How to Clean (and prevent) a dusty carpet in 5 Easy Steps

Carpets are very common in many households. People use them for protecting their floor and enhancing the look of their room. Often the material of carpet is such that it attracts and absorbs dust.

There is no place where you cannot find dust. With carpet in your room, it is likely that all dust accumulates under your carpet. This does not only make your carpet dirty, but the dust can also cause allergies.

You might have thought of replacing a dusty carpet. But you do not have to do this anymore. Though hard work, it is very easy to clean a dusty carpet like new.

Although it is hard work but dusty carpet can be cleaned using 5 easy steps: preparation, vacuuming, broom beating, washing, and drying.

How to Clean (and prevent) a dusty carpet in 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Carpet

Last fall, I noticed that the carpet in my room is a bit dusty. I was surprised since I vacuum clean it regularly. When I took the carpet off, there was a pile of dust underneath it. It made me very upset. First, I thought of getting a new one. Then I held that thought and decided to clean my dusty carpet.

I followed 5 steps that I want to share with you. Using them, you can clean your carpet at home without spending extra bucks on a new carpet or for getting professional help for cleaning. The 5 steps that I followed are simple, but they demand a lot of hard work. If you are up for the challenge and like getting your hands dirty, here are the steps:

1. Preparation

Water-based polyurethane is expensive and requires more time to dry. However, it is less toxic, easy to clean and will keep the original tone of your wooden flooring.

In order to deep clean your carpet, it is important to first prepare. In the preparation phase, you have to take everything out of your room to make it empty. Once the room is empty, gently uproot the carpet and fold it nicely. If you have a rooftop, take the carpet there. Clean the space and lay the carpet down as if the roof is your floor.

If you do not have rooftop or ample space, do not worry. Just fold the dusty carpet and take it out. Now clean the floor thoroughly. Use a mop and appropriate cleaner as per the type of your flooring. Once you are done cleaning your floor, carefully place the carpet back. Make sure the floor is dry when you put carpet back.

2. Vacuum Cleaning

Now start vacuuming your carpet thoroughly. You have to make sure you vacuum every inch of the carpet, both laterally and vertically. Vacuuming will take the obvious dust out of your carpet and will make you ready for the next step. Check this out for ultimate guide on vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaning:

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Ultimate Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a vacuum cleaner? This guide has everything you need to find the best carpet cleaner that suits your needs!

Vacuum Cleaning

3. Broom Beating

In order to successfully execute this step, you have to take your carpet out. There is no way you would want to do this process in your room. If you are short on space, maybe try finding a place at the end of your street.

Find a spot on which you can hang your carpet. Maybe spread it out on a wire where you dry your clothes. Now take the broom and start beating the carpet. Yes, you heard it right. Beat the remaining dust out of the carpet. You can also use a rubber or a plastic pipe instead of a broom. Just make sure there is no thing pointy or you will tear your carpet.

Broom Beating

4. Washing

Once you have taken all the dust out, it’s time to wash the carpet. Use high pressure water to take even the smallest dust particles out. Now lay the carpet down a clean flat surface and apply detergent. [amazon link=”B004H1R8TY” title=”Here”/] is where you can get good quality carpet detergent:

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Again, hang the carpet on a wire and use high pressure water to take the detergent out. Make sure you take every last bit of the detergent out.


5. Drying and Laying

Now that you have washed your carpet thoroughly, let it dry under sunlight. Make sure your carpet is not drying in a dusty spot. Once your carpet is fully dry, take it back in carefully and lay it down in the room again. Viola! You have done it! You just cleaned you carpet like a pro.

Drying and Laying

How to Prevent Dirt Accumulation

Now that you have put in all the effort to take the dust out of your carpet, you must use the following tips to prevent your carpet from getting dust again:

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly is very important. It takes dust out regularly and does not let it pile up. So, if you have not used to vacuum, regularly, make that your habit to avoid all this effort of deep cleaning. Ideally, you should vacuum every other day. If that is not feasible vacuuming once a week is a must.

2. Keep Windows Close

It is very tempting to keep the windows open for that fresh air. You have to resist that temptation. At least, close your windows when you are out of your room so that dust does not come in your room. Moreover, keep vents and doors closed when you are out. This will minimize dust in your room.

3. Never Take your Outside Footwear on the Carpet

Last but not the least, avoid taking outside footwear on your carpet. This is also one of the biggest casuse of dirt accumulation under the carpets. Keep you outside footwear out. Try to be bare feet on your carpet. If not possible, only use inside footwear while walking on a carpet.


Dusty carpets do not present a good picture. Dirt in carpets can also cause allergies. If you want to get rid of dust from your carpet, you have to follow 5 easy but demanding steps: preparation, vacuuming, broom beating, washing, and drying. If these steps daunt you, do not worry: Check this out to know how and where to find the best professional carpet cleaning services:

professional carpet cleaner

How to Hire a Carpet Cleaner

If you want to find a carpet cleaner, this page has links to dozens of resources that you need to read to make the best possible decision.

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