How Do You Clean Oriental Rugs At Home? (A Comprehensive Guide!)

Oriental rugs beautify a room far better than any other piece of décor. With their intricate designs and thoughtful motifs, they can effortlessly become the focal point of an enclosure. However, failure in keeping them clean will significantly reduce their life and make them look dull. Unless you wish to have a filthy floor covering, you better learn how to clean oriental rugs at home.

Instead of getting your oriental rug dirty, devise a proactive plan to prevent spots, stains, and odors from manifesting. The fibers are sensitive to sunlight and must, therefore, be away from the windows. Consistent vacuuming and regular dusting are crucial in keeping things clean! However, washing the carpet strands with your own hands is likely to be the most effective. If you are still unable to keep your rug in a pristine condition, just hire an expert cleaner!

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Let’s have a look at what you must do to keep your oriental rug in tip-top condition.

4 Tips to keep your carpet clean

Cleaning a rug is more complicated than preventing it from getting dirty.

Homeowners give their residence a timeless appeal when they decorate them with stunning oriental rugs. Since you have paid a meaningful amount of resources to acquire one, maintaining its condition is a must. Just be quick and commit to a proactive approach that will reduce the chances of getting the rug dirty.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your rug from getting filthy!

Tip 1: Set House Rules

You should establish rules that discourage people from stepping over the oriental rug with their shoes on.

Set House Rules

Be realistic when you’re bringing an expensive rug home. It is crucial to have house rules in place, especially if you have children. Make it a part of your home’s culture to stay away from the rugs unless you’re barefooted. Once these rules become the norm, the floor covering’s lifespan will surely extend. Moreover, you will also find your home to be a cleaner and healthier space.

Tip 2: Keep Away From Sunlight

Keep the oriental rug as far from sunlight as you can; otherwise, get ready to see it fade.

When exposed to sunlight, carpet fibers begin to dry out and become excessively brittle. This brittleness makes it incredibly easy for rugs to wither unless you take precautions. So do your best and try to keep the floor covering in a cool, dark area with no sunlight. Otherwise, you could also limit its exposure to sunlight by drawing the blinds whenever the room is unoccupied.



Since oriental carpets do not respond kindly to sunlight, you may want to take some action. Blocking the UV light will protect your expensive orientalrug.

Oriental rugs are prone to sun damage. The best way to stop yours from fading is by using a particular window film that blocks UV light from entering indoors. Once you install this film on the windowpane, just relax because your rug will become immune! Don’t be careless as the floor covering can rapidly fade in unfavorable circumstances.

Tip 3: Rotate the Rug Frequently

Uneven footfall will damage your rug, therefore rotate it occasionally to balance out the wear and tear.

Frequent rotations help maintain the look and life of the oriental rug. Think of it yourself, some patches of the floor covering withstand more footsteps. Other spots are receiving a more significant share of sunlight. Both of these factors significantly impact the appearance of the fibers and their lifespan. So the least you can do is balance out the forces.

If placed in a high-traffic area, it is essential to move your oriental rug around every 4 or 5 months. However, if placed in a low-traffic area, you might as well rotate it annually. While this may seem like a hassle, it is bound to preserve your decor! So why not move the rug around now and then?

Tip 4: Rearrange Your Furniture

Don’t let furniture compression distort the fibers of your floor covering.

If you can’t rotate the rug, you may want to rearrange the furniture occasionally. Don’t just let a mediocre heavy table compress and damage the fibers. Oriental rugs never fare well when exposed to excessive pressure. A timely rearrangement will not only spice up the look of your room, but it will also give your rug a much-needed break.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Experts recommend that you move things around the room once every six months. This way, your room will feel fresh, and the carpet fibers will remain sturdy! The idea is to encourage people to travel through a different path, thereby reducing traffic in the older one. This new path ensures that there is a balanced level of wear and tear affecting your rug.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs at Home

Spills and stains are an inevitable reality for rugs everywhere in the world. Being oblivious to the options at hand when such a situation unfolds is foolish! You need to learn how to keep your décor in a mint condition!

Here are things you can do to clean your oriental rugs.

Step 1: Gentle Sweeping

Sweeping a rug with a light hand ensures the removal of most debris.

Before you grab your vacuum, take a broom with soft straw bristles and brush the rug lightly. Choose one direction and push the particles in its way. If you think your oriental rug needs a second dose of sweeping, feel free to repeat this process.

Whatever you do, don’t be too harsh with the rug. Excessive pressure is likely to leave it ruined for good. So be smart about this initial cleaning, and don’t do something you will regret later on.

Step 2: Consistent Vacuuming

Vacuum oriental rugs at regular intervals from both the front and the back.

You already know that vacuuming is vital to keep your home free from dirt, dust, and everything nasty. However, you probably don’t do it on both sides, honestly. You will benefit from being a little more thorough in this regard. You should vacuum both sides of your oriental rug weekly. This way, dirt will not be able to accumulate on the fibers and will be easier to remove.

A beautiful vibrant carpet.



Going against the fibers increases the risk of damage. So be kind to your oriental carpet and vacuum in the right direction.

All you have to do is place your rug in an empty area and hover the vacuum all over it. Hopefully, this will remove any abrasives, pet hair, dander, and dust mites that have clutched onto the fibers. Don’t hesitate to repeat this process three times on both sides.

When vacuuming, don’t be excessively eager to clean the rug. Keep the machine away from the fringes as they often get stuck within the sweeper.



A rug that is too delicate risks getting damaged with a revolving took on the vacuum. It is best to use the carpet tool to minimize possible damage.

Vacuuming is a rewarding process that will benefit you immensely.

Step 3: Shaking the Dust

Shaking off the dust from your oriental rug is more effective than you think!

Shaking the Dust

If you feel like your rug is too filthy for a vacuum or broom to help, don’t lose hope. Grab it and take it out for a light beating. This traditional method is useful in how it forces out dirt particles attached to the rug fibers. You may need an extra pair of hands to do this task as it is cumbersome to pick up the floor covering alone.

If all else fails, try to hang the rug on a washing line and gently beat the dirt away.

Step 4: Cleaning Spots

The quicker you deal with spots, the easier it will be to get rid of them.

As soon as a spill occurs, grab a clean dry cloth or a paper tissue and blot up the liquid. Don’t wait for it to dry, or you will be stuck with a stain for good! Blotting the liquid is necessary before moving on to the next step. After the initial blotting, get a towel and blot the carpet again with cold water. Refrain from hard circular motions, which may rub in the stain even further.

If you think the stain requires a little more something to be cleaned, grab some vinegar. You can also consider this method if you’re dealing with something like grease or a coffee. Make a solution with equal parts of water and vinegar. Once mixed, this solution should be used to blot the stain. The best thing about using vinegar is that it will also put an end to any weird smell.

Step 5: Eliminating Odors

It is embarrassing to have a funky smelling oriental rug in your home!

If you’ve recently vacuumed the rug but can sniff a nasty scent coming from it, grab talcum powder. Sprinkle it over the floor covering generously and leave it overnight. This method works because talcum powder tends to absorb foreign odors. The next morning you may proceed with the removal of the residue. The vacuum will effortlessly pick it up and leave your oriental rug with a fresher scent.

Deep Cleaning

Oriental rugs may benefit from an annual dose of a deep cleaning!

While you dedicate a generous amount of time to vacuum your oriental rug, it still needs deep cleaning annually. No method is as effective in eradicating stains and odors than this one. It almost feels like you have a new rug after the process.

Oriental rugs

Follow these steps to deep clean your rug:

  1. Firstly you should vacuum both sides of the rug carefully. If you wish, you may also use an electric sweeper instead of a vacuum for this step.
  2. Dampen the fibers using cold water until it is fully saturated.
  3. Prepare a bucket with cold water and liquid soap.
  4. Before cleaning the entire carpet with the solution, test it out on a small innocuous part. The colors should not bleed or change.
  5. Once confirmed that the solution is safe to use, soak the entire oriental rug with it.
  6. Create suds by lathering the rug in the direction of the fibers.
  7. Finally, you may rinse the rug with clean water and leave it to dry thoroughly.

Last Resort: Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’re anxious about damaging the oriental rug, or if the fibers are too delicate, call a professional.

It might not be practically possible for everyone to manage their rugs at home. If you tried deep cleaning your carpet but found that the mild liquid soap was problematic, just hire professional help. They might have a cleaning solution up their sleeve, which works wonderfully for you! The best thing about this option is that it will give you peace of mind. No need to worry about your oriental rug as the experts will take care of everything.


Oriental rugs are famous for their intricate designs and exotic motifs. They have a royal feel to them and are often pretty expensive. Maintaining them is crucial to their life. So homeowners should show dedication in cleaning them.

When managing the cleanliness of a rug at home, be proactive. Follow the mantra: sweep the fibers gently, vacuum the carpet regularly, and deal with spills immediately! Once every year, the rug should be deep cleaned.

Consider professional carpet cleaners as a last resort. It only makes sense to hire them if you are too anxious about harming the rug or don’t have time.

Buying a rug online is only the start. Once it is in your possession, you must be generous in cleaning it. After all, it should be kept in pristine condition.

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