Berber vs Plush Carpet (Pros and Cons)

As a real carpet fan, I like both Berber and plush carpets. I think each carpet style has its cons and pros. You can use them both, but for different rooms in your house. My readers often asked me, what is better, Berber or plush carpet. I studied this topic deeply, and that’s what I’ve found out.

As a general rule, Berber carpet is a better option for commercial buildings, while plush rugs serve great in the low-traffic rooms, like bedrooms. A Berber carpet structure consists of uncut loops of various lengths. A plush carpet has a high cut pile. Plush carpets are softer than Berber ones. These two carpet styles have many other distinctive features. Look further to know them all!

What is the Difference Between Berber and Plush Carpet?

Berber vs Plush Carpet

I get lots of letters from my readers, when they ask me, “What carpet should I buy, plush or Berber?” In fact, these carpets are very different and both deserve to decorate the floor in your house, but probably in different rooms. The Berber and plush carpets have different characteristics as for fiber type, pile height, the production technology etc. You should consider all these characteristics properly to make the final decision, which of them to buy. I’ll explain to you the difference between these two rug types. We’ll also study their advantages and disadvantages. Then I’ll tell you how to maintain both carpet styles. Thus, at the end of this post you’ll be ready to choose.

Berber VS Plush Carpet: Comparison

Look at the table to learn the main difference between the two carpets immediately.

Name Type of ProductionLoop/Pile StyleCarpet FiberColor
Berber carpetMostly machine made; but more expensive options can be handmadeUncut loop styleBerber carpet structure involves loops of different size and shapes – from  tight/low to loose/highMostly synthetic fiber (although can be exclusions)nylontriextaolefinpolyesterTraditionally Berber carpet consists of white/beige color with adding of brown and grey. But modern Berber carpets boast with great variety of colors, including red, black, green etc
Plush carpetBoth handmade and machine madeCut loop styleLong soft pile (up to 8 mm)Mostly natural, but modern plush carpets may be synthetic, toowoolsilkcottonpolyesterWide range of colors and patterns

Berber VS Plush Carpet: The Term Origin

I always tell my readers that they can decide what carpet to choose, judging from its term origin only. 

Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet

Thus, “Berber” comes from the eponymous tribes from North Africa. The tribe members maintained goats and used their soft wool to create various things, including carpets. The natural colors of goats’ wool are white, black and brown. That’s why initially Berber carpets were white with spots of brown and black. Nowadays, the color range of Berber carpets has become much wider, of course. And soft goat wool was substituted with synthetic fiber.

Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet

The term “plush” comes from the French word “peluche”, which means fabric similar to velvet, but with a longer and softer pile. Very often the term “plush” means softness and luxury. 

From the term origin, you can see that Berber carpets are associated with comfort and functionality, while plush ones are the synonyms of rich lifestyle and beauty. Besides, plush carpets make you feel good.

Berber VS Plush Carpet: Pros and Cons

Berber VS Plush Carpet: Pros and Cons

I know that each of us is unique. It is hard to say, what carpet is better, plush or Berber in your case. So, I’ll share advantages and disadvantages of both carpets, so you can study them and find the best variant for yourself. 

Berber Carpet Pros

In the 1990s Berber carpets were unbelievably popular. You could see the bright Berber rug almost everywhere: in the office, in the restaurant and at your friend’s home. What is the reason for such enormous popularity? The Berber carpet has lots of pros.

  • Great for high traffic areas

Berber rug style wears great. That’s why you could have seen these carpets in the offices, schools, theaters and other commercial buildings. These carpets are like brave little warriors that can hold up heavy traffic without losing their great look. They are not getting untangled, too.


You shouldn’t use Berber carpets or staircases as its underlay is noticeable between the loops on the stairs curves.

  • Good price value

As usual, Berber carpets are less expensive than plush ones. There are two reasons why it is possible. First of all, Berber carpets are often made of synthetic fiber, which is cheaper than natural one. Besides, the production technology of a looped carpet is cheaper. 

  • Great choice of fabrics and colors
Berber Carpet Look

I’ve mentioned above that traditional Berber colors are neutral. Although nowadays there are many variations of Berber carpets. They can be both neutral and bright. They can be patterned or unpatterned. Besides, Berber rugs’ fabric can also be different. You may get the Berber carpet made of cheap olefin, more expensive nylon and pricy wool. Thus, it’s possible to choose the budget Berber carpet for your office, where lots of people come and spill coffee from time to time. Or you can get a luxurious wool Berber rug for your cozy living room. 

  • Fast to clean

As usual, Berber carpets have tight loops, which are resistant to stains and don’t absorb dirt and dust. You have to vacuum the Berber carpet once or twice a week and it will serve you for ages. Check “8 Best USA Made Vacuum Cleaners Ranked” to choose the vacuum cleaner for your Berber rug.

  • Wear and tear not noticeable

Tight shorts loops of Berber carpet and its spotty coloration looks great even after 10-15 year from its production date. The stains are less noticeable on its surface.

  • Long durability

Berber carpets’ lifespan is much longer in comparison with other carpet types. They decorate their owners’ homes and offices for 10-15 years. If the Berber rug’s maintenance is careful and right, they can serve even longer – up to 20 years. 

Berber Carpet Cons

  • Prone to rips

The loops on the Berber carpet surface are prone to rips. That’s why these carpets are not recommended for the houses where pets live. Kids can also easily cut the piles with their shoes or simply while they are playing on the carpet. In this case the Berber rug will lose its presentable look faster.

  • Less soft than other carpet types

Really, Berber carpets look great and serve for ages. But their main drawback is in its hardness. They don’t make your feet feel good, when they step on its surface.

Plush carpet Pros

  • Great softness

Nothing can be compared with that great feeling, when your feet touch the long extremely soft fiber of a plush carpet. Many people choose these rugs just for that feeling only.

  • Luxurious look
Plush Carpet Look

If money is not a problem for you and the only thing you dream about is luxury and beauty, then a plush carpet is a great option for you. Such carpet decorates any room and serves a great compliment to its owner’s taste.

  • Quite long durability

In spite of their fragile look, plush carpets are not weak servants at all. Their lifespan is not so long as that one of Berber carpets. But their durability – up to 15 years – is impressive enough, too.

  • Wide range of colors

Like Berber carpets, plush ones are very versatile, too. They are made of different kinds of fabric, including synthetic ones. Plush carpets’ color range is extensive, too.

Plush carpet Cons

  • High price

Plush carpets are quite pricey, that’s why many homeowners avoid getting them. But luxury can’t be cheap, can it?

  • Hard to clean

The height pile absorbs dirt like a sponge. In a plush carpet long pile, you can find almost everything – food crumbs, dust, and dirt. They are very hard to clean at home, that’s why I recommend my readers to take plush rugs to a cleaning company and let the experts take care of them.

  • Easily become watermarked

Of course, this point is arguable and depends on the fabric your carpet is made of. But as usual, the high pile of the plush carpet is not resistant to water. If it got wet, please, dry it away immediately as stains from water can stay on its soft surface for ages. The mold can also appear easily.

  • For low traffic areas

The main drawback of plush carpets is their pile delicacy. If you want to maintain your luxurious plush carpet correctly, then put it in a low traffic area. If you put this carpet in the office, it will lose its presentable look in 6 months or so.

Berber VS Plush Carpet: Where to Use

As you can conclude from Berber VS plush carpets list of pros and cons, Plush carpets are better to use in the rooms with low traffic. They are great for bedrooms, where you can easily go barefoot and enjoy its softness and the noble shine of its fibers. They are good for the sitting area of your living room.

But Berber carpets work great in the corridors, staircases and commercial buildings. 

Which is Better Berber or Plush Carpet?

Which is Better Berber or Plush Carpet

I’ve studied lots of forums, where different carpet fans shared their opinions on the topic. I must say that Berber carpet is a more popular choice. 

Just listen to Phil Jones, Bournemouth University graduate and carpet enthusiast, “Berber carpet presents a better price/quality ratio. Made of synthetic fiber, it looks no worse than a plush carpet. And its square foot is better valued than the equivalent plush carpet cost. Yes, I know, its surface is hard. But softness is the least thing you should think about if you are going to walk on it”.

Expert’s opinion

But as for me, I am not so strict on plush carpets. I think it’s a great idea to put such a beautiful covering on the floor of your bedroom or children’s room. Plush carpets work well in a low traffic area.


To conclude, both Berber and plush carpets have their advantages and disadvantages. Berber carpets look great. Their durability is impressive. They are easy to maintain. Nevertheless, their surface is hard. Plush carpets are small soft miracles, which hug your feet with warmth and tenderness. But they can be watermarked, cost a lot and are less durable. It is better to use Berber carpets in offices, corridors and rooms with high traffic. And plush carpets are the best choice for small private premises. Take them both, and you won’t regret it!

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