Buy or Rent A Carpet Cleaner? (6 Things You Should Think About!)

Your carpet needs to be cleaned; not regularly but weekly or monthly. However, what haunts most people is the confusion of either buying a carpet cleaner or renting it. Each has its perks and drawbacks that you should consider before making a decision.

In order to dedice whether you should buy or rent a carpet cleaner, there are a couple of factors you should consider: Costs, Renting effort, cleaning options, maintenance and repair, storage and use frequency. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more!

Buy or Rent A Carpet Cleaner

Factors To Consider

As highlighted earlier, you need to evaluate your choice on several parameters. These parameters are important for making a good choice for either buying or renting a carpet cleaner. So let’s get started:

1. Costs

The first thing in buying or renting a carpet cleaner is to check the costs. This is necessary since you’ve got a budget of your own that you want to maintain. If buying a carpet cleaner exceeds your estimated budget than it’s better to go for renting one.

However, the costs of both renting and buying have to be noted prior to making a choice. It’s good to get multiple quotes so that you can get an estimate of what are the prices in the market. Get multiple quotes, compare, and make a choice.



Even if you’re paying for a rental carpet cleaner, keep this in mind that you’ll have to pay for each day you have the product with you. This is necessary since if you’re using it on a regular basis than the cost of a rental carpet cleaner can go high then your budget allocated.

Even if you’re paying for a rental carpet cleaner, keep this in mind that you’ll have to pay for each day you have the product with you. This is necessary since if you’re using it on a regular basis than the cost of a rental carpet cleaner can go high then your budget allocated.

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2. Gas & Effort

Another factor to consider while buying or renting a carpet cleaner is the gas and effort needed. When you own a carpet cleaner, you don’t need to hassle driving yourself to pick up the product. Comparative to buying, you’ll need to make some effort to get the product at your place. This can be a hassle if the proceedings and clearance take time. Buying one will save you time and effort.

3. Cleaning Options

Your carpet cleaner should have multiple cleaning functions so that you can use it according to the needs. In buying, you’ll be able to get an all-in-one product for your carpet cleaning needs. The salesperson can guide you in choosing a product that addresses the maximum of your requirements.

On the other hand, renting one doesn’t give such luxuries. The machine can be outdated for instance or may not be able to comply with your requirements. Moreover, you can only pick the machines that are available at the rental store. Thus not having any custom option.

4. Maintenance & Repair

Another factor to consider is the maintenance and repair of the carpet cleaner. For renting, it gives the perk that the maintenance and repair isn’t your responsibility. The owner will have to make up with the repairs. However, in case the machine goes faulty, the assessment will be done to know whose fault is it for the machine becoming faulty.

Since each machine has its own manual, if the renting party has violated the manual instructions, then they will have to pay for the repairs. Else the owning party will be responsible for the maintenance. All this hassle is absent when you buy one.

5. Storage

If you live in a house of your own and have ample space for such products then buying is a good option. However, if you’re short on storage, then maybe renting one is a good choice since you won’t be hassling with storing the product and can call the company for pickup of their product.

6. Frequency of Use

Last but not the least, you need to assimilate the times you’ll be using the product. This is important since getting a carpet cleaner is probably the same as getting a treadmill. If you’re truly up for cleaning your carpet weekly, then go for it. Else, renting one is a good idea.

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How often you should clean your carpets for perfect results?

Some professionals exaggerate (A LOT!) when talking about how often you should clean your carpet. Take a look at the real frequencies certifying entities recommend!

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Carpet Cleaner

Now that you know what factors you’ll be putting your decision making process on, it’s time to see which option has the best perks.


Getting your own carpet cleaner means you don’t have to wait for someone to approve your rental request. All you need to do is to get up, get your cleaning solution, and start cleaning right away. No need to hassle going to the rental shop to pick the machine.

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In addition, you can get your customized machine as per your requirements. You’ll need to tell the salesperson regarding the carpet you’ve got in your place and they will guide you in buying one the fits best.

If you’re a regular cleaner and have additional rugs at home that you want to clean too, then buying a carpet cleaner is a good option. You can just create your homemade carpet cleaning solution and start cleaning. Take a look at how to create your homemade carpet cleaning shampoo here.

Not only this but you’ll get multiple cleaning options while buying one for yourself. This advantage isn’t present with renting a carpet cleaner. Having your own machine gives a sense of security that you yourself are the owner.

While speaking of ownership, having your own product will get rid of the hassle of paying rent per day. Moreover, you can use the machine whenever you want and wherever you want. All these perks are absent in renting.


The cost of buying a carpet cleaner depends on the type of machine you’re buying. However, the average cost starts from $200 and can go high depending on the type of machine, features, and model and company. That being said, if you’ve got such a budget then buying one is a feasible option. It’s a one time investment but if you’re not a regular cleaner, then buying a carpet cleaner isn’t the option for you.

In addition, having a carpet cleaner at your home means maintenance. If not maintained, then you’ll probably have to pay for the repairs. Like machines, carpet cleaners are fragile too. They need to be used firmly so that no damage occurs. That is why having a carpet cleaner of your own means that you’ll be needing to deal with its maintenance and repairs.

Pros And Cons Of Renting A Carpet Cleaner

Now that we’ve broken down the pros and cons of buying a carpet cleaner, it’s time that we take a look at the attributes of renting a carpet cleaner.


While renting a carpet cleaner, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. All of this is the responsibility of the owner. While renting the carpet cleaner, you need to check whether the machine is in a good state and get a quote to show that any faults that occur during the use will not be obligatory to be paid if found not guilty.

In addition, if you’re opting for just a few time cleaning, then renting a carpet cleaner is a much feasible option than buying one. Since renting would pay off the amount for the service needed, buying one would cost you a lot.

If you’ve got no space for storage then it’s better to just rent one instead of buying a product then hassling for its storage. The cost of renting isn’t much and is lower than buying a carpet cleaner for your needs.

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Renting a product means that you’ll not be getting any custom products. All you would get is the one that is present at the shop. This limits your needs for using the cleaner for your needs. You’ll have to look for the shop that has the product for your cleaning needs. In addition, renting a product means that you’d have to care for it more. If anything happens to it during usage, then you’ll have to pay for the repairs. This is one of the many hassles with renting a product that you have to go through.

Another reason why renting a carpet cleaner isn’t a good choice is that you’ll have to go pick it up. Although some companies do offer delivery and pick up services; however, you would still need to go to make a booking.

If you’re in need to use your carpet cleaner on a regular basis then renting isn’t the choice for you. You’ll be paying for the additional per day expenses for the machine, which will end up close to buying one.Also, you won’t be having the machine right away. One’s plan can change any time and renting a machine cannot aid you in that. Hence, it’s better not to rent one when you’re going out.

Which One Should You Choose?

Based on the aforementioned comparison, it’s safe to say that buying a carpet cleaner is a much feasible option than renting one. You’ll have sole ownership over the product, can use the cleaner whenever you want, and will not have to worry about using it or picking it up.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning your carpet is fun when you know what you’re doing and have the right tools to do it. Buying a carpet cleaner pays off, and you can even check out the best-carpet-cleaners-near-me to see what type of carpet cleaners are available in the market that you can buy. Happy shopping!

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