How To Keep Car Carpet Clean During Winter? (7 Simple Steps And 8 Extra Tips!)

Salt and slush can corrode your car’s metal and damage it seriously. Apart from this, wintertime’s frigid cold also has the ability to damage your interiors. Are you unsure of how you should keep your interiors and carpets clean during winter while also maintaining them for the future? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to talk about the various ways you can maintain the freshness of your car mats and also methods to clean up dirt and mud from them!

One of the best ways to keep your car’s carpets and mats clean during winter is to invest in good rubber mats as they are easier to clean and maintain! Dirt dries off quickly and you can wash and dry them instantly. You will also be preventing your fabric mats and carpets from getting damaged, letting you use them again when the weather is warmer and dry.

Why do you need to keep your car’s carpet clean during winters

A clean car can reflect on your mood greatly. Winters are exhausting and filled with the laziest days, travelling in a spotless car can help you feel slightly better about the gloomy weather. Winters also come with a higher risk of illnesses. Regular carpet cleaning during the cold ensures a cleaner and safer environment for you and your family. It will reduce the build-up of bacteria and germs that cause sickness.



Save your fabric mats for later and replace them with easy-to-wash rubber mats for the winter!

How to clean your car’s carpet in cold weather

Our cars have a tough time just like our bodies do in the winter. It’s a difficult time, where everything is so much harder to do, including cleaning your car’s interiors. We understand how hard it is to muster up enough energy to get to cleaning your car’s carpets, which is why we have listed and explained a cleaning and maintenance process and other specific options for winter cleaning you can follow. Happy cleaning!

1. Weekly garbage disposal

Like you would throughout the rest of the year, pick up all the trash and waste from inside your car at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs on the carpet that can add on to winter illnesses! Remove and dispose of all loose trash to reduce junk accumulation that will, as a result, keep your carpets spotless, looking good and smelling fresh!

Weekly garbage disposal

2. Shake it off

Whether it is corrosive salt or dirt, start by letting your mats dry out completely and then remove them to shake the gunk off outside the car. This is the step that ensures all big particles of dirt are eliminated and will give way for more thorough cleaning of your car’s carpets. If the dirt gunks are stubborn, give it a good brushing after it dries out to make sure it is all gone.



Trying to scrub mud and dirt out from carpets while it’s still wet will only push more of it inside the fibres, leaving them dirty and smelly. Let it dry before attempting to clean.

3. A Solution to remove mud!

Rely on strong and effective carpet cleaning solutions to remove dirt and mud from your carpet. This is for people with a lot of mud build-up on their carpets, to help them remove the worst of the wet residue. You can do this after dusting off as much mud as you can, when dry. Apply the carpet cleaning solution on to the affected area and scrub it out carefully.

4. Salt stain removal

Salt formation on cars during the winter is a huge problem all car owners deal with. Apart from being corrosive to the metal on the car’s body, salt can also create stains on car mats and carpets. Start with vacuuming to remove all debris and then spritz an equal mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Use a clean cloth to apply pressure on the wet spot and absorb as much of the moisture that you can. Repeat the process until all salt stains disappear.



Salt build-up during the winters should be removed as soon as possible because they can corrode parts of your car.

Salt stain removal

5. Vacuum to eliminate salt and dirt

The next step towards a cleaner car carpet in the winters is to vacuum your carpets slowly and thoroughly. Carpets in a car usually are protected by the mats placed on top of them. However, it is important to vacuum over the carpet to remove any small particles of dirt and mud that could have made its way there.

Use baking soda, laundry detergent or a mixture of the two and sprinkle it onto your carpets before vacuuming if you are dealing with tough stains and smells. You can also use salt-removal sprays to remove any caked-up salt before vacuuming. Finally, run a vacuum over the carpet and make sure you get into all those tough-to-reach corners as well!



Use hot water to remove salt build-up on carpets and vacuum it out with a liquid-capable vacuum. Let the carpets dry out completely before placing them back inside the car.

6. Deodorize

Deodorize your carpet with either a DIY solution of baking soda or odor neutraliser. You need to let your carpets dry out completely before applying either one. Odor neutralising sprays remove bad odors when applied on dry and dirt-less carpets. You can sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oil and let it sit on the carpet’s surface before vacuuming over it. This removes unpleasant smells and will leave your carpets smelling fresh.


7. Shampoo

Shampooing your car’s carpets is not the best cleaning choice in winter but it is an option for those of you with really dirty carpets. Carpet shampooing can be done after preliminary cleaning consisting of the steps mentioned above. Use an effective carpet shampoo and a good stiff-bristled brush to really get into the carpet fibres and remove deeply-embedded dirt and mud.

Soak up all the moisture left after letting the surfactant sit for the advised time. Use a dry, clean towel for this purpose. Repeat until moisture is fully soaked up. Allow the carpets to air dry and leave the car windows or doors open if it is parked indoors. You can also use an electric fan to accelerate the process. Drying will take a long time but it is advisable to let the carpets dry fully as any moisture will lead to mildew growth.Read thisto find out more about carpet shampooing



Most car carpets are low-absorption. Shampooing a car’s carpet in cold weather is only recommended for those with carpets that don’t soak up any liquid. If you think your carpets will absorb a lot of the water or shampoo, refrain from shampooing it until it gets warmer.

Carpet upkeep tips

The above-mentioned methods are ways to clean your car’s carpets in the winter. It is also important to know how to keep them clean for longer and maintain them well. Read on for some easy to follow carpet maintenance tips!

Carpet upkeep tips

1. Invest in good rubber mats

Invest in a set of durable rubber or hard plastic car mats. These materials will allow you to clean mud and dirt off easily and also dry really quick. Buying high-end rubber car mats with grooves and channels will prevent the carpet beneath them get wet and dirty quickly. This worthy investment will protect carpets and keep them clean and dry while providing good coverage.



If you want to stick with fabric mats, protect them with the help of newspapers or plastic, or even a rubber liner.

2. Use rubber liners

Purchase an inexpensive and durable rubber liner to protect your car’s carpets and seats from getting dirty and smelly with winter mud and salt stains. Keep your carpets dry and clean when you get into the car with dripping boots, groceries bags, sodden coats or even a big wet dog! Repel liquid with the help of a strong rubber liner!

3. Prevent mold with dry mats and carpets

As mentioned numerous times above, making sure your car’s mats and carpets are dry before you start using them is very important. Moisture in a closed car is a bad idea and can result in the growth of mold. Mildew and mold will make your carpets smell musty and it can also affect people with sensitivities like asthma and other health problems. Dry out your mats fully after cleaning before using them again!

Prevent mold with dry mats and carpets

4. Park your car in covered areas

There are many advantages to parking your car inside a garage or in a building’s parking basement. If it is your own space, you can even remove the mats and leave them out to dry overnight or leave the windows open. Keeping your car parked in a covered area also keeps it warm inside, reducing internal moisture, keeping your carpets smelling fresh.

5. Convertible owners, clean the canvas top regularly

A convertible’s canvas top shouldn’t get heavily covered in snow and ice as that will make it weaker and less durable. Make sure you regularly remove the ice and dirt on top of your convertible. Doing this will also ensure in keeping the moisture in your car in check. Keep your car mold-free by following these important tips!



Mold is difficult to spot in carpets and can trigger severe symptoms including breathing struggles, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and coughing. Keep your car’s carpets dry and clean!

6. Two pairs of shoes

A very useful way of making sure your car’s mats and carpets stay clean is to keep an extra pair of shoes in the car that you only use while driving. Store the outdoor boots in a water-proof bag during your time in the car and put them back on before getting down. Protect your carpets from slush by following this!

Two pairs of shoes

7. Clean your shoes well

An easier alternative to the above-mentioned tip is to just clean your shoes well before entering the car. To prevent your boots from carrying in all that salt and slush, enter the car and sit on the seat with your legs outside. Lean as far back as you can and clap your legs against the other to make sure all the gunk from your footwear falls on the ground. Repeat this at least thrice before getting your feet on the pedals.



Make sure you do this on a road with no traffic. The last thing you want is to be hit by a speeding car while clapping your feet together!

8. Use a DIY carpet freshener

A carpet’s pleasant smell is a result of how clean it is. In order to maintain your fresh-smelling car carpets, make a DIY carpet freshener mixture with 2 cups of baking soda and 15-20 drops of essential oil. Store the mix in a container or a shaker, maybe a mason jar, and sprinkle it on your carpets. Allow it to sit for a while every time you vacuum for a wonderful smelling car!

Take it to a professional car cleaner

If you are unable to manage the upkeep of your automobile’s interiors during the winter, take it to a professional cleaning service whose specialists can clean and repair any damage caused by the harsh and corrosive snow and salt. They will take care of your prized car and also help you with maintaining it for a long time.

Take it to a professional car cleaner


With these cleaning and maintenance tips, I wanted to help car owners with the upkeep of their car’s carpets in the wintertime. I hope I have answered your questions and given you an idea on where to start with preparing your car for rough weather! Keep these tips in mind to get your car looking good and smelling wonderful during winter and throughout the rest of the year!

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