Do you NEED a Vaccum Cleaner? (8 Signs You do!)

Vacuum cleaners can be quite pricey, so it make sense if you feel that you don’t really require one. Yet, they’re definitely the most efficient appliance when it comes to cleaning one’s home.

Here are eight reasons why you might need a vacuum cleaner: you have carpets or rugs, saves time, saves energy, efficiency, reduces allergies, reaches small spaces, cleans furniture, and helps with smells .

Do you NEED a Vaccum Cleaner (8 Signs You do!)

With that being said, let’s get into the details!



Or rugs. Either of these in your home and there is absolutely no way you should compromise on having a vacuum cleaner. It’s pretty logical that your broom does not have the strength to brush out all the debris all the way out of the fiber maze that your carpet is.

Carpets are a great place for dust to settle and never leave. Unless you have a vacuum cleaner, then you really don’t have to worry.



Using a broom might not be a problem, but the round trip you have to make all over the room and still miss some spots can be annoying. There will always be a line of dust left at the rim of the dustpan, only for the air to breeze over and spread it around. The place will never be completely clean.

Using a broom requires extra steps of making sure the dirt doesn’t get blown away anywhere else as you work, and making sure it stays in the pan as you clean until you reach a trashcan.

Using a vacuum cuts the time spent cleaning by half, and you’ll have some much needed space to relax when done! Time is precious, so why not use what is available to save more of it?



When you save on time, you also save on the amount of energy spent. It’s a hassle to constantly swing the broom back and forth as opposed to a singular swipe over the messy area. Not only that, you don’t have to work so hard in cleaning hard to reach spaces either by simply taking off the swiping head and using the nozzle for corners and nooks.

Besides, we can all agree that brooms aren’t very good at cleaning carpets and rugs. The fibers trap almost anything and constantly brushing over them with bristles will abosultely ruin yur carpet within one year.



Vaccum cleaners have a powerful suction that can pull dirt out of any crevice. Should you have scratches in the flooring, bits stuck in the carpet fibers, or need to clean the corners, a vacuum cleaner can get the dirt out of anywhere at all. You wouldn’t even need to mop after vacuuming the floor because there will be nothing left to mop up.

It is even more important to have a vacuum when you have pets and children in the house. Should a glass break, you can never be too sure about your broom getting rid of all the sharp pieces. Having a vacuum makes your house safer to move in for your children.

It also does not use up a lot of electricity and is easily to carry around and simply put away. Maintenance is low, perhaps once a month. 



If you’re constantly sneezing and have a runny nose even after cleaning up, you definitely need a vacuum cleaner. The problem with dust is that it gets everywhere. It may be on the floor at first, but foot traffic will have it floating up in the air and into your clothes, hair, and even furniture! 

That’s no fun for anyone. You’ll realize that a lot of your issues with dull skin, slightly musty furniture, and strange smells will immediately disappear after you start using a vacuum to clean up the place.



You do not need to move your heavy furniture every time to reach under them to clean. Simply use the nozzle of a vacuum to suck out all the dirt from under your couches and tables. It keeps you from having to put in any extra effort this way, and avoid potential accidents and muscle pulls when moving furniture.



You wouldn’t use a broom on your couch, but you can definitely use a vacuum cleaner on it. Your vacuum won’t leave any traces of dirt on it, and it’ll get rid of all the dust without having to smack it with a stick and having it fly up in the air.

You can use a vacuum cleaner on almost anything. The curtains, the shutters of your windows, and even towards the ceiling where a spider might’ve woven its web. Having a vacuum cleaner easily replaces a ton of cleaning supplies that are meant for different functions. It’s an all-in-one appliance that doesn’t take a lot of adjustment to cater to your immediate cleaning needs.



Have you ever noticed that each house has its own unique smell? Maybe you wonder what yours smells like.

Hopefully, not stale. There is a lot mold and mildew that goes unnoticed by the bare eye. Brooms are not efficient in getting rid of them because of the slightly damp nature. If it gets cuaght on a broom’s bristles, then you’re just spreading it everywehre else when you’re “cleaning up” the place.

Having a vacuum ensures that whatever dirt you catch is properly out of sight and does not cling onto anything else. Not only will you realize your house is starting to smell different (in a good way), but you’ll notice that your furniture and clothes could use a slight wash because the smell of dust on them will be obvious.


There you have it! Eight very important reasons as to why you should invest in a vacuum. Not only are you making things easier for yourself, but you’re giving your family a better environment to live in (which includes the air being fresher in the house)

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