately 80 to 90% of their time indoors. Hence, deep cleaning is essential.

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Steam cleaning makes the indoor air quality better by getting rid of allergens. It also makes your carpets, countertops, upholstery, etc look as good as new. The temperature involved is extremely high. It can be any degree from 200 Fahrenheit to 300 Fahrenheit.

Such hot steam has proven to be more effective than cleaning by water and cleaning agents at normal temperatures. Steam cleaning delivers the following features:

  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Removes stubborn stains
  • Gets rid of trapped pollutants
  • Removes and prevents mold growth
  • Kills pests and even destroys their eggs

Isn’t this information convincing? I am sure you have started to get impressed by steam cleaning.

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4. Versatile

A steam cleaner is a multipurpose tool. Carpets aren’t the only surface that you can clean with it. You can clean your tiles, countertops, upholstery, windows, curtains, and even drapes. Steam cleaners come with multiple attachments like different nozzles and brushes that allow them to be versatile.

In short, you can use steam cleaning to clean pretty much anything and any surface in your house. This means that you will be able to reduce the overall presence of allergens from your house or workplace.


5. Cheap

Mainstream cleaning methods involve the use of cleaning agents. You can use DIY solutions as well, but off-the-shelf products can take a mouthful bite from your bank balance. Doing such cleaning regularly won’t be too convenient for your pocket.

Steam cleaning is better because you can just use water and get excellent results.


6. Less time consuming

You will need lesser time while steam cleaning in your house. You aren’t required to carry a mop and bucket around. Oh, and no need to change the water again and again.

Also, steam cleaning is way advanced. Forget about scrubbing a stain for ages. The powerful machine will remove it in a split second.

Less time consuming

7. Easy to use

Do you recall a time when you got backache after cleaning your carpet? I think many of us can relate. Reaching to the ground, maintaining the same posture, and scrubbing tough stains is all recipe for unnecessary stress on your back.

You can avoid it by replacing the traditional cleaning method with steam cleaning. It is also helpful for people who are differently-abled and cannot bend down or sit down to clean different surfaces. A steam cleaner can be operated from a standing position.

Easy to use

8. Convenient for hard-to-reach spots

How many times did you have to spend hours wondering how to get that dirt from under your furniture or any other hard-to-reach surface? With steam cleaning, your such worries are eliminated.

A steam cleaner is a tool of the modern world. It is made to assist people in cleaning there houses thoroughly. Hence, you can always attach a different, smaller, and more convenient nozzle to the steam cleaner when you have to make any difficult spot shine.

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What are the drawbacks of steam cleaning?

You have probably fallen in love with steam cleaning by now. However, love shouldn’t be blind. You need to know the cons that steam cleaning involves. That will help you in avoiding those and hence, having a better experience with steam cleaning.

The disadvantages are not even close to the number of advantages. Anyway, let’s take a look at 3 of the most considerable drawbacks of steam cleaning

Pros and cons

1. Very hot

Steam cleaning is risky. The extremely high temperatures involved make it dangerous. We all know about it. There is now a way to sugar-coat this.

If you step on a freshly steam cleaned carpet before it has been dried, you can get burns. I am not saying that there is no way to avoid it, but it still is a safety concern. So, know the precautions of steam cleaning to avoid injuries.

Helmet safety with chalkboard

2. Warm up time

As I mentioned above, steam cleaning is less time taking. But most of the models involve considerable warm-up time. It is taken for the water to heat up in the boiler.

When you are researching for a steam cleaner, make sure you compare the warm-up times taken by different models. Most advanced ones probably get heated up immediately. That can be a better option.

3. Expensive

I know you are probably thinking, “Wasn’t it mentioned above that steam cleaning is cheaper than other cleaning methods? Why the contradiction now?”

Expensive grocery

Let me explain this to you. Yes, steam cleaning is cheaper because it just requires water and no collection of industry-made cleaning agents. But a steam cleaner is costlier than a mop and bucket combo. You just have to weigh the pros and cons of each method and keep in mind your budget before you make any purchase.


Now you know what makes steam cleaning such a commonly used method. The long list of benefits undermines the drawbacks. I would say that a steam cleaner if rightly used, gives great bang for your buck.

Take the appropriate precautions, avoid getting burns, keep children and pets away when your steam cleaning session is underway. Good luck!

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