15 Ideas to Make Temporary Vinyl Flooring Look Great!

by Nancy Adams

Decorating Your Temporary Vinyl Flooring

Is your temporary vinyl flooring not looking the way you want it to be? Don’t worry, you don’t have to replace the flooring. There are many ways in which you can decorate your vinyl flooring to make it look just the way you imagined it!

Temporary vinyl flooring can be decorated easily using various adhesive decor items, cloth, and paint.

Long gone are the days when decor stickers used to be cheap. An adhesive decor item has become stronger and more attractive too.

Why You Should Decorate Your Vinyl Flooring

Here are a few reasons why you need to decorate your vinyl flooring:

Set the atmosphere of the room Make your vinyl flooring pop by adding texture Make your floor look more inviting Soften the feeling and vibes of the floor (You’ll see how!)

Let’s go through a list of items that will help you transform your boring vinyl flooring!

1. Vinyl Decal Stickers

Expand your design choice with vinyl decal stickers.

Freedom is the ultimate getaway from vinyl decal stickers. Where tiles are fixed pieces that have to be placed together, there’s more choice to personalize with stickers. You can choose to place two design elements close together, or far apart. It’s entirely up to you.

If you’re wondering where to get vinyl decal stickers from and how to use them, I recommend you have a look at these hopscotch decal stickers!

Animal themed vinyl decal stickers

These bubbly and fun numbered decal stickers not only look great in a child’s room but hopscotch can be played on them too!

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Decor Guide

Combine various vinyl decal stickers!

Pick a theme and buy multiple stickers for it. For instance, if you choose floral designs, you can pick flowers that look similar. You can also be open about the flower species but have a single color in mind.

2. Vinyl Floor Cloth

Cut the hassle, cover your entire temporary vinyl flooring in one go!

Don’t want more tiles and long installation processes? The easiest way to go is to get vinyl floor cloth. This enduring material is not only super easy to clean but slip-resistant as well. Free yourself of the hassle from having to cover every inch of the floor manually, simply roll out a vinyl floor cloth on your temporary vinyl flooring!

I think I have the perfect vinyl floor cloth for you to start with. Check out this patterned medium-sized vinyl mat to begin with!

Vinyl Floor Cloth

This medium-sized colorful vinyl mat can bring life to any place.

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Decor Guide

Design according to your space!

You don’t have to cover the entire room with a vinyl floor cloth. Try rolling out a vinyl mat underneath the furniture to make the room the entire room and decor accessories. It will also make the furniture space more comfortable.

3. Paint It

You can never go wrong with a classic can of paint!

Splashes of blue paint across a wooden floor

You can also have fun with paint. Loosen your hand while you’re at it and create ‘marbling’ or ‘swirly effects. Letting yourself loose is your thing if you’re a fan of abstract art and design! On the other hand, if you love minimal effects then avoid painting patterns or elements, simple solid paint is enough. You can also try creating simplistic repetitive designs such as polka dots and stripes!

If you love neutral colors, you will love the minimal tones of these semi-gloss paints!

Rust Oleum Semi-Gloss Floor Paint

These neutral shades will look great together! Don’t forget to buy the mentioned supplies too!

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Decor Guide

Paint in one direction!

Do you find strokes in your painting? For smoother strokes and a proper finish, refrain from moving your brush in multiple directions.

4. Adhesive Patterned Tiles

Getting bored of your monotone temporary vinyl flooring?

Patterns are what you need. Temporary vinyl flooring is great, but it can be dull due to its monotone aesthetic. How about adding some patterned stick-on tiles above? With patterns, you are free to choose from infinite colors and designs. The best part is, replace them any time you want without having to remove your temporary vinyl flooring at all!

Have a look at these assorted patterned tiles! Which color would you choose?

Decor Guide

Pick a theme before you go!

If you’re choosing various patterns, it’s better to stick to a theme. This theme could be a color or a certain design movement, for example, ornamental, gothic, eastern, etc. It will make your vinyl floor decor look more consistent and appealing!

5. Carpet Tiles

Is your temporary vinyl flooring giving you the ‘hard’ look?

A closeup of patterned carpet tiles

Add a cherry on top to your temporary vinyl flooring. Add some carpet tiling on top to create a wonderful mosaic. What’s more, you get the comfortable and cozy feeling of carpet, all along with a checkered pattern (if you wish to create one!). Just like carpets have patterns or tones, carpet tiles work in the same way.

You can even choose to cover a certain portion of your floor instead of going for a wall-to-wall covered look. For example, covering the area under the dining table with carpet tiles and leaving the rest of the temporary vinyl flooring exposed.

Based on my experience, I recommend you start off with this pack of 12 carpet tiles!

Self Adhesive 12 ft. Carpet Tiles

This pack of 12/12 sq. ft carpet tiles are available in 5 shades. You can mix and match to create a multi-toned carpet too!

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Decor Guide

Create patterns with carpet tiles!

You don’t need to cover every inch of your temporary vinyl floor with carpet tiles. Pick a specific area and create a pattern of your liking. Think of using two-colored carpet tiles for a duo-chromatic color scheme, and so on.

6. Stenciled Stick-Ons or Stencils

Want a bit of your vinyl flooring to be visible? Choose stencils!

Florals created using a stencil

Can you recall the artistic stencils from your childhood? These stenciled patterns can be added to temporary vinyl flooring in the form of stick-and-peel tiles. They are a wonderful asset to any space because they leave some portion of the floor exposed while covering the corners with curved, delicate patterns. They work the same way as a stencil does.

If you want to have fun with a stencil, I recommend you get a template like this one.

Backsplash Reusable Template

Place this template above the space you would like to have the pattern on. Use spray paint for faster and better results!

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Decor Guide

Try traditional stencils with multi-colored paint!

Get traditionally cut stencils and spray over with various colors to get a colorful design on the floor!

7. Foam Tiles

Foam tiles can make a place look more fun!

A hopscotch game designed using foam tiles

Foam tiles are not just for putting over carpets. You can use them over both temporary and permanent flooring. These soft tiles are just like their carpet tile counterparts, and even these can be put together to create wonderful, colorful patterns.

I am personally a fan of textured tiles! I believe you would love these wood-grained foam floor tiles as much as I do!

Decor Guide

Focus on the color!

To make the most out of your foam tiles, pick a color that goes well with your walls or the color of the floor. If your floor is dark, get foam tiles that are lighter to create excellent contrast!

8. Place wood or wood-textured floor mats

What can go wrong with wood? That’s right, nothing!

A bamboo mat placed over a wooden surface

Mats with wooden textures are to die for. The best part is that they look consistent with wooden floors. No matter what the colors of your walls are, wooden mats of any color and depth can blend well into any space.

From my personal experience, I’d recommend you to get this wonderful bamboo mat! It creates high contrast when placed on temporary vinyl flooring!

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

This water-resistant bamboo has a gorgeous natural wood appeal and can be placed anywhere!

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Decor Guide

Place mats of various sizes!

Don’t just stick to one wooden mat. Get them in assorted sizes. Place all these mats in different areas on the temporary vinyl floor. If you want, you can place them together to form a mosaic of some sort!

9. Wallpaper Lining paper

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be for the walls only, you know!

Blue colored lining paper

Wallpaper linings are used to fill in empty spaces on walls. Lining paper is not as wide as the main wallpaper itself and is used to create margins or sections on top of the main wallpaper, after it has been pasted. However, you can also stick it onto your temporary vinyl flooring.

Neutral colors look great with wood. I recommend you to try this unpasted heavyweight wallpaper liner!

Brewster Unpasted Heavyweight Paper Wallpaper Liner

A black and white leafed pattern on heavyweight paper

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Decor Guide

Lining Paper on the Floor

Instead of covering the entire floor, cut out thin strips. Make boxes of different sizes and overlap them on top of each other to create an intricate pattern.

10. Chalkboard Paper

Remember playing around with chalks on the floor? Time to bring those days back!

Chalkboard paper is becoming a phenomenon for decor. It’s black and can be customized every day, so it makes sense! Stick some on your temporary vinyl flooring and experience the freedom of creating your own designs with chalk, whenever you want! The best part is you can always erase and restart every day if you want to!

Are you new to chalkboard paper? I highly recommend this chalkboard paper and chalk set. You wouldn’t need to look anywhere else!

Wishave Removable Chalkboard Paper With 5 Chalks

Look no further than this easy-to-install chalkboard paper!

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Decor Guide

Get playful with chalkboard paper!

Use a variety of colored chalks to create patterns and drawings. If you have children at home, they will love to have fun with it!

11. Washi Tape

Washi tapes are great for covering narrow areas of your vinyl flooring!

Floral washi tapes with borders

Washi tapes come in many sizes and patterns. Originally a trend in Japan, it’s mostly used for arts and crafts. Although mostly cute and bubbly patterns are found in washi tapes, there are ornamental designs as well. You’ll be surprised to find golden, silver, black and white curved doily-shaped patterns that can be used as borders! Do keep in mind that washi tapes won’t be the most durable decor item for your temporary vinyl floor!

Based on my experience, I think you’ll love these black and white washi tapes with beautiful patterns!

12 Washi Tapes, 15 mm wide

Assorted washi tapes with different black and white patterns

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Decor Guide

Use solid washi tapes!

You can create borders using solid washi tapes. You can use a combination of colored and translucent doily-patterned washi tapes to create intricate patterns. Remember that washi tapes are very temporary and will ultimately wear out. Use them in spots that are less prone to dust!

12. Wood-textured Tape

How about adding some more wood textures with different tapes?

Using textured tape is the easiest way to add variety. Personally, I find that you can make temporary vinyl flooring pop just with a few textured tapes of various wood!

If you’re new to wood textured tapes, I recommend you try out these tapes available in a variety of wood tones!

Repair Patch Tape

Different wood-textured tapes

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Decor Guide

Bring in a lot of tapes!

With tapes, you can easily buy a variety of different textures. Try to mix and match them by buying various colors together. If you like you can create a pattern in square shape by cutting tapes of different lengths!

13. Tile Tattoos

Do you love tattoos? Get some for your temporary vinyl floor too!

Tile tattoos work just the way tattoos do for us. While these are mostly used for wall tiles and in bathrooms, why not give them a go on your temporary vinyl floor? These stickers are minimal and usually come in a single color. You can get them in a variety of designs, modern or vintage, just the way symbols are created for tattoos.

If you are a fan of florals, I would recommend you to get these black floral branch style tattoos

Minoly Floral Bathroom and Kitchen Tattoos

Floral branch tattoo style stickers that you can use even on your floor!

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Decor Guide

Tattoo stickers are great for minimal effects!

Depending on the tone of your temporary vinyl floor, either black or white tattoo stickers are more than enough.

14. Faux Grass Mat

You can never go wrong with green combined with the texture of nature.

Who doesn’t love plants and the vibrant outdoor scenery? Even temporary vinyl flooring sets the same ambiance as natural wood does. Its texture and brown color is a gentle yet swift reminder of nature. If you want your temporary vinyl flooring to look even closer to nature, there’s nothing better than a dash of green. Choose a faux grass mat and bring your vinyl flooring to life with outdoor vibes!

If you’re confused about where to start, this amazing faux grass mat is all you need!

Artificial Grass Mat (3x5 ft.)

This faux grass mat is just the right size for you to get started with!

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Decor Guide

Create a green corner!

Any room can benefit from a dash of green. The turf texture of grass is can freshen up your temporary vinyl flooring just like that!

15. 3D Stickers

Are you a cool artistic sort of person? Surprise your guests with 3D delights!

Have you ever seen 3D artworks painted on the streets in public? 3D stickers are very similar, except that they aren’t painted. They create an illusion, they trick you into another world or as if you’re about to fall into the floor (It’s okay, you won’t). All you have to do is stick them carefully, avoiding any crease while you’re at it. These stickers come in various sizes and themes and they’re easy to install!

Speaking of themes, here’s one of my personal favorite stickers for a 3D illusioned floor!

3D Fish Mural Sticker

This 3D floor mural will make you feel like you’re swimming with the fish!

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Decor Guide

Choose something that reminds you of another world!

If staying indoors has got you bored, having a fantasy themed 3D sticker can work. You can also get a 3D sticker that reflects far-flung areas such as forests or the underwater marine life.

So Which Idea Will You Try Out?

You can try just one, a few, or all of the above. You can even create zones and work out designs for floors. If you’re curious to try out all of them, have a go at each for all rooms. These are all mostly stick-on options, so you can play around them as much as you want!

Are you eager to learn more about floor tiles? You wouldn’t want to miss out on these amazing floor alternatives to put over carpet!

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By Nancy Adams

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I'm Nancy and I love Home Decor! When I got married I wanted my home to look as amazing as possible. I read and read and read about home decor. And although I found some very helpful information, I hardly found anything regarding Carpets and Rugs. I learned so much I wanted to share everything I know with the whole world!

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Nancy Adams Picture

Nancy Adams

I'm Nancy and I love Home Decor! When I got married I wanted my home to look as amazing as possible. I read and read and read about home decor. And although I found some very helpful information, I hardly found anything regarding Carpets and Rugs. I learned so much I wanted to share everything I know with the whole world!

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