25 Iconic Red Houses that you'll love!

by Nancy Adams

As far as house colors go, red is always an option that you should consider. Red houses not only look vintage and classic, but they make your house stand out in the background. If you want to make a statement about your house, paint it red!

If you have visited Sweden, you might have seen and drooled over their red houses. Red paint is an architectural classic in Sweden, and I see no reason why it should not be incorporated in other countries as well.

Red houses look unique and impressive, even to people who are not a fan of red. Even though they are seldom seen, red houses leave an enchanting impression to anyone passing by. Moreover, there are so many color combinations that go along with red.

Here are some of the most enchanting and iconic houses that will persuade you why red is an amazing color for your house:

1. Redbrick house:

Red bricks are a staple that has been in trend for decades. They are never out of fashion and they look spectacular. The white pillars and windows neutralize the impact of red bricks and the black roof makes everything put together.

Red with white and black is my favorite color combination when it comes to houses, and you can see why.

A beautiful red brickhouse with white trim

2. Red with white trim:

This bright red suburban house stands out from its neighborhood. The white trim and front stairs make it look so put together and cute, doesn’t it?

A beautiful red house with white trim to make it a bit neutral

3. Maroon with white trim:

If you are not a fan of bright red, you can always choose a deeper maroon that will give your house a distinctive yet unique look. Notice how the white trim looks equally good with maroon as well. A black fence neutralizes the red further, giving it a sober look.

A maroon house with white trim

4. Victorian house with the brick exterior:

This Victorian-style brick house is to die for. Along with simple white and black, they have incorporated a beige door frame. Also, the door frame design looks amazing as well.

Look at how aesthetic the plants look on the porch area next to the door. The plants along the stairs take it to another level.

A victorian style house with a brick exterior

Incorporate Plants!

Plants are never a bad option for your house exterior. Be creative with plants and your house will look extraordinary.

5. Majestic bright Red:

This house boasts its red color without any fear. It stands tall between neighboring white houses and is not backing down with its bright red majestic color.

A majestic bright red house surrounded by white houses

Notice how the white windows make its red color even more pleasing to the eyes. It also makes the architecturally unique windows stand out.

6. Among the mountains:

This red house is located on open property in the mountains. The background looks amazing with the red house at the front. The pink lower border of the house looks appealing with red.

The white windows have white curtains in them which look pretty.

A red house located within the mountains

7. Salmon colored tiny hut:

This salmon and beige-colored hut is detailed with various shades of red and beige incorporated into it. I am personally not a fan of the red and beige combination, but this house makes it work somehow.

The door is maroon and beige, and the beige-colored windows are bordered with maroon-colored frames. The salmon color is not seen often in house exteriors.

A tiny salmon colored hut with maroon and beige door and windows

8. Red in blossoms:

What makes this house so beautiful is the fact that it is surrounded by pink blossoms large red tulips. Words cannot describe how enchanting it must look in real life.

A maroon colored house surrounded by beautiful flowers

The maroon house is adorned with pink flowers that cover most of its exterior when looked at from afar.

9. Red Farmhouse:

This red farmhouse is not too bright and not too dull; it is just the right shade. Once again, we can see the white trim encircling the red house and making it look so classy.

The farmhouse houses a full-width porch at the front which is utilized as a storage area to keep a boat. Looks like there is a pond nearby!

A red farmhouse with a full length porch

10. Ornate Brickhouse:

This huge house is a spectacularly designed home that is decorated by plants creeping on its front. It utilizes two different colored bricks to add details to its exterior. It includes a lawn area bordered by a beautiful black fence.

Also, look at that huge white door frame. I am in love with this one!

A huge house with green plants around it

11. Rustic Victorian cottage:

This Victorian-styled cottage’s color combination looks amazing. Its rustic red color is enhanced by the gray roof. Moreover, its walls are made of gray stone which looks so good with the rustic red look.

The plants that surround it match the color of the house. I am completely a fan of this look!

A Victorian-styled cottage with a rustic look

12. Brick Townhouses:

A street of identical red-brick Victorian-styled townhouses looks elegant and chic at the same time. They give a vintage look to the whole street and if I hadn’t seen the cars in the street, I would have thought the picture is taken from London in the Victorian days.

A street of identical red-brick Victorian-styled townhouses

13. The smallest house in Great Britain:

This tiny house is thought to be the smallest house in Great Britain and is a popular tourist spot. It has a bright red color with a simple black brick roof.

For a house that is famous for being tiny, this house sure knows how to stand out with its bright red color.

The smallest house in Great Britain with a bright red color with a simple black brick roof

14. Historical Building:

This historical building looks nothing less than a mansion. The red brick exterior with numerous white arches looks jaw-dropping. It includes full-width verandas on both floors and a huge terrace on the top. I am awestruck by its beauty.

Historical Building with red brick exterior with numerous white arches

15. Church of St. Mary of the Mongols:

This historical brick church building was built in 1281 and is located in Istanbul. The details are a product of the beautiful Byzantine architecture. The huge mansion-like building is still eye-capturing even after centuries.

Church of St. Mary of the Mongols is a huge mansion-like building

The large windows, the design of the roof, the detailing on the walls, there is so much to look at and so much to praise.

16. Hut on a Hill:

This small bright red hut on the grassy hills must have one hell of a view. The house is very simple with a plain white door. However, it’s the color and the background that sets it apart.

A small bright red hut on the grassy hills with a plain white door

17. Symmetrical modern house:

This symmetrical house has white windows lined up on the front. The bright color looks amazing in sunlight, giving off a sense of warmth and hospitality.

It is simple but the symmetrical aspect makes it fun to look at.

symmetrical red house white white windows lined up on the front


Red houses look beautiful and fresh. They stand out from the neighboring structures and backgrounds. One thing that is observed is that white is the go-to color for red. It just pops out from the red theme and neutralizes the red color of the house.

If you plan to paint your house red, you can buy it online or hire a professional to do it.

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Nancy Adams Picture

Nancy Adams

I'm Nancy and I love Home Decor! When I got married I wanted my home to look as amazing as possible. I read and read and read about home decor. And although I found some very helpful information, I hardly found anything regarding Carpets and Rugs. I learned so much I wanted to share everything I know with the whole world!

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