The Best 3 Stores to Buy a Beautiful Grass Looking Carpet!

A gorgeous home should be full of décor that is alluring to the human eye. If nature and the serenity it holds is dear to you, you will love carpets that look grass. These stunning statement pieces can add liveliness to any room effortlessly. Their healing greens have a calming effect on both the eyes and the mind. Moreover, they also remind us of heavenly gardens full of bliss. Since you love your home and want it to be aesthetically appealing, I think you should purchase a carpet resembling grass.

Many online rug stores claim to sell carpets that mimic grass. However, only a select few are worth your consideration. I have had the good fortune of shopping from more than a dozen places. Therefore, I know where you can get floor coverings that never fail to amaze you. I recommend that you shop from reliable online rug stores like Lumens Light+LivingEcarpet Gallery, and Natural Area Rugs.

Buy a Beautiful Grass Looking Carpet

You should know why a carpet that resembles grass is an awesome addition to the decor.

Why Should You Buy A Carpet That Looks Like Grass?

Every household can use a cozy, attractive, and grassy floor covering to beautify the living space.

Are you wondering why you should get a carpet that looks like grass? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider it.

Everything you place in your home speaks about you and your personality. While it isn’t always possible to grow grass within our homes, we can let our floor coverings resemble them. A carpet that mimics grass has its charm. If you value harmony and are generally in love with calmness, this is the carpet for you. The soft greenness of the fibers releases positive energy in the atmosphere. You can even say the aura of such a rug is bound to fill the room with grace. So, don’t hesitate to consider décor with this grounded hue for your home.

Since these carpets are green, you can expect them to deliver all the psychological benefits of this hue. Green is a color associated with nature, tranquility, and good luck. It has a calming effect on both the eyes and the mind. In fact, some researchers advocate the use of green spaces because they believe it has a positive impact on mental health. Researchers think that the longer you are exposed to the color, the greater the benefits will be. Therefore, if you’re looking for a carpet that both looks luscious and heals you effortlessly, opt for a grassy carpet!

While maintaining actual grass can be difficult, carpets that resemble it are easy to handle. You don’t have to water them back to health. They have decent longevity, which ensures you won’t have to change them frequently. Apart from that, you can clean them with vacuuming as you would clean any other carpet.

With a carpet which looks like grass, you can be sure that your room will look extraordinary.

The Best Online Stores to Buy Carpets That Look Like Grass

Countless online rug stores can sell you a carpet that resembles grass.

The internet has opened avenues for convenience and choice when it comes to shopping. Instead of physically visiting one store after another, consumers can order what they want at home. Now this is what I would call a digital revolution. However, it is crucial to place trust only on reputable online rug stores.

I have dealt with a decent share of online rug stores. However, I firmly believe the ones in this list are the most dependable. They offer top-notch quality products that will touch your aesthetic sensibility!

Lumens Light + Living

Lumens Light + Living is a sophisticated online rug store that sells stunning products that will take your breath away.

Would you describe your style preferences as modern and chic? Lumens Light + Living is a brilliant platform where you can get floor coverings that blow you away with their sophistication. This store also stocks up on other top-notch home décor items, which may grab your attention. When I view the wide assortment of products in their carousel, I am astonished by the beauty!

This modern rug store has been in the business since 2006 and commits aesthetic brilliance. According to their description, their style is ‘open-minded modern’. It makes sense to purchase a rug from them if you give appreciate beauty. They even have a few ones which bear a striking resemblance to grass.

When you visit the site of Lumens Light + Living here is what will appear in front of you:

Lumens Light + Living

The website is useful as it successfully streamlines the purchase process. You can find any sort of rug easily if you understand the way you can utilize filters. You need to spend a bit of time to uncover the ones that look like grass, though. Just be patient, and you will find it on the website.

The customer journey flows naturally on the website, which means you will find shopping at Lumens smooth. Choosing between various colors, shapes, brands won’t be challenging at all. Moreover, the site also has a feature that allows you to view ratings. All in all, the website is comprehensive enough to guide a customer towards a wise purchase decision.

While searching for potential floor coverings, I came across this stunning Little Field of Flowers Rug. It has a gorgeous grassy appearance that will leave you pleased.

Lumens Light + Living grass

Lumens Light + Living is a beautiful home décor store where you can find any sort of rug you desire. Finding a carpet that resembles grass won’t be too difficult if you dedicate some time to the task. You will not face disappointment when it comes to quality. This online store delivers on its promise to only stock top-notch products.

Ecarpet Gallery is an online platform where you can purchase high-quality luxury rugs at affordable rates.

Acquiring exquisite and intricate luxury rages has never so easy. Ecarpet Gallery has twenty years of experience in ensuring customer satisfaction. They stock hand-knotted traditional rugs that are enchanting! Be ready to find beautiful rugs on their site. After all, they stock more than 100’000 rugs on their website. Therefore, before you jump on the website to find a carpet, take out a decent amount of time.

If you have a thing for traditional rugs, this is the store for you. They have a variety of options, which include Persian, Transitional, Contemporary, and Vintage rugs. The convenience of ordering at home, mixed with an extraordinary amount of choice, is splendid. You will fall in love with this store for sure.

When you visit the Ecarpet Gallery website, you will be thrilled to see such breathtaking rugs there!

Ecarpet Gallery grass

This website is fantastic in how it ensures satisfaction at every purchase. The streamlined customer journey makes shopping here an ideal experience. Check out the website for yourself, and you will not be disappointed. Finding a rug by going through the right filters and searches is very much possible. Hopefully, you will be able to find a carpet with a grassy appearance that suits your taste.

The website also has a feature that allows you to find carpets designed for different rooms. Therefore, with a few clicks, you can find something for your bedroom easily. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about the durability of a carpet. After all, rugs are listed according to the expected foot traffic in every room.

While roaming this terrific store, I came across a Turkish Color Hand-Knotted Wool Light Green Rug. This magnificent rug mimics grass effortlessly yet still upholds its unique flair.

Ecarpet Gallery grass

Ecarpet Gallery is a sophisticated shopping space designed for connoisseurs of luxury rugs. If you value aesthetics, you will be able to find something here that pleases your eye. Complete customer satisfaction is assured! You will never regret finalizing a purchase here.

Natural Area Rugs

Natural Area Rugs is an exquisite online rug store that sells stunning products at great rates.

As the name suggests, this online rug store specializes in products made with natural fibers. Regardless of whether you love wool, cotton, or seagrass, they have it all. You will be pleased to know that they have more than half a century’s experience under their belt. They are seasoned sellers who never fail their customers. Apart from that, they put in a lot of effort to ensure they have a versatile stock. They have top-notch rugs which are sold at reasonable rates. Why wouldn’t anyone want to purchase a rug from them?

They have a strong commitment to selling meaningful products to their customers. The rugs are a testament to excellent craftsmanship and high-end fabric. Therefore, I would recommend you place your trust in them. After all, they have nothing but excellence to offer.

Take a thorough look at the Natural Area Rugs website. It will please you with its beauty. You will enjoy going through it:

Natural Area Rugs

Natural Area Rugs believe in providing their customer with products that meet their needs. They have ensured that the website lets you make the best purchase decision. In other words, they will give you the information in an easy-to-understand fashion. I advise you to go through the site if you want a rug that mimics grass.

Have a look at this gorgeous Barras Green Leather Cotton Rug available on the site:

Natural Area Rugs

Natural Area Rugs is a beautiful online store where you can find rugs according to your taste. They will help you be more eco-friendly, which makes them an attractive choice. Therefore, choose them if you wish to get products with a low carbon footprint.

Now that you know where to get carpets that look like grass let’s move ahead.

Tips to Buy A Great Carpet Online

Buying a terrific carpet online requires dedication and patience from you.

While it takes time to find the right décor pieces for your home, once you get them, you feel fantastic. Don’t be apprehensive about finding the perfect floor covering. Your efforts will pay off if you have patience. All you must do is be mindful of the information that will help you achieve your aim. I have listed down tips to make the shopping experience straightforward for you:

Measure the Floor Dimensions in Advance

When you buy something online, you better know what size you need.

Think about it. How will you be able to buy something online if you don’t know what you need? You better take out a measuring tape and dedicate some time to analyze the floor. You don’t want to purchase something too big or too small for space. Therefore, you should be practical and figure out the exact dimensions for the rug you need.

If you delay doing this step, you may waste a lot of time while you scroll through your options online. Imagine liking something and then discovering that it isn’t available in the size you need! That would be disappointing. I recommend you save yourself from this situation and make sure you know the dimensions beforehand. This way, you will prevent yourself from being upset as you will only consider floor coverings in the required size.

Pay Attention to the Carpet Material

It may be worth considering the carpet material before purchasing a rug.

There are many types of materials that are used to create carpets. Each type has different properties, some being hypoallergenic, some being flame resistant. When you are choosing one that resembles grass, make sure it is suitable for the room it will be placed within. Every room must face a certain amount of footfall. The wiser your material choice, the longer the floor covering will last. Therefore, it only makes sense to pay attention to the subtleties while finalizing a decision.

Lack of foresight in choosing the carpet fiber can also be sickening for the house. If you have allergy-prone individuals at home, their allergies may be triggered by the presence of volatile organic compounds nearby. So you need to steer away from buying polyester carpets that release these compounds. In short, you need to do your research before you settle on any single option.

Don’t Forget About the Budget

Don’t be tempted to purchase a carpet that is too expensive for your liking.

A carpet is a significant investment and should ideally last for a long time. While purchasing it, you should be respectful of your budget. No floor covering is worth giving you an empty pocket. Instead of realizing later that you took it a notch too far, you should be mindful. Always do research and set a realistic budget for yourself.

You also must be cautious while choosing a carpet online. Just because one is priced too low, that doesn’t mean it is worth purchasing. Be careful and check the reviews and make an informed decision. Don’t go under budget and sacrifice on quality; rather, stay in the respectable limit and purchase a superior one!


Carpets that resemble grass can make any room more positive with its aura. It is said that the magical hue of green has a calming effect on the eyes. I highly recommend you to get a carpet that flaunts this color and has a grassy appearance. After all, it will help you feel closer to nature and be more mindful. I recommend you rely on reputable stores like Lumens Light+LivingEcarpet Gallery, and Natural Area Rugs.

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