This is How Much you Should Tip Your Carpet Cleaner

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when deciding on how much to tip a carpet cleaner. All carpet cleaning services have a different work ethic. Some may want to do a quick job and ruin the quality of your carpet while others put in the extra hours to make sure your carpet looks as good as new.

A tip between USD$5 and USD$10 is to be given to a professional carpet cleaner. Factors such as the quality of the work, the time it took and whether or not they treated your home with respect are taken into consideration when tipping your carpet cleaner.

This is How Much you Should Tip Your Carpet Cleaner

How Much Should You Tip Your Carpet CLeaner?

You should tip your carpet cleaner ideally between USD$5 and USD$10. It depends on the quality of their work as well.

Factors that Determine the Amount of the Tip

When deciding on how much to tip a carpet cleaner, various factors come into play. You should keep the following in mind:

1. Quality of the Work

Quality of the Work

Did your carpet cleaner leave your carpet looking spotless or was it the exact opposite? Carefully examining your carpet after it has been cleaned will determine the price of the tip you wish to hand over to your cleaner.


Use a magnifying glass to examine your carpet after it has been cleaned!

It is best to tip whatever you’re comfortable at the end of the day. Your carpet cleaner will appreciate it regardless since a lot of people are not aware of leaving a tip to a carpet cleaner.

2. The Time it Took

The Time it Took

Did the carpet cleaning process take hours on end or was it finished in under 30 minutes? The time it takes for a carpet to be cleaned is an important factor in determining how much you should tip the cleaner.

If your carpet cleaner looked patient during the process, it is best to give the guy a nice tip.

3. Did the Cleaner Treat your Home with Respect?

Cleaner Treat your Home with Respect

Did your carpet cleaner take extra care while moving your carpet and vacuuming it? or did he knock about your expensive vases in the process? The answer will be right in front of you.

Watch your carpet cleaner closely when he enters your house. His behavior and attitude towards his job will determine the amount of tip you want to leave him.


We’ve looked at how much you should tip your carpet cleaner. The tip you should be leaving your carpet cleaner should ideally be between USD$5 and USD$10. Various factors such as the quality of the work, the time it takes and whether or not your cleaner treated your home with respect determine the amount of the tip.

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