Top 10 Best Garage Floor Mats to Buy Now: My Pick and Reviews

Choosing the best garage floor mat is an important decision. You will have to consider your investment and assets that are warehouse in your garage. Either you just laid your new concrete floor, or you just gave the old one a facelift of paints or coating; there is a need to go for one of the best garage floor protectors to shield your floor damaged by grease, road salts, car oil, salt, water, chemical, and any other debris.

Garage floor protectors and mats are the best options to protect your concrete floors from incidents that can cause your household havoc and accident. You can go for the choice of saving your whole floor or decide to for the problem spot, such as where you park your car.

Garage floor protectors will act as a barrier between your concrete floor and grease, oil drip, gasoline, water, and many other chemical substances. There are many types of garage floor protectors in the market. The Carpet and Rug World team has researched the list of best garage floor mats for your pick.

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Best Overall: Armor All Garage Floor Mats

The Armor All Garage Floor Mats is another top of the best garage floor mats. It has a waterproof backing that will work as a barrier to dirt, oil, moisture, water, and grease and secure and protect your vehicle, motorcycles, cars, and other equipment in the garage from rusting or getting corroded while in storage.

The Patented Drymate will absorb, secure, and contains liquids and wicks them away to protect the moisture from getting to the concrete floor. You can easily cut the Armor All Garage Floor Mats with scissors to fit your garage floor space, the edges will remain intact, and it will not split or fray. Please know that the mat may have some wrinkles at first when applied. It will relax over time.

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Features and Benefits

  • The mat is durable, rugged, and lightweight.
  • Ensure that the surface of the mat is clean before installation.
  • For best result, only install the mat after 72 hours of application
  • Constantly check that mat to ensure that it is compatible with the sealed floor
  • Some selected types of paints, epoxy, or sealers react to the waterproof backing that may make the mat stick to the concrete floor. Consult the Manufacturer’s care instructions to resolve such issues.
  • The mat is easy to clean with a power watch, hose off, or vacuum.

Best Rated: Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat

The Drymate Oil Spill Mat is one of the best garage floor protector, and it is on my top list of the best garage floor mats. It will protect your garage floor concrete from spills and leaks with its absorbent fabric that contains waterproof and leaks backing that prevents oil and moisture from getting through.

The waterproof layer and the Drymate slip-resistant backing will prevent and keep the oil mat tightly in place to prevent it from moving around. The waterproof layer will prevent liquid such as motor oil, gasoline, coolant, brake fluid from penetrating through.

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Features and Benefits

  • It has a slip-resistant backing that will secure the trapped oil in place.
  • The mat is made from polyester fiber and can contain any spill.
  • Drymate Oil Spill Mat includes a device called “Oil Pad” with liquids and protects garage floor concrete surface.
  • The mat is easy to clean and re-useable. When they get dirty, scrub with soap, water and dry them.
  • Please avoid bleaching this mat.


For best results, place Drymate Oil Spill Mat under your car to protect your garage floor surface.

Most Professional: Shield Family Floor Protector

The Shield Family Floor Protector is one of the best garage mats ever because it is a Multi-layered, Ultra Light Weight protective barrier produced from high-tech materials called “Micro Fiber.” The Microfiber can provide a large amount of surface area that is good enough for maximum absorption oils, battery acid, gas, grease, and many other harmful fluids.

Your garage concrete floor will be protected from petrochemicals, harsh cleaners, oil, gasoline, coolant, and other fluids and dirt.

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Features and Benefits

  • It is made from impermeable membranes and high-tech materials that are resilient to all possible leaks.
  • You will be protected entirely from stains such as dirt, gasoline, oil, fluids, coolant, and other fluids.
  • It is easy to use and install and very perfect under all kinds of vehicles.
  • Shield Family Floor Protector is for multipurpose usage and not only for garage floors but also for appliances, gardening, lawnmowers, and many other tools .

Premium Pick: ITSOFT Garage Floor Mat

The ITSOFT Garage floor mat will protect your garage from spills and leaks and make your garage unique and clean. It has a TPR backing device under the waterproof layer that will keep your mat secure and protected and prevent the mat from slipping around.

It will also prevent penetration of any liquid substances through the mat, thereby keeping the mat completely dry and clean. This mat is durable and can be used for years.

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Features and Benefits

  • You can easily clean your ITSOFT Garage Floor Mat with detergent and water.
  • It is made of a perfect material (i.e., nonwoven cloth); it is safe for everyday use because of its damp nature.
  • You can use this mat repeatedly for years because of the compact felt structure it is made up of.
  • It will absorb and contains various liquids and sucks moisture away, while its waterproof layer will protect the concrete floor from dirt and other liquid contaminants.
  • It is easy to trim to fit your garage floor space. You can also cut and make the shape of your perfect garage floor mat.
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Best Multipurpose: Delooant Parking Garage Floor Mats

The Delooant Parking Garage Floor Mats is made of felt fabric that will absorb oil, water, grease, and other liquid substances. The upside fabric of this garage floor protector will prevent your floor from stains, mud, and dirt, while the membrane at the backside will prevent snow, oil, water, and any other such liquid from percolating via the bottom of the mat.

It is made up of a good, durable, and quality felt fabric with a compact structure covered with a waterproof membrane that resists tear and wears.

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Features and Benefits

  • It can be used for various types of events on the floor, under the car, home, or other parking spaces.
  • It is large enough with (7.56FT x 21.1FT ) and suitable to fit most of the standard car parking space.
  • It is easy to move and use at your comfort and in any location.
  • The felt fabric compact structure made it easy to resist to tear and wear of all kinds.

AiBOB Oil Spill Mat

The AiBOB Oil Spill Mat is made of rubber backing and microfiber material that makes it stand out as the best garage floor protector. It made the mat safe and provided robust protection to your concrete floor paint and coating .

It has a rubber backing surface waterproof with the upper surface of 1/8 thick polyester fabric that made it an excellent absorbent. It absorbs oil spillage, grease, stain, moisture, and every other mess on your concrete floor.

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Features and Benefits

  • AOB has an anti-skid backing that is highly durable and helps prevent slipping and tripping. It also keeps the mat in place for stability and safety.
  • The oil spill mat is odorless, no phthalate and BPA, and does not contain any volatile substances with odor; it is environmentally friendly.
  • It is easy to clean, flexible, and can be watched with a machine.
  • The car oil spill mat has a low pile height that made the vacuum easy to clean .

Please keep AiBOB Oil Spill Mat away from extreme heat or fire.

You will have to fold up your AiBOB Oil Spill Mat to save your packing space when packaged. If you observe a grease mark, it will disappear after some days.


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Happybuy Garage Floor Mats

The Happybuy Garage Floor Mats made our top list of best garage floor mats because of its special anti-slide and heavy-duty design on its surface, which help to improve and increase friction which prevents sliding while walking. It will also hold your vehicles, cars, and trucks.

It is also made of an excellent PVC, that is made it thicker than most products. This made it better and resistant to wear, water, grease, stain, and oil. It made it to be durable and better than any fabric floor protectors. You can also cut this mat with a sharp scissor or knife to fit your room layout or any space you desire.

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Features and Benefits

  • There is no need for the adhesive to install and use . Just roll it out.
  • It can be clean quickly with either broom, vacuum cleaner, wet and dry mop to clean the surface.
  • This is a multipurpose mat. It is great for the garage, commercial, industrial, warehouse, workshop, or bus station.
  • The unique texture on its surface made it resistant to slip and wears.
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Garage Floor Mat

The Garage Floor Mat is made of a fabric called “felt” that will absorb water, grease, stain, oil, and any other liquid. The material on the upper side of the garage floor protector will prevent the floor from dirt, mud, and stain.

The membrane on the other side of the garage floor protector will prevent water, snow, oil, or any other liquid; and the membrane on the backside of the Parking Floor Mat can prevent water, oil, snow, or other liquid from trickling through the backside of the garage floor mat.

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Feature and Benefits

  • Garage Floor Mat is one of my Best garage floor protectors because of the convenience of use. You can use it to repair or fix your car either outside or inside your garage.
  • This Garage Floor Mat is washable and can be clean with ease.
  • It is highly durable and tears and tear-resistant.
  • The garage floor protector is large with size “16.7Feet x 6.7”; it is enough to fit into any car parking space.

LINLA Premium Garage Floor Mat

LINLA Premium Garage Floor Mat is an Multi-layered protective barrier made from high tech materials. Designed to protect your garage floor surface and keep it clean.

The upper layer of absorbent fabric nonwoven cloth is permanently bonded to an Impermeable Membrane. This fabric provides a high amount of surface area for maximum absorption.The lower layer traps gas, oils, battery acid, cleaners and other harmful fluids.

The floor mat is slip-resistant with a textured rubber grip that is firm to the concrete floor. It prevents the mats from causing an accident by sliding. The product’s deep channel designs make the surface a non-slip one. It traps mud, rain, snow, ice, and any liquids.

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Features and Benefits

  • This mat is suitable for high traffic garage concrete floors.
  • It will prevent water damage by protecting flooring.
  • The LINLA Premium Garage Floor Mat thick and heavy-duty rubber is easy to clean rather than cleaning the whole lobby floor.
  • The mat is durable and can absorb shock and also resistant to liquids and heat.

TruContain Containment Mat

The TruContain Containment is strong, durable, heavier, and better than the best garage floor mats. They have been in the business of production of garage floor protectors for years.

TruContain Containment has a lightly textured surface that makes the mat very easy to clean. The 1.18” foam that is heat welded with 23oz PVC fabric (an infused); creates a durable and flexible edge of the height of 1.25 inches.

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Features and Benefits

  • It is straightforward to install, and you can do that in a few minutes.
  • TruContain is attractive with gray color.
  • You can purchase and return this product with 30 days and still get your money back.
  • It is heavy and durable compare to their competitor.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Garage Mats

Choosing out of the best garage floor mats to purchase will depend on many factors directly dependent on your needs. Garage floor mats do not only protect your floors but will protect you against leakages, skids, and scratches.

Below are features to consider before making your purchase decision about your garage floor protector.

The Price and Cost of Garage Floor Mats

The number of things that will dictate the nature of garage floor mats you will purchase is the amount you have to spend to get what you need. The cost of garage floor protectors varies from brand, material, size, and many other factors related to your kind of garage floor. Please know that most garage floor mats are highly affordable to purchase.

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Durability and Quality of Mat

The quality and durability of your garage floor are everything. The essence of purchasing one of the best garage floor protectors is to get your floor and garage concrete secure and protect. It would be best to look for how quality and durable the garage floor mat you are about to purchase is, irrespective of the cost.

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Aesthetic Look

The look is key to many people after the quality and ruggedness of the mats. But how pretty your garage mats are will still be dictated by the amount of money you have to get the most aesthetic mats.

Some options you have are coin, diamond, vented, or smooth patterns garage floor mats. You can also exploit tiles as an alternative to your garage floor mats.


Another critical factor that should influence your type of garage floors is the cost of maintenance or how easy it will be to maintain your garage floor protector.

Some garage floors may require special treatment that will imply extra cost for you. This is why you should know all about your garage floor mat before your buying decision is made.


The fact is that you should be able to install most garage floor mats by yourself. Very few of them may require you to get a particular installer to help you install .

Following the instruction about how to install your garage floor should be straightforward for anyone. But then you must decide if it is what you are ready to do by yourself or you are going to hire an installer for an extra cost.

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There are varieties of garage floor mats online with many conflicting reviews. What should dictate your choice of garage floor protector is your need and the condition and situation in your garage. Your choice of garage floor mats should be durable and easy to clean, safe for your health, and should absorb and control the fluids and solvent.

If you follow this buyer’s guide and investigate the best garage floor mats, you can easily make a pick out of our list of best garage floor protectors. We discovered that the top best garage floor mats are:

Best Overall: [amazon link=”B07Q3N2DZS” title=”Armor All Garage Floor Mats”/]
Best Rated: [amazon link=”B07R185TNN” title=”Drymate XL Oil Spill Mat”/]
Most Professional: [amazon link=”B00DXZVL6G” title=”Shield Family Floor Protector”/]
Best Premium Pick: [amazon link=”B088CXVRQL” title=”ITSOFT Garage Floor Mat”/]
Best Multipurpose: [amazon link=”B07Q3N2DZS” title=”Delooant Parking Garage Floor Mats”/]

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