Are Carpet Beetles Common? (All You Should Know)

One day you wake up and see holes in your bed linen or slight irritation on your skin. Then you look on the carpet near your bed and see small dark brown insects. Carpet beetles have infected your cozy home. I am sure, now you are asking, “Why me?” I can answer this question. 

As a general rule, even the most accurate homeowners are not guaranteed from the appearance of carpet beetles in their houses. Carpet beetles are very common. Their microscopic size helps them stay away from our sight. They come into your house through open doors and windows. Read on to know, if carpet beetles are dangerous for you, what conditions are most comfortable for them and how you can take these insects under control.

Carpet Beetles Common
Carpet Beetles

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Are Carpet Beetles Widespread?

Yes, they are. Carpet beetles are tiny, irritating, and destructive pests. They can be responsible for large infestations and damage worth hundreds of dollars. It sounds awful. It is.

Howard Russell of Michigan State University Diagnostic Services from the Department of Plant Pathology said in his article “Carpet beetles are the ultimate household scavengers and most homes older than two years probably have resident populations of carpet beetles”.

This gives a very clear answer to the question this blog is about. It is also worrying as we all might have carpet beetle infestations in our houses. Wow. The thought is NOT comforting. I am seriously considering examining my carpets too. God knows what the surprise might be!

Carpet beetles are of different types. All of them are a recurrent problem in millions of houses. They feed on natural fabrics, food remains in carpets, etc.

carpet beetle larvae

Now we know that these critters aren’t rare pests. Let’s take a look at the areas they can be found in.

In Which Areas Can Carpet Beetles Be Found?

Carpet beetles aren’t restricted to any continent. They are a worldwide problem. No state, country, or city is safe from these nibblers. This wasn’t always like this, though.

Carpet beetles have been known to be first found in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. One type was discovered in Britain. As the world has progressed, so have carpet beetles. Now they can be found in most regions of the world.

carpet bugs

Over the years, the use of carpets has significantly increased in most households. That has resulted in more carpet beetle infestations everywhere.

Ideal Conditions for Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles love dark, undisturbed, cozy places. Despite their fondness for the dark, they mate near light sources. Females lay eggs in comfortable spots where food for the larvae is in abundance.

Carpet Beetles in House

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These nibblers love warmer and drier conditions. They can survive over food that has low moisture content. That’s what makes your carpets a perfect habitat for them.

Did you ever wonder what carpet beetle larvae think about your carpets or rugs? Take a look at the picture below. Lol.

carpets or rugs

Unfortunately, they can infest your pantries too. You should be very vigilant in keeping your snacks and cereals in air-tight containers. Otherwise, carpet beetles are going to have a blast in your food. Sounds upsetting, right?

Adult carpet beetles feed on pollen and nectar. They aren’t interested in feeding on your beautiful wool rug or expensive carpet. However, the larvae are the real deal.

corroded carpet

They can digest Keratin, the animal protein found in natural fabrics. Since your carpets also have food remnants, they can be infected too.



The first and foremost measure of prevention against carpet beetles is regular cleaning. Let them know your carpets aren’t available for their feed or housing.

Vacuum every day. Tell these pests who’s the boss.

Why Do Carpet Beetles Spread So Quickly?

The most notable factor in the rapid spread of carpet beetles is their reproduction habit. Two words to describe it are ‘quick’ and ‘abundant’. The females can lay up to a hundred eggs at once. That’s A LOT.

The tiny size of the larvae supports them in migrating from room to room without being visible to the naked eye. Uncleanliness, availability of cozy places, and lack of pest control can also aid a carpet beetle infestation.

They also spread due to our neglect of any cracks and openings in our windows or doors. Once these pests make their way into our house, voila, trouble over trouble.

Your home sweet home will then become their breeding and feeding ground.

Carpet Beetles Spread

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Are Carpet Beetles Seasonal?

Do you ever wonder if carpet beetles take a season off? Ahh, No. They don’t. It’s yet another disturbing fact.

Carpet beetle larvae hatch in the spring or summer season. They aren’t seasonal because their life span ranges from 9 months to 3 years. Since adult carpet beetles feed on pollen, they rise when the flowers bloom, in spring.

carpet beetle

These pests are more active in warmer weather. Now, most houses have central heating systems so, these uninvited guests can find an ideal habitat in your house all year long.


A study showed that carpet beetles reproduce much more rapidly in higher temperatures.

Be more cautious in hot summer weather as larvae activity can be seriously increased.

How Can You Know, That You Have Carpet Beetles At Home?

Very often you don’t even know that you have carpet beetles in your home. And when you finally notice this pest on your windowsill or wall, the problem has already become complex.

That’s why it is very important to pay attention to the first signs that you have carpet beetles in your house. Let’s focus on the signs, which show that carpet beetles are in your house.

1. Holes in your clothes

Holes that appear in your clothes indicate a carpet beetle infestation. Many homeowners suppose that the holes were made by moths. But if there is no cobweb, then it was the carpet beetle that caused the harm.

ruined clothes

2. Holes in your carpet fabric and other items 

Of course, you often find evidence of these beetles in the carpets. Beetles especially love carpet flooring in the dark areas of your house: for example, under the sofa, in the corners, behind the wardrobe, etc. Besides, insects can damage upholstered furniture, as well as bags and other items made of leather and fur. 

3. You notice small brown beetles and larvae in the carpet pile

Holes are not the only traces carpet beetles leave on the carpet fabric, items of home textile, clothes, etc. You may also find feces and remnants of insect skin after pupation. Sometimes homeowners even notice small dark brown bodies of the beetles or their larvae in the carpet pile. In this case, the infestation has already reached a high point.

4. You can notice carpet beetles on the windowsills

Carpet larvae are sensitive to the sunlight, so they prefer dark spaces in your house. Probably, they settle in your closet, wardrobe, or on the carpet under the sofa. On the contrary, the adult carpet beetles like the top to stay under the sun’s rays. So, you can notice them on windowsills. 

Are Carpet Beetles Dangerous for Me?

I know, that this is the main question you ask if you have noticed that your carpet was infested with beetles. I am sorry, but I have to upset you. Carpet beetle larvae can be dangerous to humans. They not only destroy textile fibers but can also cause severe forms of allergy. 

You should know, that carpet beetles can’t bite humans. But they can irritate people’s skin if they touch it. As their bodies are covered with hair.

Of course, the fact that carpet beetles simply eat the fabric in your house – the carpets, curtains, and furniture upholstery – is the other thing, which can decrease your mood, although it is not physically dangerous.

Carpet Beetles Control

Carpet beetles come into your house through open windows and doors. So, if you live with opened windows in summer, it means, that you may invite carpet beetles inside your home, especially if you have flowers on your windowsills. 

If you’ve noticed some signs of carpet beetle invasion in your house, you should be ready to prepare your house for treatment. 

1. Vacuum all the carpets and rugs in your house

Vacuuming Carpet

Take a powerful vacuum cleaner (you may rent it) and clean all the carpets, rugs, and curtains in your house. Be sure, that you’ve vacuumed the furniture upholstery as well. Keep in mind, that it is necessary to vacuum the dark distant places, too. Use the vacuum cleaner in the spaces under the wardrobe, sofa, and other furniture. Clean the areas along the floorboards, too.

2. Wash the vacuum cleaner 

Immediately after vacuuming the infected carpet beetle areas in your house, dispose of the vacuum’s contents outside and wash all the parts of your vacuum cleaner with soap or detergent.

3. Wash carpets and home textile

Carpet washing

After vacuuming, start washing the fabrics, which can be affected by carpet beetles. That means you should wash your clothes, bed linen, curtains, rugs, and carpets. You may do it yourself or hire a professional team to help you. 

4. Clean other areas in your house

It is time to care about all flat areas in your house. Take some hot water, add a spoon of liquid soap or shampoo into it, take the sponge and start cleaning. Be sure to treat such areas as windowsills, shelves, drawers, desks, and tables.

I am sure, carpet beetles are not forever in your house. And you can control them yourself, using our tips. But never hesitate to ask for professional help, if you feel that the infestation is too severe. 

Watch the video to know more about carpet beetle infestation and ways to get rid of them:


That’s all folks. Let’s revise the answer to the original question. Yes, carpet beetles are very common in the majority of houses. They can infest your carpets, upholstery, and even pantries.

They aren’t exactly seasonal. However, you can see more of them in hotter conditions. Just like any other problem, a carpet beetle infestation has solutions too.

We have a detailed post about ways to prevent these pests and get rid of them. Give it a read. I am sure it will prove to be a helpful resource for you.

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