Is your Carpet Infested with Carpet Beetles? (5 Ways to Know)

Have you been noticing unusual spots on your carpet lately? Chances are it might be infested with beetles. Carpet beetles tend to enjoy materials like wool, silk and fur. They breed in dark places such as basements, attics and even air vents. The only question that remains is how to know for sure your carpet is infested.

If you can spot adult beetles, small holes in clothes, shedded beetle skin near furniture and carpets, faecal pellets and damage to rugs, you have a carpet beetle infestation.

Is your Carpet Infested with Carpet Beetles

Here are 5 signs you should be aware of when dealing with a carpet beetle infestation.

1. The Presence of Adult Beetles

The Presence of Adult Beetles

The first way you can be sure of having an infestation is the presence of the adult pest. Adult carpet beetles tend to come out even during daylight hours. These beetles are found lurking around windows or vents, trying to escape outside.



Never ignore the presence of fully grown beetles anywhere inside your house!

Adult beetles can eat away any type of fabric. Be sure to keep your clothes tucked away someplace safe.

2. Holes in clothes

Holes in clothes

If you have noticed tiny holes in your winter wardrobe, there is a very high probability carpet beetles are roaming around nearby. Other pests like moths tend to leave bigger holes. It is easy to spot the presence of a beetle infestation since they leave a massive trail of evidence behind.

You might want to get rid of beetles that enjoy sweaters as appetizers as soon as possible.

3. Shedded Beetle Skin

Shedded Beetle Skin

Have you noticed light brown hollow remains of skin anywhere near your carpets? Carpet beetles shed their skin in places where beetle larvae are feeding. Shedded skin is easy to spot near carpets and furniture.

You will find the shedded skin underneath your carpet too.

4. Faecal pellets

Faecal pellets

Beetle faecal pellets are as small as a grain of salt. If you own lightly colored carpets, beetle feces will be more visible. Beetle droppings are brown in color and can be found lying anywhere around your house.


It is always better to vacuum your carpet frequently to prevent a large-scale infestation.

5. Damaged rugs

Damaged rugs

Do your carpets or rugs have holes in them? You will need to carefully analyze the size of the holes. Carpet beetles tend to stay in only one spot when munching on your carpet. They often do not leave huge holes like moths.

Carpet beetles often cause irrevocable damage to expensive rugs so take care by cleaning your carpet regularly.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

You must be looking for a way to get rid of carpet beetles now. Look no further since we have got all the answers.

Wash and Dry at a High Temperature

The first thing you should do is toss your carpet into a washing machine and dry at a high temperature. You will need to wash your clothes and bedsheets as well if you want to ensure complete extermination.



Use dry cleaning for silk clothing items

Use an insecticide

You can always opt for an insecticide to ensure effective removal of all pests. This is a much faster alternative to washing your carpet. Insecticide sprays aren’t energy or time consuming as well.

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We have looked at the 5 signs you should watch out for when dealing with a carpet beetle infestation. These were the presence of adult beetles, small holes in clothes, shedded beetle skin, faecal pellets and damaged rugs.

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