How Much is Carpet Stretching Cost?

Are you thinking about stretching your wrinkled carpet? Are you wondering how much it will cost you to get it stretched? You have come to the right place. Stretching your carpet is often recommended because it helps prevent tripping hazards in homes and makes a wrinkled carpet look new again.

Carpet stretching as a solution for a wrinkled carpet is cheaper compared to a full replacement and will cost just about $100 – $300 depending on your carpet dimension and other factors that will be discussed in this post.

Installing Carpeting

The quickest means to give your home an updated look is installing a new carpet or replacing the existing carpet. However, replacing the carpet might be very expensive especially when it is a wall to wall carpet that spans the entire house.

This expense can be eliminated by simply stretching your carpet with the right tools.

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Why Stretch Your Carpet?

After a period of use, carpets will loosen from their tacks, wrinkle, or get stained by children. Even adults are not left out in the spillage food or wine. This bad-looking and worn areas might need to be patched or replaced to make it look good again.

Other factors that could lead to degradation of wall to wall carpets are age, humidity, heavy foot traffic, and pets regardless of how high quality the carpet material is.

Aside from the unattractive look, a wrinkled carpet posses a tripping hazard which could lead to an ugly fall. Also, since ripples catch easily, there is a high probability that your rippled carpet will eventually tear.

crumpled old carpet

A better quality will last longer, provide you with the desired comfort, and save you the extra cost of frequent maintenance or complete replacement.

What is Carpet Stretching?

After exposure of a carpet to heavy foot traffic over the years, it may begin to develop wrinkles and lumps. This may also happen as a result of poor carpet installation.

The carpet becomes loose after unhooking from the tack strips which originally held them in place and becomes a horrible sight to behold, a shadow of its initial aesthetic appearance.

A loose carpet is one of the many causes of tripping in homes and a lumpy carpet also creates an uneven floor making it difficult to place the furniture.

Carpet stretching is a recommended solution for a wrinkled carpet with lumps and it is a procedure whereby professional carpet installers stretch and tack the carpet into place using a specialized instrument with jagged teeth.

Carpet stretching

It can make your wrinkled carpet look new again by removing as many lumps as possible. To learn more about carpet stretching and the steps to follow to do it on your own, there is a post that can help you. Click (here)here.

Can I Reduce the Cost by Doing it Myself?

Even though you can embark on carpet stretching as a fun DIY project, it may not be a good idea for so many reasons.

The power stretcher, knee-kicker, and other required tools may not be readily available to you, and getting them from a hardware store will cost you extra cash.

You also do not have any experience of the expertise in getting the job done properly which means that there is a possibility that you will end up damaging your valuable carpet thereby causing more harm than good.

If you are doing it for the first time, there will be a lot of trial-and-error which signifies that more time will be spent during the process.

At the end of the exercise, you may experience backache and a sore knee.

Most times, people who attempt to do the carpet stretching themselves end up eventually calling the professionals to remedy the mess they have made. So, doing it on your own may not help you reduce the cost.

Determining the Cost of Carpet Stretching

The cost of carpet stretching varies as it is dependent on several factors. Some of them include the size of your carpet, age of your carpet, number of rooms with carpets to be stretched, your location, carpet material, proximity, and time spent.

Some carpet installers charge around $40 – $50 per room and will collect around $120-$350 to stretch the carpeting of all the rooms in your home. And carpet repairs which cost around $227 – $330 in urban areas will cost around $94 -$106 in rural areas.

You can compare at least 3 estimates from professional installers in your area t help you in making a decision. Check their references and weigh your options well. More importantly, go for the ones that are willing to offer a guarantee.



Opting for the cheapest quote may cost you after all; rather choose an individual or company with a good track record and expertise for a more satisfactory result.

Finding Reliable Carpet Stretching Services

You may need to find some reputable carpet companies to get the accurate cost of carpet stretching since they will be the people to get the job done.

When you do an online search, you can find reputable carpet installers close to you and a review of the companies will also help you know which ones are reliable and have a good track record.

Referrals from friends and family is also a great way to find affordable and reliable carpet stretching experts

Stretching a very old and outdated carpet may not give you your desired result, regardless of the expertise of the carpet installer

Finding Reliable Carpet Stretching Services


It is advisable to spend as much as you can afford in getting a quality product when it comes to carpeting your home. This is because a cheap carpet may seem like a quick fix at the moment but you will soon have to replace it after a short period.

Also, carpet installation when done by an amateur will result in obvious mistakes like uneven seams and fraying.

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