7 Carpet Colors that Go Great with Green Walls

Have you got green walls? They must be such a delight to your eyes! I have always been a fan of green, it reminds me of nature, where I long to be. But since I can’t be outside all the time, I’ve got a room that’s been painted with my favorite shade of green.

As a rule, carpets of red, grey, earthy, white, and many other colors go well with the green walls in the room. Before choosing the color of the carpet, decide what undertone the green walls in your room have, warm yellow or cold blue? Depending on the undertone, choose the closest colors from the color wheel. Read on to find out the details.

Carpet Colors that Go Great with Green Walls

What Undertone Does Your Green Walls Have?

Cool greens have blue undertones, whereas warm greens have yellow undertones. If your walls feel vibrant upon looking, chances are they’re a warm green.

What Type of Green to Choose: Light or Dark?

Green exists in millions of shades in nature. Light or dark, it is soothing to the eyes. However, every type of green can set a different mood altogether. Let’s learn by looking a bit into the color wheel.

What is the Complement of Green on the Color Wheel?

Green is a secondary color and you’ll find it on both the cool and warm sides of the color wheel.

To understand the lightness and darkness of a color, you need to know these terms:

Tone: White + selected color Tint: Grey + selected color Shade: Black + selected color

Therefore, the tones, tints and shades for green will be:

Green Tones: White + green Green Tints: Grey + green Green Shades: Black + green

These five major color schemes can also help you pick a carpet for your green walls:

  • Analogous colors: These are three to four colors that are right next to the green. These are yellow-green and blue-green, that help defines warm and cool greens respectively.
  • Complementary colors: Makes up two colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. The opposite color to green is red on the color wheel.
  • Triadic colors: Makes use of three colors that form a triangle on the color wheel. You can use this scheme to select a bi-colored carpet to go with your green walls.
  • Tetradic colors: Makes use of four colors, arranged in either a square or a rectangle, on the color wheel. You can use this scheme if you’re picking a tri-colored carpet to go with your green walls.
  • Monochromatic colors: This color scheme makes up the different tones and shades of a single color. For your green walls and a monochromatic color scheme, you will pick a carpet that’s the same green color but of a different tone or shade.

Now let’s have a look at the carpet colors!

What 7 Carpet Colors Match Green Walls?

1. Red

Red complements green unlike any other.

Red the color of warmth, the color of aggressiveness, or the color of love. Whichever way you put it, red goes great with green. On the color wheel, you will find red on the opposite side of green. The complementary color scheme defines two colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. These colors create amazing contrast and the complementary color scheme is used to bring vibrancy.

Red toned

On the Color Wheel

Red is among the warm colors on the color wheel. You can find red-violet, red-orange shades in the red family.

Style Guide

 Light Cool Green WallsDark Cool Green WallsLight Warm Green WallsDark Warm Green Walls
Light Cool Red CarpetLow contrast, spacious, cool, lovingHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, stimulatingLow contrast, spacious, balanced, lovingHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, confident
Dark Cool Red CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, strongLow contrast, crowded, cool, powerfulHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, excitingLow contrast, crowded, balanced, passionate
Light Warm Red CarpetLow contrast, spacious, balanced, confidentHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, stimulatingLow contrast, spacious, warm, openHigh-contrast, moderate space, warm, motivational
Dark Warm Red CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, attentiveLow contrast, crowded, balanced, passionateHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, powerfulLow-contrast, crowded, warm, desirable



A dark-shaded red carpet makes the ultimate choice for moderate cleaning. It is good at hiding moderate dust and dirt, sometimes even stains. They will require little care, lighter tones of red may require more care!

2. Grey

Neutralize your green wall with a grey carpet. Which shade of grey will you pick?

grey is the color that you need when you want to turn down the atmosphere of your room. Picking a grey carpet for your green walls will give a sense of weakness and modernity and also create elegance.

Grey toned

On the Color Wheel

You will not find grey on the color wheel as it is a neutral color. Varying shades of grey are used to create tints of colors that are present on the color wheel. However, just like other colors, greys can either be warm or cool. Cool greys have slightly bluish tints or undertones, whereas warm greys have yellow undertones or tints.

Style Guide

 Light Cool Green WallsDark Cool Green WallsLight Warm Green WallsDark Warm Green Walls
Light Cool grey CarpetLow contrast, spacious, cool, airyHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, reliableLow contrast, spacious, balanced, intellectHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, reliable
Dark Cool grey CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, secureLow contrast, crowded, cool, elegantHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, soothingLow contrast, crowded, balanced, gentle
Light Warm grey CarpetLow contrast, spacious, balanced, sophisticatedHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, controlLow contrast, spacious, warm, relaxingHigh-contrast, moderate space, warm, balance
Dark Warm grey CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, classyLow contrast, crowded, balanced, comfortableHigh contrast, soothing, balanced, matureLow-contrast, crowded, warm, stable



Dark grey carpets are the best at hiding dirt, dust and stains. However, carpets of lighter grey shades can hide a bit of dust too. Regular cleaning is inevitable.

3. Great Combination of Green Walls with Earth-Tones Carpet

Earth is never out of fashion.

Imagine combining earth tones with your green walls. It is like bringing a forest right into your home. Stones usually consist of warm or cool shades of brown.

Since earth tones are the closest to nature, they go quite well with green walls. Naturally occurring yellows and reds are earth tones. Dark-colored earth tones will look great with darker walls, whereas lighter earth tones will look good with light green walls.

Earth Tones

On the Color Wheel

Earth tones cannot be found on the color wheel, since they are neutralized. For example, yellow ochre is a shade of yellow with a hint of brown in it. So generally, add brown, the color of earth, into any other color and you will get an earth tone!

Style Guide

 Light Cool Green WallsDark Cool Green WallsLight Warm Green WallsDark Warm Green Walls
Light Cool Earth-toned CarpetDull, minimal, simple, spaciousDull, high-contrast, balanced spaceDull, minimal, simple, spacious, balancedHigh-contrast, exciting, natural, balanced
Dark Cool Earth-toned CarpetHigh-contrast, cool, relaxing, illusion of less spaceCrowded, too dark, comfortingSharp, high-contrast, balanced, naturalLow-contrast, all-dark, Balanced, crowded
Light Warm Earth-toned CarpetBalanced, relaxing, slightly vibrantSharp, high-contrast, balanced, elegantCozy, simple, spacious, low-contrastHigh-contrast, comfortable, cozy, sunshine-like ambiance
Dark Warm Earth-toned CarpetSharp contrast, exciting, natural ambianceLow-contrast, dull, all-dark, simpleNatural, high-contrast, soothing, vibrantLow-contrast, crowded, natural and elegant



Dust, dirt and stain can be very common on earth-toned carpets. They are very visible, so make sure to clean daily.

4. Green

Combine various hues of green for an ultra-soothing effect!

Green toned

What comes to your mind when you think of green? The grass, the leaves of plants and trees, or something else? Maybe you’re thinking of a green carpet? A green carpet makes an excellent choice to make the room look more alive and fresh. It also feels more welcoming as it mimics the irreplaceable beauty of nature.

If you’re deciding on a green carpet, you wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful grass-textured carpet!

Buy a Beautiful Grass Looking Carpet

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The presence of grass is gorgeous and can make any space look more earthy. Read this terrific post to find out more about carpets that look like grass.

On the Color Wheel

Analogous color schemes are used to create a calm and soothing effect. when you pick a green-colored carpet that is different than the green shade of your walls, the color scheme you are creating is analogous. For instance, if you have dark green walls you can get a lime green or yellow-green carpet.

Style Guide

 Light Cool Green WallsDark Cool Green WallsLight Warm Green WallsDark Warm Green Walls
Light Cool Green CarpetLow contrast, spacious, cool, soothingHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, refreshingLow contrast, spacious, balanced, harmoniousHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, relaxing
Dark Cool Green CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, cool, prosperousLow contrast, crowded, cool, peacefulHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, balanceLow contrast, crowded, balanced, easygoing
Light Warm Green CarpetLow contrast, spacious, balanced, sereneHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, relaxingLow contrast, spacious, warm, soothingHigh-contrast, moderate space, warm, soothing
Dark Warm Green CarpetHigh contrast, moderate space, balanced, reassuringLow contrast, crowded, balanced, freshHigh-contrast, moderate space, warm, inspirationalLow-contrast, crowded, warm, harmonious



A lot of dust may be invisible on a green carpet and that is both good and bad. It’s good because it will look well most of the time, but it can be hard to tell when it needs cleaning.

5. White

A white carpet will add a heavenly touch to your green walls!

White reflects purity and simplicity. Green, no matter which shade, can overwhelm your room. By picking a white carpet, you will add a sense of modernity to your room and make it look more spacious.

On the Color Wheel

White is used to create tones of other colors. It does not appear on the color wheel, although you can create pastel shades of other colors by mixing white with them.

Style Guide



It doesn’t matter if your white carpet is slightly muted, white is white. It will require a lot of cleaning, even if a few specks of dust are found on it.

6. Patterned

All patterns and stylised designs reveal the mysteries of nature!

Patterns have always been the number one choice. The best part about patterns is that there are just so many choices! You can go back in time and pick something cultural or you can go for a modern design like polka dots or stripes. The list is never-ending, truly.


On the Color Wheel

Using the color wheel, you can select a base color for your particular patterned carpet.

Style Guide



Patterned designs hide dust, dirt and stains well but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them reguarly!

7. Black and White

Black and white are like the light and shadow: perfect contrast!

Black and white, two opposite colors. One light and one dark, bring them together and they’ll rule the world. Combining light and dark means creating a well-contrasted, well-balanced carpeted floor that your green walls will adore.

A black and white patterned carpet will also help you neutralize the overall grandeur of the green walls. Think of carpeting like zebra stripes, or zig-zag patterns? Depending upon the type of pattern, the look can be modern and luxurious or cultural and traditional.

Black and White

On the Color Wheel

Black and white are two colors that are not on the color wheel. White is used for creating tones of other colors, whereas black is used to make shades.

Style Guide

Don’t sweat on the style. Any black and white patterned carpet will go well with your green walls!



Wrapping Up Your Carpet Choice for Green Walls

Green walls have a lot to offer, so your carpet choice will depend upon your personality. You don’t have to stick with a neutral carpet color. Even a range of patterns work well with green as it is the ultimate color of nature.

To further enhance your carpet shopping experience, don’t miss out on these 8 best and worst places to buy a new and cheap carpet!.

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