Is Hardwood Over Carpet a Good Idea? (Yes and this is Why!)

Hardwood Over Carpet: What About It?

Have you been looking for floor tiling for your carpet? Perhaps you have been considering getting hardwood tiling over your carpet. In my experience, hardwood is the best choice!

Hardwood is ideal for flooring over carpets. The thickness and texture is equivalent to that of softer wood. At a reasonable price, hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and provides an earthy tone and ambiance when installed.

Hardwood Over Carpet

Before we begin, I want to tell you about the basic choices in hardwood.

Types of Hardwood

Depending on how they’re manufactured, there are two types of hardwood:

Solid Hardwood: This one is very thick. You can refinish it by sanding it many times. It is not preferable for places with high humidity, such as basements.

Engineered Hardwood: This is the type in which several thin pieces of veneer are stuck together onto harder, thicker plywood. This one is high humidity tolerant and works well in lower rooms and basements.

Moreover, you can also choose between finished and unfinished hardwood:

Unfinished Hardwood: This is the type that is perfect for kitchens. Installation of such hardwood is done on the spot. Therefore, the coating can be customized according to the requirements of the room.

Finished Hardwood: This is the type that you would prefer for instant installation. I would recommend using finished hardwood over the carpet because it won’t cause a mess during installation.

Now let’s get to why having hardwood over carpet is a good idea!

1. Hardwood is Easy to Maintain

You wouldn’t have to fret about maintaining hardwood!

Hardwood is Easy to Maintain

Hardwood provides easy maintenance due to its robust structure. Dust, dirt, and stains can be cleaned easily with regular sweeping and mild mopping.

Suppose you spill water or another liquid on your carpet. So what happens next? Water doesn’t damage the carpet itself per se, but it can soak deep down into the layers. This can cause dampness deep within the fabric, resulting in mold. Not only would this ruin the carpet, but it would also damage the floor beneath it. The worst part is, there’s hardly any chance to detect the mold forming deep down!

For cleaning hardwood, you will either simply need a mop and sweep. But if you’re like me and love cleaning care kits, you can’t go wrong with [amazon link=”B074KR8GW6″ title=”this Bona Hardwood Floor Ultimate Care Kit”/]!

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Hardwood is slightly water-resistant but not entirely. For cleaning purposes, it is recommended to sweep regularly. If there are any stains that should be removed with water, use a damp mop or cloth instead of spilling water around.

2. Carpets Are Not as Durable as Hardwood

As its name suggests, hardwood is hard and you can expect it to live long!

Carpets Are Not as Durable as Hardwood

Due to its hardness, hardwood can have a very long life. Carpets can get distorted easily by mold or dampness that develops deep beneath. This may even cause dangerous issues like uneven flooring and deep sinking of the topmost layer of the floor.

A carpet can only last about ten years. Provided that you get it cleaned professionally as well. When it comes to proper carpet care from your end, you would need to vacuum it regularly and clean any stains as soon as possible.

On the other hand, there’s no red alert to clean hardwood. All you need is some regular mopping to make sure it lasts several years. With proper maintenance, hardwood can last not just for one decade, but for several decades!

Is your hardwood looking worn out? Don’t worry, you can easily restore it to its original condition! All you need is some heavyweight sandpaper and you can begin sanding away uneven or untidy edges.

If you’re wondering where to get fine sandpaper, look no further than [amazon link=”B07D1P4BG6″ title=”these sandpapers of different grit”/]!

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A heavier sandpaper is recommended if your hardwood has become too uneven. If it’s not possible to sand your hardwood with paper, opt for a reliable sanding machine. In either case, I would recommend you hire a professional to refinish your gorgeous hardwood flooring!

3. Hardwood Gives Beautiful Texture and Ambiance

Hardwood gives you plenty of choice in color and texture!

Hardwood Gives Beautiful Texture and Ambiance

Hardwood is distinguished by various warm and cool colored wood. The type of hardwood available usually depends on geographical factors.

Hardwood can come in a variety of colors. The quality, texture, and color of this durable wood may also depend on where you live. Some hardwood choices may be more common than others. Some can be cooler, while others can be warmer. Some hardwood types may have a bluish tint to them, whereas some will appear rosy.

  • Brazilian cherry
  • Rosewood
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Pine
  • Hickory

Oak, cherry, and maple are very popular choices among hardwood fans. If you’re a fan of wooden textures, hardwood is your best bet. Why not get original wood flooring over your carpet rather than opting for a new wood-toned carpeting solution?



Choose warmer tones of hardwood for a cozy and more yellowish atmosphere. For a toned-down and more calm appearance, pick hardwood tiles of a cooler tone.

4. Suffering from allergies? Hardwood Will Shield You!

The rock hard layers of hardwood will keep you safe from allergies caused by carpets!

Hardwood Will Shield You

Hardwood acts as a shield over carpets. Carpets are prone to dust, dirt, and stains. Bacteria and germs gathered on carpets may cause allergies or other short-term and long-term diseases.

Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, dust and dirt may get unnoticed. They can layer up and form all sorts of energies. With a hardwood layer on top, you need not worry about sneezing endlessly!

If you have pets, you should get hardwood over the carpet. The fur of dogs and cats can stick on to carpets. This can lead to developing more allergies. Moreover, your pet won’t find the hardwood too hard! If it does, you can always put over a mini rug for them to lie on.



Although hardwood floors can’t hold pet hair the way carpets do, never get lazy at regular cleaning. By using the care kit suggested in the beginning, you can easily catch pet hair using the large head of the mop.

5. Hardwood is Water-Resistant

A carpet can only handle a bit of water until it distorts.

Hardwood is Water-Resistant

Hardwood has water-resistant abilities. Despite its waterproof feature, experts do not recommend installing it at places where water flow is prevalent.

Hardwood over carpet for bathrooms, hands down. Usually, carpets are not installed in places where there is a lot of water. That being said, if your bathroom does have carpet pre-installed, save it by choosing to install hardwood over it!

Although hardwood is more resistant than carpets, it’s wood after all. Don’t get it installed beneath drains or at other places where there is drainage or seepage. If you choose to do so, your hardwood will require a lot of maintenance and wouldn’t last for decades either.



Use engineered hardwood instead of solid, as it provides excellent protection against humidity and water!

6. Hardwood Can be Used for Any Room

Hardwood gives you more flexibility over a carpet!

Hardwood Can be Used for Any Room

Hardwood is a versatile choice for any room. It provides both a sturdy surface and a great design.

Carpets are best for bedrooms and other spaces where softness is not harmful. You can be more flexible with hardwood not just because of its colors, but also the varieties in manufacturing and finishing.



Don’t sweat choosing the color of your hardwood. Keep it simple and think about the color temperature. Select a warmer tone if you want your room to feel cozy and vibrant. Go for a cool tone if you want your room to look slightly dull and reflect a calm and soothing feeling instead.

7. Hardwood is More Valuable than Carpet

Hardwood has a charming position in the market!

Hardwood is More Valuable than Carpet

Hardwood flooring is obtained from natural and sustainable sources. It is one of the most valuable options in the market and a common choice to put over carpets due to a higher resale value.

Natural wood has always held its place as a luxurious material. Now that we know about all the features of hardwood, there is no doubt that it’s more valuable than carpets. Hardwood is so durable that it can last from one generation to another if taken care of properly. If you have hardwood installed over your carpet, your home will resell at a much greater price.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home at some point, the hardwood itself can be sold for quite a lot of bucks. Remember though that the exact value would also depend on other factors. These may include polishing, sanding, and the type of hardwood- whether it’s rare or readily available!



Hardwood can increase the resale value of your home by up to 5%. On average, hardwood flooring costs around $4000. So while the investment is a huge amount, the expected ROI can go up to 80% and it is bound to increase with time, from the moment you get it installed!

8. Hardwood Can Go With Other Wood Elements

Can you save time with hardwood? Yes, because it can go with anything!

Hardwood Can Go With Other Wood Elements

Hardwood comes in a variety of colors and textures. It is a durable choice for flooring and creates excellent aesthetics in rooms with wooden cabinets and other elements.

The best part about hardwood is that it can blend into the design of any room. Whether you want a traditional, modern, or even a minimalist look, you cannot go wrong with hardwood. It will match the hazy blue of your walls or those green plants you have decided to place in your indoor garden.

Although carpets can do the same too, you may struggle to find the exact tone or design. Carpets can also tone down the atmosphere, whereas wood balances the atmosphere due to natural brown tones and a richer texture. Moreover, carpets are a big no in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, where dampness can be a daily story.



If your room already has wooden elements, hardwood of any color will go great. But keep in mind that thicker hardwood is better for places where moisture is high. So if you have carpets in your kitchen and bathroom, the thicker the hardwood, the better!

9. Hardwood is an eco-friendly choice

An eco-friendly choice is worth the investment for our whole planet!

Hardwood is an eco-friendly choice

Hardwood flooring has excellent recyclable features.

According to the NWFA, you cannot go wrong with the eco-friendly benefits of wood flooring!

Carpets make up a significant portion of landfill waste. If you ever have your hardwood flooring replaced, it can easily be recycled into brand new hardwood. Moreover, it may also be used to create new wooden products altogether.

Enclose Your Carpet With Hardwood Flooring

So based on my experience, I would recommend you to cover your carpet with hardwood flooring. It is more durable, easier to clean, looks great in any room with all sorts of elements. It can also save you from unwanted allergies and long-term diseases!

Are you eager to learn about more flooring options for your carpet? Check out some other flooring alternatives in addition to hardwood!

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