Best Carpet Colors to Hide Stains. (And 5 More Secrets!)

Certain colors can help you save a lot of time and money when getting a carpet. If you are prone to spilling food on your carpet, you might want to consider getting a different color of carpet. 

Darker shades tend to hide stains and dirt of all kinds. Colors like dark brown and black are ideal for concealing stains. Light does not reflect from dark surfaces so stains aren’t visible at all.

What are the Best Colors to Hide Stains?

Black, dark brown, and darker shades of most colors do the trick. You should avoid bright colors like yellow, blue, and white which make stains stand out **. **

Have you been wondering about how to hide stains completely on your carpet? No need to look any further because we have prepared a list for you!

1. Black

Black carpet

The best color that can act as a perfect disguise is certainly black. You won’t have to worry about any type of stain on a black carpet. It helps in concealing stains to a large extent. 

Especially, if you place it in a dimly lit room, you are good to go. 

2. Dark Brown

dark brown carpet

This shade of brown has to be the most versatile color for a carpet. Not only does it look good with furniture and home decor. It can easily hide stains as well. 

Since most stains fade and turn to a shade of brown at some point, a dark brown carpet makes an excellent choice for a messy eater. 

3. Mult-color

Mult-color carpet

If you are someone who can’t imagine placing a dark-colored carpet anywhere in your house, multi-color carpets can help you. These carpets can hide any type of stain because of their beautiful patterns and colors. 

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5 Ways to Hide Stains on your Carpet

1. Baking powder and Vinegar

Baking powder and Vinegar

Did you know that you could use vinegar and baking powder in combination to get stains out of your carpet? Most people are mistaken about the use of baking powder and often resort to using baking soda. 

Mix the two and leave it to your carpet brush to do all the work.



You can leave your carpet to dry on its own instead of tossing it into the dryer. This will ensure it is not damaged in any way. 

2. Place a Plant

Place a Plant

If you are a plant lover and can’t find a way to hide those stains on your carpet, well, look no further because the answer is right in front of you! You can place your potted plant near the stained area of your carpet. This will help divert attention from the stain to the plant. 



3. Use Home Decor

Use Home Decor

Home decorations are a great way to hide any type of stains on your carpet. These can range from your ordinary decorative pieces like lamps and vases to decorative jars and urns. You’ll need to take extra care with the placement of each object. The last thing you want is to make it obvious that you’re trying to hide something. 

Be sure to place your home decorative object near the area of the stain and not directly on top of it to avoid raising suspicion amongst guests. 

4. Use Furniture

Use Furniture

If decorative pieces don’t do the trick, you can always stick to readjusting your furniture. You can change the position of a side table or a chair to hide those unpleasant stains. 

If all else fails, you can try moving the larger furniture around. 

5. Get a rug with patterns

Get a rug with patterns

If nothing seems to work, you can buy a carpet with unique patterns. Rugs like that can easily hide any stain because they help in distracting people with their colors and details. You can get a carpet in a dark shade of brown. Multi-color rugs help in hiding stains to a large extent as well. 

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We have looked at the different colors that can help hide any type of stain on a carpet. These include black, dark brown, and multi-color carpets. Some of the tricks you can use to hide any stains include the use of baking powder and vinegar, placing a potted plant, and using home decor such as lamps and jars. 

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