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In this page we'll be sharing with you our most recommended products, shops and services. It's an ongoing project, because we only want to add to this list the very best products we can find. We'll only add those products after testing it ourselves.

These are products that we strongly recommend and trust! If you think we should try a product we haven't reviewed yet, let us know through our Contact Page.

These are the top products, shops and services were are recommending in 2021:

1. Best Service Provider: Thumbtack

2. Best Rug Shops

3. Best Pest Control Product: Bed Bug Detergent

1. Best Service Provider: Thumbtack

Thumbtack screenshot carpet cleaning

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a Carpet Cleaner, a Carpet Installer, or a Pest Control Company. With Thumbtack it's extremely easy to find the best professionals near you.

We receive many messages through our Ask an Expert section with questions like: How can I be sure I'm hiring a good carpet installer? or What carpet Cleaner do you recommend in my city? All those questions have the same answer... The easiest and best way to find good Carpet Installers, Carpet Cleaners, or Pest Control Companies is through Thumbtack.

It's extremely easy to use, you can request multiple quotes from multiple professionals close to where you live, and you can read all the reviews left from previous clients. Thumbtack is an amazing company! I really recommend it!

2. Best Rug Shops

Buying a rug online isn't easy. How can you be sure you're buying a high quality rug? And how do you know they're not ripping you of? Trust me... I've been there!

That's why we're selecting the best rug shops ever! We buy their products (without them knowing it's us, obviously), we test their quality, the delivery experience, their customer support, etc. And we only bring you the shops we truly trust!

These are the companies we've found that sell good quality rugs at a good price:

Shop 1: Natural Area Rugs

I'm a huge fan of natural rugs. And if you're going to buy a natural rug, the best possible place is Natural Area Rugs. Their shop is beautiful, they're high quality and very affordable. If you're looking for a natural area rug, look no further. This is the one.

Natural Area Rugs Screenshot

Shop 2: ECarpet Gallery

Their slogan is "Affordable Luxury Rugs", and I can assure you they live up to it. I would say is the absolute best place to buy affordable oriental rugs. But they have so much more than that! Visiting ECarpet Gallery is worth more than just 1 visit. Their customer support is great also!

E Carpet Gallery Screenshot

Shop 3: Lumens

Lumens isn't known for being a rug company. Which is why it's so great! It's one of my favorite places to buy a rugs, and not a lot of people know about it. Take a deep look into their website, because they have some amazing rugs! They change their stock pretty quickly too, so if there's one in particular that you like, buy it asap!

Lumens Rugs Screenshot

How to Find Your Dream Rug (In 6 Super Easy Steps)

Homeowners want to get décor that is both stunning and enduring. Check out our comprehensive guide to figure out how you can buy a brilliant rug online.

3. Best Pest Control Product: Bed Bug Detergent

We weren't going to add any pest-control related products to this list. But when we tested the Bed Bug Detergent we couldn't resist.

Bed bugs are a terrible pest. It takes forever to get rid of them and what's worse... they bite! In the old times, the only way to stop being bitten was to get rid of them completely. That can take quite a long time depending on how big the infestation is. And in the meantime... people were being bitten.

That's why I love this product so much! It won't solve the problem, but at least you won't get bitten while you do.


My Cleaning Products is the only shop that I found selling this product. And it's absolutely amazing!

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