4 Reasons and 3 Tips on Buying the Best Bathroom Carpet!

Imagine stepping out of your shower and placing your feet on a soft and cozy carpet. Not only does this floor covering help you feel better, but it also enables you to avoid slipping. Apart from that, there is no denying that it enhances the beauty of the room. Why wouldn’t you want to place a stunning and warm carpet on your bathroom floor? After all, it is a package full of benefits for you.

While there are many online stores where you can purchase a bathroom carpet, each one isn’t worth your trust. I have shopped in over a dozen rug stores, and I believe that the best one is Lumens Light+Living. Make up your mind, understand why you need a bathroom carpet, and then research a bit about suitable rug materials. In short, prepare yourself in a way that ensures you choose an excellent floor covering! Be confident with your judgment since it is well-informed and just welcome a stunning décor piece at your home.

Buying the Best Bathroom Carpet

You should know why getting a bathroom carpet makes sense.

Why Should You Get A Bathroom Carpet?

Since you have an interest in purchasing a bathroom carpet, the benefits it offers are worth knowing.

Reason 1: They Prevent Slipping

You should install a bathroom carpet because it safeguards you from damage. When you step on a tiled or laminate floor, you are more likely to slip and fall. While this idea may seem nothing at first glance, there is a lot of information to unpack. Falls can cause serious injuries that necessitate medical attention. In worst-case scenarios, a fall may even cause traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, you should mitigate the risk.

After a shower, your feet are wet, and you are likely to slip. This fall occurs due to the reduced friction between the floor and your feet. You can stop this from happening with a bathroom carpet. This carpet adds an extra layer that effectively prevents falls by increasing friction. It is only a wise choice to have a rug in your bathroom. It may indeed be challenging to maintain the integrity of the floor covering placed there. However, you can feel safer with it in your bathroom.

Reason 2: They Are Cozy and Warm

All of us start our day with a shower. If we place a carpet in our bathroom, we can make our daily ritual more pleasant. If we step on the floor to find it cold, it will send a chill down our spine. Instead of letting our bodies experience this type of shock, we can place a rug that behaves like a buffer. The cozy and warm feeling of a carpet can make the entire bathing experience better for you.

Never underestimate the small things that you place in your home. A bathroom carpet can be surprisingly beneficial for your circumstances. If you are mindful enough to put one on the floor, you will find a host of good things come your way. It is a punch of comfort that will leave your feet in bliss. Why would anyone want to avoid it?

Reason 3: They Are Aesthetically Pleasing

If you love beauty, you should consider buying a bathroom carpet that matches your aesthetic vision. You would be surprised by the way a floor covering can polish the entire look of a room. When you take care of subtle things in the environment, the impact is phenomenal. Don’t overlook this décor piece just because it doesn’t sound too special. A superior quality carpet could give the bathroom a luxurious vibe!

All of us wish to have a relaxing time in the bathroom. With a pleasant space that is decorated appropriately, we are more likely to feel relieved. Moreover, since bathrooms aren’t too big, you can easily get it carpeted. There is no reason why you should leave it bare floored.

Reason 4: Some Rugs Are Specially Designed for The Bathroom

Since technology is working in our favor to produce innovative products that solve our problems, we should be welcoming. Some carpets are explicitly designed for bathrooms with stain-resistant and slip-proof properties. There is also a wise use of waterproof backing which protects the underlay and the bathroom floor from damage. Why wouldn’t you get one for yourself?

If you can purchase a carpet that has been produced and designed for placement in bathrooms, you are in luck. This floor covering will be easy to manage and maintain. Therefore, you will face little difficulty in keeping it in tip-top condition.

Best Online Store to Get Bathroom Carpets

When you search for bathroom carpets online, you will find numerous platforms. However, each one isn’t worth your trust or attention. I recommend one store which never disappoints customers with its superior commitment to satisfy customers.

Lumens Light + Living

Lumens Light + Living is a fantastic online store that offers sophisticated floor coverings that are admirable.

Lumens Light + Living is an online platform that enables customers to purchase high-quality décor pieces. They have been serving the market since 2006 and have never stopped excellent it. Their aesthetic sensibility is best defined as ‘open-minded modern’. If you’re interested in that sort of style, you should consider this stop as your guide. After all, the products available here are charming to the eye.

When you visit the Lumens Light + Living website, you will be pleased to see a charming display in front of you:

Lumens Light + Living

To find the right rug for you, you may need to experiment a bit with the filters. Don’t limit yourself and do a bit of exploring. You know your needs best, and you will find the right rug for yourself when you look for it wholeheartedly.

The customer journey on the website is mesmerizing, as the website has been designed wisely. You can be confident about having a positive purchase journey on it. It has features that let you select the type of shape, color, and even the brand that the rug will possess. Other than that, it also gives you a more in-depth insight into ratings. With so much useful information at your disposal, Lumens lets you make the best well-informed purchase possible.

Have a look at this gorgeous bold stripe shag indoor mat by Chilewich:

Lumens Light + Living

This carpet is perfect for placement in the bathroom and can make any space look more refined. You should explore the website to find more stunning pieces that will be helpful for you.

Best Materials For Bathroom Carpets

There is an array of materials that can be put under use to produce carpets.

You must bear in mind the type of material of your carpet before you purchase it. Since it will be near water, it needs to have unique properties that elongate its life. The floor covering that you choose should be water-damage resistant and durable.


A nylon rug doesn’t cause too much hassle and can give you peace of mind, which you deserve.

Nylon is an ideal choice for a bathroom carpet because of its high durability. Not only does it withstand footfall for a long time, but it is also resilient. Additionally, it is highly affordable, which makes it even more appealing to purchase. Who could resist a bargain that is so beneficial? If you’re sensible, you will find it pretty obvious that you should get a floor covering made from this synthetic material.


A polyester rug is even more durable and aesthetically-pleasing than you can ever imagine.

Polyester is another synthetic fiber that you can consider. It has a level of durability, which allows it to endure high footfall. This nature of the material makes it feasible for use in public bathrooms. The material is also highly water-resistant. Add the fact that polyester doesn’t undergo severe shape distortion, and it becomes clear why it is a loved material. You could consider it as a material for your floor coverings too.


Polypropylene rugs resemble wool floor coverings but are way more reasonably priced, making them an ideal choice.

Polypropylene is a durable synthetic fiber that is highly affordable. If you buy a floor covering made from this material, it is likely to last for a long time. Apart from that, it is water-resistant, which makes it ideal for placement in bathrooms. It has a soft and appealing texture, which makes it desirable. However, the best thing about it is how easy it is to clean as a material.

Tips for Purchasing a Good Bathroom Carpet

Good Bathroom Carpet

You are on the mission to purchase the right bathroom carpet. To ensure this, I recommend you go through some tips. I believe they will increase the likelihood of making your investment in floor coverings more meaningful.

Tip 1: Don’t Compromise on Quality

When you are purchasing a floor covering, it is crucial to buy something with high quality. A substandard carpet would not stand up to the wear and tear. Moreover, exposure to water isn’t kind to fibers. You need to be careful while purchasing one, or else you will have to face regret. Believe me; you do not want to pay for something that gives up in a month or two.

While you must be firm about buying quality products, you must not forget about your budget. Be respectful towards your wallet and only purchase something if you can absorb the shock. You wouldn’t want to have a luxurious carpet in your bathroom while you can’t afford other amenities. In short, don’t compromise on quality, but don’t forget about your budget.

Tip 2: Make Sure It Fits Inside Your Washer

You better keep the size of your carpets in mind while you purchase it. Since the bathroom is a place with a lot of footfall, water will inevitably spill on the rug. Apart from that, it will also get quite dirty. If you purchase a carpet that is washable and small enough to fit in the washer, you can relax. All you must do is clean it and place it back in its spot.

You should look around your bathroom and try to figure out ideal spots for the rugs. Since these rooms are already relatively small, you won’t face many issues. The carpet will most probably be washable with ease. If you’ve bought a product made with an easy-to-clean fiber, you’re in extra luck. Hygiene is crucial to maintain, and you’re in good hands when you are careful.

Tip 3: Choose A Color That Fits with The Bathroom Décor

You are aesthetically motivated to decorate the room in a way that makes it look better. Keep the rest of the décor in mind when you choose the rug. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, you should choose something that blends in with the rest of the room—the idea is to use the floor covering to accentuate the existing patterns and hues.

Don’t opt for a distracting color when it comes to your bathroom carpet. Trust me; it is not worth your while. Moreover, try to avoid light colors which may appear dirtier than usual in a short time. However, at the end of the day, it is your choice to choose something that appeals to your taste.


Bathroom carpets have an incredible ability to beautify the room. Apart from that, they are practical as they do not allow you to slip. While there are many online stores where you can purchase a rug, only a few are worth your trust. I believe that you should rely on Lumens Light+Living. You can place your faith in this store as it is well-reputed and modern. Moreover, it strives to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in more posts like this, which ensure a wise purchase, I recommend you visit our Online Rug Buying Guide.

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