5 Best Ways to Find Discontinued Carpets

A discontinued carpet is a nightmare to deal with, because carpets are so central to a house’s aesthetics. It’s the first thing that is usually decided before anything else comes into the room. But worry not! There are plenty of ways to get what you want. Just because it’s been discontinued does not mean it isn’t available elsewhere.

The easiest way to find discontinued carpets: contact the store, contact the supplier, contact the manufacturer, check selling platforms, or send a carpet sample to a specialty manufacturer.

5 Best Ways to Find Discontinued Carpets

1. Contact the Store

Contact the Store

It is more than likely that the store you used to purchase from has some spare pieces in the back. Carpets often get discontinued because of popularity and demand, and stores need to make room for the newer products coming in.

As long as you have the details of the carpet such as the code number, color, company and all, they should be able to find it. Another thing stores do is check their records if you’ve purchased from them before. They can pin-point the product and look for spares to sell to you, or send in a private order for you to the supplier. It’s possible that they even track down if another store sells the product you want. Getting in touch with the stores can speedrun your search by a great degree!

2. Contact the Supplier

Contact the Supplier

Suppliers have plenty of networks. In the case that they may not have the carpet you want, they can fill you in on the manufacturers that do produce the discontinued carpet. Suppliers build their businesses on networking and can cover a lot of invetigative ground for you, although it might take a while.

Some stores have multiple suppliers of the same product, so ensure that you have the contact informtation of all of them. It’s a bit of work, but it gets the job done at the end of the day. Some suppliers are also in contact with other branches around the country and cities, so they can go through their computerized inventory to see where exactly you can buy what you want.

3. Contact the Manufacturer

Contact the Manufacturer

Before you call up the manufacturers, you can head over to their website first and foremost. You’ll probably find the carpet you want on it and take note of the relevant information needed to place an order directly. If the carpet is not available on the website, then you should call the manufacturer.

Now that you have the contact information of the manufacturer that produces the carpet you want, you can call them up and ask if they still produce the carpet. Chances are that a specific region may have discontinued your carpet, and the manufacturers found new suppliers in other regions to build their market. As long as you have the relevant product information, they should have left-over stock that they can send in!

In some cases that they cannot deal with you directly, you can still ask to see where they supply the product and take note of the suppliers and stores they sent your desired carpet towards.

4. Check Selling Platforms

Check Selling Platforms

If all of this sounds like too much of a hassle to do, going online is your best option. Sites like E-bay, Craigslist, and other similar online stores will more likely than not have your desired carpet stored away in someone’s warehouse. If you’re lucky, you’ll find it at a discounted price. Be sure to buy it in bulk and store it away somewhere safe so you’re not scrambling and looking around for more of the discontinued carpet again.

Selling platforms can be quite cluttered, so be sure to keep the product code number at hand for a quicksearch.

5. Send Carpet Sample to Specialty Manufacturer

Send Carpet Sample to Specialty Manufacturer

Looking online might not be enough, or maybe it is just too difficult. This suggestion may cost you a little more than you would like, but it is still the easiest way to get an imitation of the discontinued carpet. Find a specialty manufacturer, the best one possible, and send in a sample of your carpet with a request. They should make one for you and send it over without much hassle.

And If None Of These Work

You can always cut out a sample of the carpet and hit the stores for color and texture matching. It would be a lot better to buy carpets that are newly manufactured as the integrity adn quality is much better in the recent years with the rise in technology. You might even find something cheaper than what you were looking for!


And voila! Here are five ways to get your hands on your favorite discontinued carpet! You can do so by contacting the store, contacting the supplier, contacting the manufacturer, checking selling platforms, or sending a carpet sample to a specialty manufacturer.

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