Are Chair Mats Worth It?

I used a big super comfortable rolling chair with pleasure till one day I noticed that it left indentations and other signs of wear on the floor. I wondered what I could do to prevent the floor under the office chair from being damaged. Now I am just a happy owner of the great mat, which protects my floor under the office chair wheels. I studied a lot of information, while I was planning to get a chair mat. The main question, which I asked myself, was if the chair mats worked.

Chair mats are worth getting. They perfectly fulfill their function: protect either hardwood floor or carpeted area from damage, caused by the rolling office chair. The chair mats protect hardwood or carpeted floors from everyday wear, like scratches and cracks from the rolling in the office chair. The chair mats are available in various colors, sizes, and materials. To choose the worthy chair mats, suitable for your conditions, read further. 

Top 5 Reasons, Why Chair Mats Are Necessary

Chair Mats

My readers ask me a lot of questions about chair mats. The main of them is if they are really necessary. Although I can’t call chair mats a big investment into your home space, it costs some cash. And nobody wants to waste his money.

I am sure, that getting a chair mat is a must-have for all people, who own a rolling office chair. Here’s the list of 5 reasons, why:

1. Without a mat chair wheels can damage the floor surface

2. If you have a carpeted chair, the wheels can’t roll easily on the carpet pile. The rolling on your chair becomes even harder if the carpet pile is thick. The chair mats, which you put over the pile, make the office chair moves faster and easier. Besides, the carpet pile is not ruined.

3. Some floor/carpet manufacturers cancel their warranties if you use rolling chairs without mats on them.

4. If you are working in front of the computer, sitting on the office chair mat, you can prevent the anti-static electricity from reaching your computer. The anti-static electricity can damage your computer. To keep your computer safe, you should use an anti-static chair mat. 

5. Chair mats are available in various patterns and colors. It is the time when you can use your creativity and choose the mat that will have a special vibe in your home office or living room. The right chair mat can serve as a great piece of home décor in your room. 

So, now you know that chair mats are worth it. There are at least 5 reasons, why you should make such an investment and get them into your study or home office. But like each investment, getting the right chair mat should be planned. My readers send me so many questions about choosing the chair mat, which suits their conditions. If you want to know, which mat is worth getting in your special case, read ahead. 

Choosing the Chair Mat, Which Is Worth It: Size and Material

You might not even know that the chair mat world is so big. The great variety of materials, colors, and prices can confuse even experienced customers. So, let’s find out, how to choose the worthy chair mat. 

I had lots of questions when I was looking for the right chair mat. What type of chair mat should I choose? What material is the best for my conditions? What color is suitable for my room? What texture is the most durable? If you plan to get the chair mat and have the same questions as I do, I am ready to help you.

Chair Mats Size

I studied from this point as it’s the most important factor you should pay attention to while choosing the worthy chair mat. In general, I advise you to get the largest chair mat you can find. As a bigger mat is better than a smaller one in this case. One of the most widespread design mistakes, which I see in the home offices of my friends, is too small chair mat. You’ll never regret it if you get a little bigger item.

But if you don’t want to get the bigger chair mat and want to calculate it very precisely, I advise you to sit in your chair and roll in it just as you do every single day. Define the areas in your room, where your rich, rolling in the office chair. Do you roll to the bookcase to get some documents? Do you move to the right part of your desk to open the drawer? Your task is to measure the entire area you roll around during the working day.

mat shapes

Take into consideration the size of your chair. The medium width of an office chair is 17-20 inches. For such a typical office chair I bought a mat of 36 x 48 inches. If your chair is bigger and if your rolling surface is wider, you may get a 46 X 60 mat.

Keep in mind, that you are scooting your office chair back whenever you want to stand up from it and go away. So, the chair mat size should be wide enough to let your chair scoot out without crossing the borders of the mat.


What is the Point of a Chair Mat Lip?

I’ve got lots of questions about the chair mat lip. Is it necessary to get the mat with an extended lip?

The purpose of the extended lip is to cover the space under the desk. If you like to sit on the office chair very close to the desk cover and the chair wheels reach the space under it, it is necessary to get the chair mat with a lip. It will protect the under-desk area from the damage. 

Chair Mats Material

The other important point you should take into consideration while choosing the chair mat is the material it is made of. I’ve studied lots of chair mats, available on the market, and now I can say that most of them are made of synthetic materials: polypropylene, vinyl, polyester, etc. The only natural chair mats I’ve managed to find were created from bamboo and glass.

Each material has its pros and cons. So, let’s shortly consider the most widespread chair mat materials.

Polypropylene chair mat

Polypropylene chair mat

I like polypropylene chair mats for their durability and great price. If you are on a budget, that is a great option for you.

Besides, polypropylene chair mats can loom in any pattern or color. Anyone can find that very pattern he needs among the variety of polypropylene chair mats.

This material is the best for those, who work behind the computer or any other electric equipment, as this material is a great electricity insulator. Being waterproof, the polypropylene mat is suitable for rooms with high moisture levels. 

The mat, made of this material, is very durable. It is a great material for heavy weight loads. You can put 200+ pounds on this mat and it will support this weight. Besides, it is very flexible, so you can bend the polypropylene chair mat on any side.

The only disadvantage of polypropylene chair mat is its sensitivity to direct sunlight. So, don’t put it in the sunny room without curtains, if you want it to stay for long.

Vinyl chair mat

Vinyl chair mat

The other widespread material for chair mats is vinyl. It is also the choice for customers, who are on a budget. Vinyl chair mats can be of different colors and patterns, starting from bald ones and ending with neutrals. It has medium durability. Vinyl chair mats should be replaced every 3-5 years. You can use them for the carpeted area only, as they can scratch the hardwood floor.

Nevertheless, vinyl chair mats are easy to clean. Besides, they are waterproof and can handle heavy loads.

Bamboo chair mat

Bamboo chair mat

If you have some extra money, you can get the chair mat, made of natural material. I like natural materials, as they dictate that special vibe, which feels the room with coziness and calmness. The bamboo chair mat will be more expensive, than one made of vinyl or polypropylene. But it is worth that money.

The bamboo feels great barefoot. You can take your shoes off while working behind the computer screen and enjoy the soft surface of this mat. Besides, this fabric is very durable and prone to discoloration and scratches. The bamboo mat can be put on the hardwood floor as it is very fragile and won’t damage the surface. Besides, the chair mat, made of this material, is recycled. That is an important quality for environment-conscious customers. 

Glass chair mat

Glass chair mat

Glass mats are not so popular among homeowners, as they are more expensive than the previous ones I’ve described. Besides, some of my readers consider these mats more prone to crackles and scratches.

Nevertheless, that is not true. Manufacturers create these chair mats from strengthened glass. It is suitable for loads over 1000 pounds. Besides, glass mats can be used for any kind of carpet or floor surface. They are transparent, so you can put these mats on any type of floor or carpet and the pattern of that surface will be visible.

Glass chair mats are easy to maintain. They are durable. They are easy to fix on the floor without scooting or curling. In addition, the glass chair mats are anti-static.

What Material is the Best for Chair Mats?

Chair Mat

For customers on a budget, the best choice is a polypropylene chair mat. This is one of my favorite synthetic chair mats, which are durable, waterproof, and anti-static. For those, who are readers to invest more cash into the chair mats, I advise glass one. The glass chair mat is wear-resistant, versatile, and easy to maintain. Besides, it’s prone to discoloration and scratches. It can be used with any kind of floor surface. It also works great on the carpeted area.


To conclude, chair mats are really worth it. They protect either floor or carpet pile from damage, which is caused by the rolling office chair. So, if you want to roll easily and safely, I recommend getting a chair mat.

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