The Best 5 Flooring Alternatives to Put Over Carpet

Why Opt for Flooring Over Carpet?

When should you be flooring over your carpet? It’s quite clear- your carpet doesn’t look as good as you want it to. This could be because of an untidy carpet or just bad proportions all over the place.

Floor tiling provides carpet owners with many options. The five best floorings over carpet options include vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, foam floor tiles, laminated tiles, and hardwood.

The Best 5 Flooring Alternatives to Put Over Carpet

There are many tile flooring options to put over the carpet. You can decide between the variety by having a clear stance on style, size, and comfort. You would also need to understand that each flooring alternative is not ideal for every room.

1. Vinyl Flooring

Do you love planks? If yes, then vinyl is your best bet!

Vinyl Flooring

It may seem like a dream, but the Vinyl stick-on floor tiles are as simple as that. And just because they’re so easy to install, doesn’t make them any less durable than other floor tile options in the market.

Vinyl flooring is distinguished by its shiny appearance and wood-grain texture.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Which type of vinyl flooring is ideal to put over a carpet?

Vinyl Sheets Vinyl flooring in the form of sheets is the best solution. For carpets, sheet vinyl is perfect as it’s easier to install, in the form of ‘sheets’ or ‘planks’. Vinyl sheets also act as a waterproof shield over the carpet. These are the ones that come with an easy stick-on feature.

Vinyl Tiles Tile vinyl resembles the texture of the tile. Although the material is vinyl, the tile form is inappropriate to put over carpets. Vinyl tiles need a smooth surface over which they can be installed, which carpets seldom provide. However, if you have a carpet installed in a place where there’s high moisture, vinyl tiles can be installed over it. Tile vinyl flooring provides excellent shielding against water in high-humidity and moisture areas. These tiles range anywhere from a 9 to 12-inch square.

An Overview of Vinyl Flooring

Look and Feel: Looks shiny and resembles wood in texture. Durability: Highly durable, may even last as long as 20 years! Heat resistance: Average, extreme heat and temperatures should be avoided. Stain resistance: Excellent against stains. Water resistance: Completely water resistant. Fade Resistance: Low fade resistance, due to the use of synthetic plastic. Eco-friendliness: Friendly, as replacement isn’t needed often Pet-friendliness: Very pet-friendly, resists scratches and is comfortable for pets. Resale Value: Doesn’t increase home value, as it is a wood imitation and not natural. Maintenance: Easy cleaning, using detergent and slightly damp mop or cloth Cost:Very cost-effective, good for low budgets.


  • Vinyl flooring maintains color even when the upper layers begin to tear.
  • There are many colors and textures to choose from, each of them resembles natural wood.
  • Ideal for crowdy places due to many layers and high durability.
  • Its high water resistance makes it ideal for installing in bathrooms too.


  • You may find the color of your vinyl floor fading over time due to too much sunlight.
  • Extremely heavy objects can destroy vinyl flooring.



If you are choosing vinyl flooring to put over the carpet, I’d recommend not to do so in outdoor areas. Also, avoid installing vinyl flooring where you’re expecting putting heavy stuff may be a part of the daily routine.

2. Carpet Tiles

The texture of carpet on floor tiles? Yes, it’s pretty possible!

Carpet Tiles

Have you been thinking of getting a wall-to-wall carpet? They look gorgeous but does commit to the maintenance of these carpets seem a bit intimidating for you?

If yes, then carpet tiles are your best choice.

Qualities of Carpet Tiles

Look and Feel: Soft, fabric texture like that of a carpet, but less dense. Durability: More durable than wall-to-wall carpets, may last for as long as eight years. Heat resistance: Very good, as they provide insulation in both cold and hot environments. Stain resistance:Good, better than traditional carpets. Water resistance: Very good, as both the fiber and Fade resistance: Good fade resistance against sunlight. Eco-friendliness:Depends on whether the tiles were chemically treated or not. Pet-friendliness:Very pet-friendly. Resale value:Very low. Maintenance: Vacuuming, just like a carpet Resale Value: Average Cost:Cheaper than traditional wall-to-wall carpets.


  • More flexible options than a regular carpet. If anything goes wrong with a tile, only that piece needs to be replaced.
  • Carpet tiles have a less dense texture than a typical carpet, being more resistant.
  • Their installation is less time-consuming and more DIY-friendly than that of carpets.
  • Carpet tiles come in many shapes, from square to hexagon and more!
  • Stains can be removed easily using a soaked cloth.


  • Although they are tiles, the texture of the main surface is that of a carpet, making it unsuitable for spaces with high moisture.
  • The tiles may warp over time if they are exposed to too much water or heavy weights.
  • Carpet tiles may not give as smooth a look as carpet does.



Carpet tiles are best for personal and cozy spaces like bedrooms and the lounge. At the end of the day, carpet tiles are essentially carpets, in a more sturdy form and less dense texture. I would recommend them if you want the ambiance of a carpet in a cost-effective solution.

3. Foam Floor Tiles

These super soft tiles can be a great choice for any room!

Foam Floor Tiles

As their name suggests, foam floor tiles are the softest of all. Not just that, but they’re also very cheap. Their installation does not include any other layers underneath. Although they are plushy, they are durable and good to go as they come.

You can combine these tiles to arrange them into designs. This versatility is what makes them an excellent choice for children’s rooms. Along with vibrant colors, there are plenty of options for rich texture too. You can even expect to find floor foam tiles of wooden texture as well!

Qualities of Foam Floor Tiles

Look and Feel: Very soft and vibrant, they can be arranged to create various patterns. Durability: Average, may last for 5 years or less. Heat resistance: Stays warm due to friction and moderate heat absorption. Stain resistance: Very poor, but easily replacable. Water resistance: Above average water resistance. Fade resistance: Low, may fade over time, especially if exposed to a lot of light. Eco-friendliness: It depends, whether recycled rubber is used or not. Pet-friendliness:Very good for pets, comfortable and slip-resistant. Resale Value Valuable for athletics and sports, invaluable for real-estate resale. Maintenance: It would require sweeping only. Cost: The most affordable option along with carpet tiles.


  • Foam floor tiles are very soft, providing excellent coverage against accidents.
  • May add vibrancy to space as tiles of many colors can be fitted together.
  • Yoga and other exercises can be done easily on foam floor tiles.
  • Due to their light weight, you can move foam floor tiles easily. If you want to shift them from one room to another, go ahead!


  • Foam is very soft, so it won’t be ideal for high-traffic spaces.
  • Heavyweight items placed on foam floor tiles may cause tends that can’t be around.
  • Foam flooring hardly offers durability, the foam will wear off from idnentation and extensive usage.



Foam flooring is perfect if you want a temporary floor alternative to put over the carpet. It does not have high value, but it’s cheap and easy to configure. Consider installing foam floor tiles in children’s rooms. They are also an excellent choice for gyms or other rooms where safety can be a crucial concern!

4. Laminate Tile Flooring

You cannot go wrong with a budget-friendly laminate tile floor over your carpet!

Laminate Tile Flooring

Laminate flooring is made entirely of artificial materials that attempt to look like wood. Although these tiles can resemble the texture of hardwood, they don’t look as natural. The grains are not as spontaneous as is the case with hardwood.

Qualities of Laminated Tiles

Look and Feel: Shiny and wooden texture, despite being synthetic. Durability: Sturdy against regular, heavy usage, may last up to a decade. Stain resistance: Excellent due to aluminium oxide on the top layer. Heat resistance:Excellent heat resistance, as there is no wood on the top layer. Water resistance: Very poor, as it has recycled hardwood in the core. Fade resistance: Very good, less likely to fade color from sunlight. Eco-friendliness: Very good, it has less chemicals constituents. Pet-friendliness: Yes, resists well against sudden spills and pet dirt. Resale Value Above average resale value in the market. Maintenance: Using vacuum is enough, with infrequent, slightly damp mopping. Cost: Affordable, similar to that of carpeting.


  • Laminated tiles are perfect for installing over carpets, where a lot of dirt or heavy traffic is expected (such as dirty shoes or laundry, etc.).
  • There are few chances of developing mold within the deeper layers of laminate floor tiles.
  • Laminate provides excellent protection against scratches, dust, dirt, and all sort of stains.
  • With laminate flooring, there are hardly any chances of allergies, due to absence of allergens and toxic substances.


  • Laminate may not be as budget-friendly as other tile flooring options.
  • In case of any damage, laminate tiles can be quite costly as individual tile repairing or replacement is impossible.
  • Laminate tiles don’t look as luxurious as vinyl for hardwood flooring.



Carpets are always a big no for moist areas! Since laminated tiles are extremely water-resistant, it makes them the perfect choice for bathrooms and high moisture areas. Although they can be a bit slippery, they are easy to maintain and clean.

5. Hardwood Floor Tiles

With so many shades and textures, hardwood is the king of floor tiles!

Hardwood Floor Tiles

Wooden texture can never go out of fashion. Hardwood has a classic ambiance, its grains the most spontaneous and fine for flooring. Be it rosewood, mahogany, birch, the different wood textures and richness of natural tones can bring life to almost any room.

Check out this NFWA resource to learn more!

Qualities of Hardwood Flooring

Look and Feel: Spontaneous and rich textures of wood. Durability: Very high, can last for many decades, even a century if properly maintained. Stain resistance: Highly resistant against stains. Heat resistance: Good resistance against heat. Water resistance: Good (in the form of finished hardwood only), otherwise hardwood may warp due to excessive water. Fade resistance:Excellent resistance against fading. Eco-friendliness: Yes, as they are simple to clean. Pet-friendliness: Somewhat, may not resist against spills. Resale Value: Very high resale value. Maintenance: Requires simple sweeping. Cost:The most expensive option for flooring over carpet.


  • Hardwood flooring provides high stain resistance, accounting for low maintenance.
  • Refinishing a dull hardwood floor is simple, all you have to do is sand it.
  • It has a classic reputation and an outstanding resale value in the market.
  • Finishing can be used over softer hardwood types to make them stain resistant too.


  • Only well-finished hardwood flooring can be water-resistant against spills.
  • May get too expensive for you if you are on a budget and have a lot of spaces to cover.



Due to its classic look and appeal, hardwood flooring can stand up to the style expectations of any room. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it also provides excellent resale value!

In a Nutshell: All 5 Flooring Alternatives

If you’re still confused about which flooring alternative is best for you, here’s a side-by-side glimpse of all the 5 flooring alternatives for you to put over your carpet! To help you compare, I have given them a rating between 1 to 5 for each characteristic, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest! Note that for costs as well, I have used the same scale, with 1 being close to cost-effective and 5 being the most expensive!

 Vinyl flooringCarpet tilesFoam floor tilesLaminate floor tilesHardwood floor tiles
Look and Feel5/54/54/54/55/5
Heat resistance4/54/53/55/55/5
Stain resistance5/54/54/55/55/5
Water resistance5/52.5/53/53/53/5
Fade resistance2/54/53/55/55/5
Resale Value2/54/53/54/55/5

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