How to Dry Carpet With Baking Soda? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Do you have a wet carpet as a result of deep cleaning or a leak? I agree that dealing with it is no joke. Wet carpets can take A LOT of time to dry. There are various methods of drying a carpet faster, but sometimes, you have to do things yourself. So, taking the easy route is more convenient.

Baking soda can safely be called an all-purpose powder. It is not only a good disinfectant and deodorizer but also does wonders in terms of drying a wet or damp carpet. Its ability to absorb fluids allows it to provide you a dry carpet in just a matter of some time. Don’t worry about baking soda taking too long to do its job. It will do it before any mold or mildew formation can start.

How to Dry Carpet With Baking Soda

How to Dry Carpet with Baking Soda?

There are 5 steps to dry a carpet with baking soda: First, remove excess water blotting. Second, Dry with towels . Third, sprinkle baking soda generously. Forth, Vacuum with a powerful vacuum cleaner. And finally, run a fan to help it dry even faster.

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How to dry carpet with baking soda?

This is a simple DIY method. You don’t have to depend on an industry manufactured cleaner, nor do you have to spend a penny on hiring a professional. You will require just a few supplies like a shop vac, towels, baking soda, vacuum, and fans.

Let’s take a look at what steps you should follow to dry your carpet with baking soda.

How to dry carpet with baking soda

Step 1: Remove excess water

Use a wet vacuum, like a shop vac to suck up the excess water. It has strong suction, so you can rely on it for drawing most of the water. It will help you in the drying process.

Step 2: Dry with towels

You should use dry towels to soak up the remaining water after running the shop vac on the wet carpet..


Walking or jumping on the towels will help squeeze out maximum water.

Replace the wet towels with dry ones. Continue doing that until you feel that the towels are coming out damp and not soaking wet.

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Step 3: Sprinkle baking soda

Now, it’s time to sprinkle the baking soda. Do it very generously. You might even need more than one box, so stock up beforehand.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

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Sit back and relax. Give the powder at least 24 hours to work its magic. It not only has to absorb the moisture, but it will also eliminate odors.

Step 4: Vacuum

After 24 hours, take your best friend out, a.k.a vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most helpful tools for keeping your house clean and pest-free. Hoover around on the carpet.

If the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough it will clean the baking soda and restore the fibers of the carpet.

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Vacuum soda

Step 5: Run a fan

This is the last step. Yahoo! All you need to do is run a fan to dry the remaining moisture. Ceiling fans can be helpful, but you can also use pedestal fans. Good thing that you don’t necessarily need a top-notch heater or a fan.

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Other uses of baking soda

Baking soda can do so much more than just absorb fluids. It kills bacteria and hence, disinfects carpets and even mattresses. You can use it to clean pans, bathtubs, and kitchen counters.

Baking soda coupled with apple cider vinegar open clogged drains. Try adding some baking soda to your laundry. It will whiten and brighten it. Wait, that kind of rhymes. Lol.

Other uses of baking soda

Anyway, baking soda is a product safe to use. You can even use it to clean your children’s toys.


That’s a wrap! Go ahead and dry your carpet with baking soda. It’s not a long process, and neither is it a tough one. You just need a few resources, and you are good to go.

Try not to delay drying your carpet. You don’t want mold and mildew formation in the carpet padding. Not only is it gross but also hazardous for your health.

You should get your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year. That extends the life of the carpet as well as keeps it fresh. Our directory contains information about professional carpet cleaners in hundreds of cities. Check it out to find the best one in your area.

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