7 Carpet Colors that Go Great with White Walls! (I Love #7)

White Walls – What Do they Stand For?

White represents cleanliness and spirituality. Since it’s a neutral color, it can be enhanced using a variety of colors. Not all colors will have the same effect, and not all of them will look the best.

The best carpet colors that will complement white walls include earth tones, white, black, patterned, blue, cream, and brown.

Carpet Colors that Go Great with White Walls

So why not get a carpet that enhances the beauty of the white walls?

Cool or Warm: The Color Temperature of Your White Walls

White with a hint of blue leans toward cool. On the other hand, when any warm color is added in a little quantity to white, we get warm whites.

Light or Dark: The Brightness of Your White Walls

White, in its essence, is a light color. However, you will find that there is a range of muted whites as well. These have been toned down using shades of grey, the change is very subtle, so we end up calling them muted tones of white!

White on the Color Wheel

The color wheel has all the primary and secondary colors on it. On one half, you can find the warm colors, while on the other, you’ll find the cool ones.

You can see the detailed color wheel here.

White is neutral and does not appear on the color wheel itself.

To understand the lightness and darkness of a color, you need to know these terms:

Tone: White + selected color Tint: Grey + selected color Shade: Black + selected color

These five color schemes will help you pick a carpet for your white walls.

  • Analogous colors: These are three to four colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
  • Complementary colors: Makes up two colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. In the case of white, you can use the tones of two colors for a bi-colored carpet.
  • Triadic colors: Makes use of three colors that form a triangle on the color wheel. You can use this scheme to select a bi-colored carpet to go with your white walls.
  • Tetradic colors: Makes use of four colors, arranged in either a square or a rectangle, on the color wheel. You can use this scheme if you’re picking a tri-colored carpet to go with your white walls.

Monochromatic colors: This color scheme makes up the different tones and shades of a single color. For white walls, this would actually comprise a color scheme of muted whites.

Let’s have a look at the carpet colors now!

7 Carpet Colors that Go Great with White Walls

1. Earth toned

Nature is never out of fashion or home decor, for that matter.

The pebbles, the sand, the wood, earth tones range in hues from yellow to brown. Natural browns have always been used to add an earthy appeal. The feeling of being close to wood is reflected by these gorgeous shades. Here are some common earth-toned colors you shouldn’t miss: yellow ochre, brown ochre, rust red, pale orange, orange-brown, and the list goes on and on!

Earth toned

On the Color Wheel

You will not find earth colors directly on the color wheel. These are usually used to tone down a space or a color. Since these colors occur in nature, they usually have a hint of brown soil or a sandy touch to them. This is the reason why we end up calling them earth colors! Any color on the color wheel, when mixed with brown, will give you an earth tone.

Style Guide

 Cool White WallsWarm White Walls
Light Cool Earth-toned CarpetLow contrast, cool, soothingLow contrast, balanced, fresh
Dark Cool Earth-toned CarpetHigh contrast, balanced, naturalHigh contrast, balanced, reliable
Light Warm Earth-toned CarpetLow contrast, balanced, simpleLow contrast, warm, friendly
Dark Warm Earth-toned CarpetHigh contrast, balanced, comfortableHigh contast, warm, reliable



Earth tones are inherently light and may make dirt visible. The darker shades may be good at hiding dirt, while the lighter shades may be good at hiding dust. In either case, regular dusting will help maintain an earth-toned carpet!

2. White

‘Too white’ is never a thing for the aspiring minimalist!

Using tints and shades of white, you can create a beautiful monochromatic color scheme. For an all-white look, pick a carpet that has subtle shades of white. This would be a carpet that looks white but on closer inspection, it may have a slight blue or yellow undertone.

White toned

On the Color Wheel

Since white is a neutral color, you cannot expect to find it on the color wheel. It is used to create tones of other colors!

Style Guide

 Cool White WallsWarm White Walls
Cool White CarpetLow contrast, cool, spiritualLow contrast, balanced, inspiring
Warm White CarpetLow contrast, balanced, cleanLow contrast, warm, comfortable



You need to be very careful with white, at all times. Dust, dirt and stain- absolutely nothing hides on a white carpet! So if you’re sure about cleaning your white carpet, both in the short and the long run, then go for it!

3. Black

Nothing is all-black or all-white. Except for a black carpet in a room with white walls!

Black and white are opposite colors. One is dark, while the other is light and easy on the eyes. Put a black carpet in a room with white walls and you’ll get high contrast.

Black toned

On the Color Wheel

Since black is a neutral color, it doesn’t appear on the color wheel. It’s hard to get tinted blacks as well since it has natural dark tendencies. If you can sense any changes in black, then it may be a shade of grey!

Style Guide

Black is a style statement in itself. Since black and white are the two opposite ends of a spectrum, they will balance out each other. No color gets darker than black. Pick a plain black carpet to go with your white walls to experience high contrast, balance, and modernity at its peak!



One of the best things about a black carpet is you can be carefree with it.

4. Patterned

The simplicity of white makes it one of the most flexible colors that goes well with patterns!

White is sweet and simple. It is naturally light and does not take up much space. This makes white walls one of the best choices out there for intricately patterned furniture and carpeting.


On the Color Wheel

You can look at the various color schemes to pick a patterned carpet that has those colors. Suppose, getting a patterned carpet that has a triadic color scheme: tones of red, blue, and yellow.

Referring to the color wheel isn’t necessary for a patterned carpet, but it can help you set the psychological impact of a room in the long run.

Style Guide

A stylized carpet depends only on your choice. There’s absolutely no fixed mood guide for choosing a patterned carpet to go with white. The type of pattern or stylization you choose will set the environment of your room! For instance, you can go for flowers to create a natural and fresh Spring outlook.

You can also pick a patterned carpet that has your favorite color as the base!



Dust, dirt, and stain may even be hard to detect if you go for a heavily patterned oriental or geometric carpet.

5. Blue

Blue and white have the same mission together: to relax and soothe.

Blue and white have the same psychological effects. When you pair a blue carpet with white walls, it will make the room more peaceful and harmonious!

Blue toned

On the Color Wheel

Undoubtedly, blue is on the side of cool colors on the color wheel. You can easily find blue-green and blue-violet as their neighboring colors. Picking a tone or shade can become easier when you refer to the color wheel!

Style Guide

 Cool White WallsWarm White Walls
Light Cool Blue CarpetLow contrast, cool, openLow contrast, balanced, pure
Dark Cool Blue CarpetHigh contrast, cool, relaxingHigh contrast, balanced, communicative
Light Warm Blue CarpetLow contrast, balanced, tranquilisingLow contrast, warm, confident
Dark Warm Blue CarpetHigh contrast, balanced, emotionalHigh contast, warm, sensitive



Choose your shade of blue wisely. Some stains can hide on darker shades of blue, but dust and dirt can instantly be visible on both light and dark blues.

6. Cream

Cream harmonizes with white as if it’s a relative!

Cream, or beige, is one of those neutral colors that is simply meant to go along with white. You can never go wrong with it! This unique color is the toned-down version of a yellow and orange mix!

Cream toned

On the Color Wheel

You cannot find cream on the color wheel since it’s neutral. However, you can find its lighter tones (beige with white added to it) or the darker tones (beige slightly toned down with grey). Remember that cream itself is a light shade so anything that goes too dark will not be cannot be called cream!

Style Guide

 Cool White WallsWarm White Walls
Light Cool Cream CarpetLow contrast, cool, soothingLow contrast, balanced, down-to-earth
Dark Cool Cream CarpetHigh contrast, cool, stableHigh contrast, balanced, wholesome
Light Warm Cream CarpetLow contrast, balanced, dependableLow contrast, warm, secure
Dark Warm Cream CarpetHigh contrast, balanced, comfortableHigh contast, warm, reliable



Just like white, cream shades are very prone to displaying dust, dirt and stains. They can be hard to wash off, so think twice about your cream carpet choice!

7. Brown

Brown is the ultimate choice for someone who loves the feeling of soil.

Brown is the closest neutral color to earth tones and shades. Using brown, you can get a simple and sophisticated look at the same time. It also won’t get as dirty as white or other lighter neutral shades.

Brown toned

If you’re deciding on a brown carpet, you wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful carpet that looks like wood!

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On the Color Wheel

Brown is a neutral color and does not appear on the color wheel. It is used to tone down other colors, however it can exist in both warm and cool tones and shades!

Style Guide

 Cool White WallsWarm White Walls
Light Cool Brown CarpetLow contrast, cool, naturalLow contrast, balanced, secure
Dark Cool Brown CarpetHigh contrast, cool, reliableHigh contrast, balanced, straightforward
Light Warm Brown CarpetLow contrast, balanced, calmLow contrast, warm, fiendly
Dark Warm Brown CarpetHigh contrast, balanced, organicHigh contrast, warm, down-to-earth

Wrapping Up Your Carpet Choice for White Walls

With white, there is a lot that you can choose from. You can even go for your favorite color if that makes you happy! Anything can blend well with white since it’s a neutral color. However, the above choices are the most common ones for white walls. They are mostly neutral colors like black, grey, white, and brown that compliment the simplicity and purity of white. When it comes to patterns, you can go as far as your creativity takes you.

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