This is How To Find the Best Carpet Cleaners in Your Area!

Finding a good carpet cleaner isn’t fun. I know! You first have to find for carpet cleaners near you, then call them and ask for estimates. And even then, you don’t know who to choose because you can’t know for sure who has the most experience. And choosing the cheapest option might ruin your carpet… and that’s not a good idea. So… what should you do?

In my professional opinion, the absolute best way to find a good carpet cleaner near your home is to look through professional services websites. You’ll find great professionals, read recent reviews, and get as many quotes as you want all in one place! The best platforms in the United States are Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor. I like Thumbtack a little better, because it’s easier to use and the pros seem like they care about every client more. On Homeadvisor, it’s more about the numbers (the more jobs you do, the more you get paid). Thumbtack is so easy to use! All you have to do is create a profile, look for a carpet cleaner with positive reviews, and discuss your project with them. Book an appointment, and wait for the magic to happen.

smiling young professional cleaner cleaning carpet

Let’s look at the steps that will help you find the best carpet cleaner in town!

Step by Step Guide: Thumbtack

When a floor covering demands liberation from dirt, allergens, and mold, you need to find a good carpet cleaner.

Traditionally, people relied on word of mouth to find suitable service providers. In other words, it was necessary to call friends and family to ask for recommendations. However, this is not the case today as the internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Now at the click of a button, we can find top-notch carpet cleaners near us easily.

Here is where Thumbtack comes into the picture. This online platform has revolutionized the way people hire local professionals. Their impact is so significant that millions have already benefited from them! So you can also count on Thumbtack to connect you with an excellent carpet cleaning service!

Since you might be unaware of how to use this platform, I have broken down the process for you.

STEP 1: Determine Your Needs

Before you set out on the journey to find a professional carpet cleaner, you must determine the project requirements.

When you start correspondence with the service provider, they will ask you several questions related to the project. Ideally, you should list down all essential details beforehand so that there is no room for confusion. Doing so will ensure that there is a clear understanding of what you require from the professional.

Some basic information will be easy to provide. You already know about the type of building your home is situated within and the number of rooms which will require carpet cleaning. However, determining the specific method that you prefer might be a little more demanding. That is why it is crucial to do some research in advance so that you are well-informed instead of confused.

Here are some details that must be communicated to the carpet cleaning service later:

  1. The type of building your home is situated within.
  2. The type of carpets the expert will have to deal with.
  3. The number of rooms which will require carpet cleaning.
  4. The extent and type of stains present.
  5. Whether carpeted stairs also require cleaning.
  6. If anyone smokes at home.
  7. If any pets roam indoors.
  8. If there are any preferences regarding steam cleaning or dry cleaning.
  9. A suitable date and time for the expert to begin the project.

The main idea of this step is to create a blueprint for the carpet cleaning project. So once you understand how things should proceed, just note down your requirements.

STEP 2. Search for an Expert

When you look for a professional on Thumbtack, the platform will never disappoint you!

To begin the search process, you have to log in or sign up on the platform. If you’re new to Thumbtack, just create an account by filling in your name, email, and password. However, if you don’t want to go through that hassle, sign up via Facebook or Google.

Search for an Expert

Once you log in to the platform, visit the home page. You just need to mention the service you are looking for and the zip code of your home. To show you how this works, I will search for Carpet cleaning services in Bell Gardens, California.

Search for an Expert

As you can see in the image, it is pretty straightforward to initiate a search. However, going through the results is a different story altogether.

STEP 3. Sift Through the Options

You need to filter through the search results and pick a suitable professional for the project!

Once you initiate a search, several results are likely to come in front of you. I have attached an image of how a search result will appear on the screen.

Sift Through the Options

On the left-hand side of the page, you will see filters that will help you refine the results. You should go through the listed professionals and check their profiles to understand their performance.

There are generally three things to look out for:

  1. Reviews: This indicates the effectiveness of the professional!
  2. Credentials: This will make you feel more confident about their skills.
  3. Past Work: This lets you know that the expert can deliver on his promises!



If your carpet has some tough stains or if the material has delicate fibers like those of silk, be mindful. The professional you hire should have the right experience, which highlights their carpet cleaning prowess.

Let’s have a look at some details taken from a random carpet cleaning company’s profile.

The overview indicates that the business has bagged loads of experience as it has been hired more than 1500 times. Moreover, they have also done similar jobs near you! You can use these details to develop an understanding of the service provider.

If you’re wondering how to find the best professionals on Thumbtack, look for profiles with a Top Pro Status. Service providers are assigned this status only if they are fantastic at what they do. After all, they have to get positive ratings and a consistent stream of work.

Once you find a carpet cleaner that seems right for the task, you must check their availability. To do so, you might have to answer a few questions that the professional has outlined. Have a look at the following screenshot.

answer a few questions that the professional

If they are available on the dates you’re interested in, go ahead and move on to the next step.

STEP 4: Discuss the Project with the Chosen Professional

You must clearly communicate the project details to the chosen professional!

To proceed, you must discuss the project in further detail with the service provider. The option to ‘message’ the professional is present on their profile. Click on it and briefly describe the project. You will later be able to mention even more about the requirements. Additionally, you can also share images of the carpets and the stains by attaching them to your message.

Discuss the Project with the Chosen Professional



To hire someone who will meet our expectations, we need to communicate what we need effectively. Using the project requirements that you noted down earlier ensures just this.

Since you already have an understanding of your carpet cleaning needs, communicating the vision will be easy for you.

Chatting with the professional will let you be more confident about the task ahead. Since reputable carpet cleaning companies have a lot of expertise, they will guide you through the project. Moreover, they will also be able to give you a reasonable estimate for the project and give you a timeline. If you have any concerns, you will have the chance to voice them out!

STEP 5. Book an Appointment

The final step includes booking an appointment with the carpet cleaner!

If you are confident that the professional will deliver on his promise, just go ahead with the booking. They are likely to give you an estimate of how much the task will cost! You will have no regrets after the project finishes. Your efforts will pay off as all the carpets in your home will soon be back in mint condition.

Since the carpet cleaning may be a little disruptive, do prepare for the day of the project. Perhaps you can cook food in advance or order something at home. Apart from that, you could also rearrange the furniture in a way that makes the carpets more accessible. Prepare for any contingencies, so that you have nothing to regret about later.

Once you complete the preparations, just sit back and relax. Now it is the carpet cleaner’s responsibility to do their magic. The result should please your eyes and give you peace of mind. The carpet fibers will soon be free from dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Moreover, their lifespan will also increase!

If anything goes wrong, you can always contact Thumbtack to resolve issues. However, this is unlikely as reputable and skilled professionals work on this platform.

Step by Step Guide: HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor has a brilliant assortment of professionals available to serve you!

Another brilliant platform to find a professional carpet cleaning service is HomeAdvisor. It is very vigilant in listing only the best service providers on their website. Moreover, they have an entire mechanism in place to ensure you are charged reasonably for the project.

If you want to search for a reputable carpet cleaning service, you can rely on HomeAdvisor.

STEP 1: Determine Your Needs1

The general idea is that the clearer your requirements are, the easier it will be to fulfill them.

Before you use HomeAdvisor, you need to determine your carpet cleaning needs. This step will remain the same as it was for Thumbtack; therefore, I advise you to read up the first step in the last section.

STEP 2: Answer a Few Questions About the Task

HomeAdvisor has a very user-friendly questioning process for the project!

You have to visit this link to find carpet cleaners near you on HomeAdvisor. Once you visit the site, this is what you will see on your screen.

Answer a Few Questions About the Task

Fill in your zip code and click on ‘Find Pros Near You’. For this example, I’ve used Bell Gardens 90201.

HomeAdvisor has a straightforward process through which you can find the best service providers in your area. All you have to do is answer a few questions!

  1. Is this an emergency?
  2. Which rooms need carpet cleaning?
  3. What type of carpet cleaning do you prefer?
  4. What level of preparation is needed?

It will be easy to answer these questions because you just have to choose the right option(s). So it is a very smooth and straightforward process. Have a look at one question:

Answer a Few Questions About the Task



This platform will define a pre-set price for the project that it produces according to your answers. Therefore, be careful while answering questions!

Once you answer all the basic questions, you will have to fill in some necessary details like the project address and contact information.

project address and contact information

Once all these requirements are met, you can view matching Pros.

STEP 3: Go Through Matched Pros and Finalize Your Booking

HomeAdvisor will send fully equipped pros to complete your carpet cleaning project.

When you see the list of professionals, you should go through them and pick a suitable one. Whoever you choose should be available on your preferred dates and time.

Once you finalize a professional, HomeAdvisor compares quotes to determine a pre-set price for your carpet cleaning project. This quote is personalized for you and can vary depending on your answers. All you have to do is finalize the booking and pay for it online.

HomeAdvisor is a platform that guarantees that the pro has the skills, expertise, and equipment necessary for the task. If there is anything wrong, you can contact their team to resolve the issues; however, this is not going to happen. The platform is reputable and will not lead you to disappointment.

Other Things You Might Want to Know Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaner

Homeowners strive to make their homes safe, healthy, and hygienic for everyone.

pink carpet

You can restore your floor coverings to their original glory with professional carpet cleaning. However, the more you know about the process, the better decisions you will make. Therefore, I recommend that you go through these things before you hire any carpet cleaner.

How Often Should You Hire Carpet Cleaners?

Carpets need to more frequent professional cleaning if they face higher footfall.

It is natural to wonder how often your carpet needs professional cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners often exaggerate how many times you need to avail their services. They want to convince you to spend more money than the actual requirement. Therefore, it is crucial to do some research on this matter.

A report published by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification highlights the frequency at which carpets should be vacuumed and deep cleaned. If your residence only has adults living in it, your floor coverings face light soil. The fibers require professional cleaning once a year. However, other factors may necessitate even more frequent professional carpet cleaning.

If you want to read up about this topic and you have pets or smokers at home, read up on our post called ‘How often should you clean your carpet?’.

clean your carpets

How often you should clean your carpets for perfect results?

Some professionals exaggerate (A LOT!) when talking about how often you should clean your carpet. Take a look at the real frequencies certifying entities recommend!

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Many people are unaware that carpets can there are different carpet cleaning techniques!

Carpets come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. However, they can be cleaned in a multitude of ways.

There are typically five types of carpet cleaning:

  1. Dry Compound
  2. Hot Water Extraction
  3. Encapsulation and Dry Foam Absorption
  4. Carpet Shampoo
  5. Bonnet Cleaning

There is a lot to learn about these methods of carpet cleaning. However, it may be a little confusing to know which one is the best for you! Do check out this guide on carpet cleaning methods, which I highly recommend that you read.

carpet cleaning method

What is the Best Method of Carpet Cleaning? 5 Professional Methods Explained!

There’re 5 essential carpet cleaning methods. Their cost and effectiveness can change. Learn which is best for you!

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

You should know how much it costs to hire a professional carpet cleaner!

According to HomeAdvisor, professional carpet cleaning costs lie between $121 and $233. The average charges equal to $176. However, the price may be more or less depending on other factors.

Cleaning Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Cost 2022: Infographic

How much does carpet cleaning cost? What’s the average price? In this post we answer all your questions with a very useful infographic.

Since some carpet materials are more difficult to clean like silk or cotton, they necessitate extra compensation for the carpet cleaner. Think about it yourself; it takes more effort and time to wash these floor coverings! Why wouldn’t the service provider charge more to deal with them?

Similarly, tough stains are also more demanding. According to HomeAdvisor, stain removal can cost anywhere between $40 and $300. It takes more product and skills to remove deeply entrenched dirt! Therefore, professionals have to work hard to eliminate stains.


Carpet fibers tend to absorb dust, dander, and allergens, which necessitate deep cleaning. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional to bring your carpets back into mint condition.

Premier professional service websites like Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor facilitate users by making it easier to hire service providers. Just explore their platforms, answer a few questions, and find a suitable carpet cleaning service! The best thing about these websites is that they only list trustworthy professionals!

Even if you get your carpets cleaned professionally every year, you still need to vacuum them regularly. I recommend you check the best vacuum cleaners out there, which will make your life easier.

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