Can Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Bed Bugs? (All You Need to Know)

Have bed bugs infested your carpets? It must be sickening, right? It gives a lot of mental stress as well when you know pests are crawling and spreading in your carpet. I want you to take a deep breath and relax. Bed bug infestation can be eliminated with just a simple method.

Carpet cleaning, in general, is very helpful in getting rid of pests. And Steam cleaning your carpets is the best way to completely eliminate bed bugs from your carpets. Continue reading if you want to learn everything about using steam on your carpets to say bye-bye to bed bugs.

Cleaning Carpet Kill Bed Bugs
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Can steam cleaning carpet kill bed bugs?

Let’s answer the main question before we dive into details. YES! Steam cleaning carpet can kill bed bugs. I am sure that’s a relief.

Steam delivers lethal temperatures that destroy the populations of bed bugs. It’s also very effective as it penetrates through the carpets as deep as 3/4 inches.

Vacuuming is also very essential in keeping pests away. It does have a drawback though. It doesn’t destroy the eggs. Hence, there is a mighty chance of bed bugs starting a family in your carpets, again.

Steam Cleaning ruins the eggs and any baby bed bugs. This way, the chances of future infestation are minimized.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning works, but there are some factors to be considered. The temperature of the steam cleaner should be high. Use a high-quality steam cleaner to achieve maximum results.

I wanted to help you find the best steam cleaners to kill bed bugs. So, I did some research and found out that ‘PureClean Steam Cleaner’ is a well-built product. Its users are very happy with its performance. Some even admit that this epic steam cleaner has made cleaning fun due to its features.

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How does steam kill bed bugs?

When we say that steam cleaning kills bed bugs, that doesn’t mean that steam is the superpower that does the job. It’s the heat. Steam is a way to spread extremely high temperatures over a considerable area, especially when the infestation is widespread. A severe infestation can get on your nerves.

There are some other heat methods like washing infested beddings or clothes to get rid of bed bugs. However, you can’t put a carpet in the machine. That’s where steam cleaners come to the rescue.

What are the best ways to use steam against bed bugs?

A steamer is a very helpful tool to wipe out a bed bugs infestation. The brush is moved on the targeted surface. Steam penetrates deep in surfaces like carpets and upholstery. It also works its magic in cervices and cracks.

Let me tell you that the triangular nozzle works most effectively as it covers more area. Take a look at the picture below to see what it looks like.

use steam against bed bugs

Check the temperature of the cleaned surface. It should preferably be between 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s quite a temperature to kill bed bugs. The steamer should be set at about 220 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the surface as needed.

The surface will cool down eventually. So you don’t have to worry about any mild burns if anyone touches those areas after they are cleaned. This is a benefit of steam cleaning.

What are the risks of using steam to kill bed bugs?

The high temperatures involved in steam cleaning are a hazard. You have to be very careful while using a steam cleaner. You aim to use it to get rid of bed bugs, not to harm yourself during the process. Make sure to read the instructions on the manual before using the steam cleaner.


Always keep children and pets away from the area where steam cleaner is being used.

Cool off the machine after use, as described in the instructions manual. Also, never adjust the temperature of the steamer so high that it damages the surfaces it’s used on.

I also want to share another helping tip with you. Turn the fan on in the room after the steamer is used. This will aid in drying any items that may have become damp in the process.


You should try the steam cleaner on an unseen area or any carpet that is not in use anymore. That will make you confident that the cleaner will not damage any surfaces.

It is suggested to repeat the steam cleaning process on the infested carpet. You can carry out this procedure twice or thrice a week until the infestation is eliminated.

You can reduce the frequency of steam cleaning to twice a month once things are under control.

I also have a disturbing fact to share. Bed bugs can live in and on your walls as well. I agree that it is unfortunate. Give the following post a read to learn more about these critters climbing walls and infesting them.

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Best Products to Kill Bed Bugs

If, besides Steam Cleaning, you’re looking for way to get rid of bed bugs and avoid being bitten, the best thing you can do is to shop where the pros do.

Here are 2 very little-known online shops that sell highly effective products against bed bugs. We call these the second-solution shops, because most people that buy in these shops have bought other products before that haven’t worked. And they find those stores looking for products that actually work.

Shop 1: Say Bye Bugs

Say Bye Bugs

The first shop I want you to know about is Say Bye Bugs. Their spray is super effective. If you’re looking for a bed bug spray, this is the one to buy. And you won’t find it in other stores.

Shop 2: My Cleaning Produducts

My Cleaning Products

My Cleaning products is a company that sells multiple products. But there is one product I particularly love: The Bed Bug Detergent. If you have bed bugs and don’t want to be bitten, that’s the first thing you should buy.

Check it out! It’s really an amazing product and nobody else sells anything similar.


That’s a wrap! I hope you got the answers to your questions about the deadly relationship between steam cleaning and bed bugs. This heat treatment can kill these uninvited bugs for sure. It even destroys their eggs and helps you say no to bed bugs entirely.

no bed bugs

However, using a steam cleaner can be dangerous due to the high temperatures that are being dealt with. Make sure to take relevant precautions.

We have a list of the best carpet steam cleaners. Take a look to find the best machine that is equipped with advanced features and high power.

I wish you the best of luck for battling these irritating invaders. I hope they are eliminated from your house for good.

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