How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 6 ESSENTIAL Steps!

You might feel disgusted when you learn that bed bugs have infested your home. Not only are their bites painful, but their presence leaves a lousy odor hanging in the air. In such circumstances, you must find a way to liberate your home from these nasty parasites. Only ignore them if you wish to witness an exponential growth in their population. Otherwise, don’t waste too much time finding an effective solution.

Getting rid of bed bugs requires proactiveness on the part of the homeowner. Ensure that you have the right products to exterminate the blood-sucking bed bugs! I recommend you purchase bed bugs sprays and detergents from My Cleaning Products and Say Bye Bugs. Once you identify infested areas at home, vacuum those spots, declutter them, and start the treatment. You will find a clear set of instructions on the product itself, so follow them and use them to get rid of bed bugs.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Read ahead to learn what products will kill bed bugs and where you can find them!

Shops and Products You Need In Your Life

You may have to purchase some products to exterminate bed bugs for good. While there are many online vendors, I believe that there are only two that you can trust. I have mentioned the products and the online shop where they are available for your ease!

My Cleaning Products: Bed Bug Sprays and Bed Bug Detergents

My Cleaning Products

My first recommendation is My Cleaning Products, which sells high-quality pest eradicators. They are a respectable online store that effortlessly brings comfort to their customers. Their most relevant offerings for you include bed bug sprays and bed bug detergents. You can visit the site and click on either of these offerings to find more details.

Here is a screenshot of a few bed bug sprays that you can purchase through this site.

My Cleaning Products

Apart from that, here is a screenshot outlining details about the bed bug detergent that they offer.

My Cleaning Products

Go through the offerings and order something if it feels right! I believe that this store delivers on its promise by selling only the best treatment products in the market. Therefore, be confident and trust this shop if you need to find a solution against the dread bed bugs spread!

Say Bye Bugs: Bed Bug Spray

Say Bye Bugs

My second recommendation is a terrific online store that sells just what you need! It is called Say Bye Bugs, and it can help you say bid farewell to the insects bothering you. You may want to consider purchasing the Family Safe Spray. Don’t hesitate to read through the page and understand their offering. Later you may click on the ‘Order’ button.

Say Bye Bugs

Once you select the size of your home, you will see a few kits that you can purchase!

Say Bye Bugs

Buy a product that you deem to be suitable for your home. The treatment kits are brilliant and will undoubtedly eradicate the pesky insects!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You are in distress because of bed bugs lurking around your home. Although things are dire, you can still do something about it. Gather all your patience and resourcefulness to succeed in this endeavor.

Here are the steps you must follow thoroughly to deal with a bed bug infestation.

STEP 1: Identify Infested Areas

You need to know where the bed bugs have settled down in your home.

It is horrifying how quickly a bed bug population can multiply. If you suspect that your home is facing an infestation, look around thoroughly. The longer you take to deal with the situation, the more challenging it will be to eradicate the menace.

If you sincerely wish to purge the home from bed bugs, you need to take action and use some potent bed bug killers. Scrutinize the sofas, the mattresses, and figure out where bed bugs are present. It is vital to be aware of these areas as they need treatment.

Here are a few areas that warrant extra attention from you:

  • Near mattresses
  • Near the cracks and joints of the furniture
  • Near the couches and between the cushions
  • Under wallpaper that has loosened over time
  • Underneath wall hanging décor like paintings

Early identification of the infestation makes a significant difference. So pay attention to the several signs that can indicate the presence of bed bugs. Look out for dark spots, which might be bed bug droppings. Don’t ignore this sign as there may be a hiding spot nearby. Apart from that, if you see any reddish stains on the mattress, know that it may be a remnant of a crushed bed bug. The final thing to be alert about includes the small yellow eggshells and skins that these curious insects shed.

If you’re unable to find bed bugs or you find it too disgusting, consider hiring a professional inspection service. Though it may cost you a little extra, you will be confident about the success of this step. After all, the expertise of the inspection team will give you a sense of security.

As soon as you become aware of a bed bug concentration, your real work starts!

STEP 2: Contain the Threat

Now that you know where to find the bed bugs, you must contain their population with the aid of a vacuum cleaner.

You must use the power of vacuuming to trap bed bugs and contain the threat. Through this exercise, you can deal with areas that have a high population of bed bugs. Whatever you do, don’t spare any potential hiding place!

Contain the Threat

Regardless of whether it is your dresser, bed, carpets or upholstery, run the vacuum over it! Once you complete this task, ensure that you seal the plastic bag and dispose of the waste cautiously. You wouldn’t want the parasite to find a way back into your home!



Personal items like clothes, stuffed animals, or blankets are an ideal spot for the growth of bed bugs. Therefore, don’t keep these things in the proximity of the infestation.

If you think your belongings have already been compromised, throw away whatever you can in a sealed plastic bag. When it comes to clothes, you can wash them at the highest possible temperature setting. Anything that can go into the dryer is recoverable! So, don’t lose hope right away.

When there is untreatable furniture, the best thing you can do is get rid of it. Please ensure that you tear it up so that no one else ends up taking it home. Protect others from bed bugs too!

STEP 3: Prepare for Treatment

The preparation can make the treatment more effective if done rightly.

The bed bug treatment requires some preparations at your end. First, take care of all the hiding places that may serve as a shelter for the pesky insects. Don’t forget to clean or dispose of items like carpets, clothing, and stuffed animals.

Be mindful of this step as it can make a meaningful difference. Clutter is a clear enemy. Eradicate any magazines, books, or fabrics that may be scattered around the home. However, do remember that you need to be cautious with infected items. Don’t be careless as it could lead to an infestation in other rooms as well.

Seal any holes, cracks, or open areas that you possibly can. Don’t forget to address furniture joints as well. Be as thorough as possible to avoid any hidden infestation to spring up again. Tape up any electrical outlets which may become a hiding spot for bed bugs. Finally, ensure that the bed is a few inches away from the walls. You don’t want the nasty pests to climb up the walls!

STEP 4: Exterminate the Bed bugs

With modern pesticides, sprays, and detergents, you can eradicate bed bugs for sure.

Since you have already purchased the bed bug spray and detergent, follow the instructions you’ve received with them! Take your time and be patient with the process.

There are several types of insecticides used to curtail bed bug populations like Pyrethrin, Pyrethroids, Pyrroles, Neonicotinoids, and Desiccants. All of them have different chemical properties that allow them to tackle the issue. You don’t need to know too much about these concoctions. However, I will tell you about them briefly.

The most common types include Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids, which can kill most bed bug strains except the ones which are resistant.

Pyrroles operate by disrupting the function of the bed bugs’ cell, which effectively kills them. An example of this type of insecticide includes chlorfenapyr.

Neonicotinoids are a type of nicotine which is created in artificial settings. It attacks the bug’s central nervous system, which essentially annihilates them. It is a potent treatment that even works on bed bugs that have resistance to other pesticides.

Desiccants function by damaging the outer coating of the bed bug, which protects them from harm. The absence of this coating leads to excessive dryness and death! While bed bugs can’t be resistant to this type of treatment, it is slow to perform and may take months to wipe out the population.

Since you have already purchased either a bed bug spray or detergent, you will use it to exterminate the threat. However, if it doesn’t work, you must look through other options!

STEP 5: Monitor Affected Areas

You must monitor infested areas after the treatment for months to come!

Patience will help you in the war against bed bugs. They are likely to stick around for quite a while. To confirm whether the treatment has worked, you need to check the infested areas every week. If any telltale signs of the parasites are still present, you have to renew and refresh efforts!



You might want to purchase bed bug interceptor cups to trap bed bugs! After the treatment, such tools may make it easier to evaluate a resurgence in the population! Therefore, consider installing it seriously.

Monitor Affected Areas

Don’t hesitate to keep an eye on the infested area! It may take months before you can be confident that bed bugs are nowhere to be seen.

STEP 6: Retreat When Need Arises

If you spot a bed bug population again in the house, be prepared for another treatment!

Bed bugs are resilient creatures that bounce back quickly in numbers. If you don’t monitor the situation closely, you will be surprised by how they conquer previously infested spaces again. If that happens, go through the different treatment options and choose one that may control the population.

If all else fails, you may have to rely on professional assistance. Experts on bed bug extermination are your best bet, so don’t waste too much time in hiring one.

Pest control companies with their substantial experience and specialized equipment will be able to liberate your home from bed bugs. They have access to potent chemicals and treatments that aren’t available to the average consumer. Apart from that, they may also use whole room heat treatments. Therefore, you can rely on their ability to succeed.

If you hire a company, they are likely to give you preparatory guidelines. Follow them carefully to enhance the probability of complete pest control. It may take a couple of visits for the results to become apparent, so be patient.

Exterminating these parasites is genuinely challenging. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to take professional help. Just evaluate your situation and take action!

Other Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs

Here are a few things that you are better off knowing about bed bugs.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown insects that subsist on the blood of animals or humans. However, these insects may appear browner before they feed on blood. Their sizes resemble that of an Appleseed. While they cannot fly, they can quickly move across surfaces.

The most worrisome attribute of bedbugs relates to how quickly their population can multiply. The female bed bugs lay several hundred eggs during their lifetime. It is irritating to have bed bugs at your home since they leave you with itchy bites. While their population poses no medical risk, they are a nuisance!

Bed Bug Prevention

Prevention is the best strategy to use against bed bugs.

Here are a few things you can consider doing:

  1. Learn the signs of bed bugs and regularly check for their existence in the home.
  2. Be careful when you buy second-hand furniture
  3. If you go on a vacation, ensure that you immediately clean your clothes when you come back.
  4. Don’t let there be too much clutter around the home!
  5. Consider replacing your mattress every three to four years.
  6. Never forego protective covers when it comes to the mattresses.

Can You Smell Bed Bugs?

According to Nature Magazine, it is inevitable that bed bugs can smell humans! However, you might wonder whether you can sense them too.

The short answer to the question is ‘yes’. Although it isn’t as straightforward to describe the smell. Moreover, since there are more than 70 known species of these parasites, who knows what they smell like?

If you’re interested in reading more about whether bed bug smell, l recommend you read our full post:

Bed bug smell

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Does it smell weird and you don’t know what it might be? It could be bed bugs! Learn what these tiny creatures smell like and how to get rid of them.


Bed bugs are a nuisance that can put any home to disarray. As soon as you see any signs of these nasty parasites at your place, become proactive. Get products to liberate yourself from them and put in all your efforts to achieve this task!

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